Guiding each other home ❤


In the darkness of night I listen to the silence of yesterday … I hear you
As the rains fall and wash away the debris of today … I see you
In the winds that blow us towards the promises of tomorrow … I feel you
As the bitter sweet emotions flow through my fleshy form … I taste you

Memories that linger in the depths of our minds … haunting us
Wounds that dwell in the shadows of our hearts … hurting us

None of us are alone in our suffering
None of us are isolated from the truth

As we awaken, those around us become more and more restless
Old paradigms die hard
Patriachial systems fight for their survival

As we heal, those around us become more and more curious
Old ways of doing and being are beginning to crumble
In readiness for something new

Change is upon us
But I hold you close
Comforting you in my soft bosom
Kissing the tears as they fall
Giving you strength to fight the fear
Offering you courage to soften and open up your heart

You are not alone in your uncertainty
My energy surrounds you
Together we are one
And as one we will create something beautiful
Each of us guiding each other home
To a place of wholeness and divine union
Where love and light is cherished,
Dark and shadows are embraced
And male and female are equal

Listen … and you will hear me
Look … and you will see me
Open … and you will feel me
Savour … and you will taste me

As I save you from yourself
You save me from myself

Mindful interaction ❤

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