We are the warriors of LOVE ❤


The thing about self love is …

We dont always learn its true value from being loved well by others

Some of us learn to self love by attracting experiences that hurt us

To shed light on how we are depending on others for our happiness

Teaching us how to find a deeper sense of love

We are abandoned, rejected, used and abused

We endure heart ache and we cry ALOT !!!

We confront our fears and we freak the fuck out

Our worlds are shattered and our tender hearts are broken open … OFTEN

But … WHAT IF this is our greatest gift of love ?

My own hurts and fears continue to guide me deeper and deeper inside of myself

To where I truly FEEL who I am

Towards my spirit

To a place where I am more than my thoughts and my emotions

Towards my energy

To a place where I feel supported, held and loved …

by something much bigger than myself

In the past I never understood the purpose of pain and suffering

In the past I couldn’t appreciate loss as much as I did love

Today … I am a very different woman

I no longer fear the fall

I welcome it

Because as our illusions are shattered one by one

Our reality changes

We begin to co-create the life we imagine with Universe

We start tapping into our magic and we become stronger

Our strength coming from our ability to fall apart and rebuild ourselves …

over and over and over again

We become fierce in our ability to feel and relentless in our need to love.

We are the warriors of love

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