Let LOVE flow ❤


I believe that our heart breaks, serve to OPEN us up to more love. The hurt in our heart isn’t meant to cause us suffering. Its purpose is to guide us towards the belief that holds us back in fear. ALL of our heart breaks serve to lead us towards our deeper truths.

YES even the death of our beloved Mother 💔

Multiple conversations have led me towards reflecting, writing and sharing this blog. Men and women who have shared with me that even after many years, the hurt in their hearts remain.

My curious mind wonders …

Why do we suffer the loss of a loved one?
What are we holding onto?
How can we release ourselves from our suffering?

Hmmmmmm 🤔

Loss of any kind is challenging, but right now my focus is the death of a loved one because our beloved Mother died 💔

I pose the questions …

What if we accepted the process of death?
What if death is not the end of life?
What if death is a transition?

During this difficult time I notice my thoughts ..

“I miss my Mam”
“I’ll never see her again”
“She is gone forever”
“We’ve lost her”

Thoughts that not only make me feel sad but they also increase my anxieties and hold me in a state of suffering.

There is NO movement through that thinking. There is NO flowing with those thoughts.

So, how do we unstuck ourselves?

We OBSERVE the thought
Make a CHOICE to change our experience
Identify the LIMITING belief

Truth is, it is OUR choice to suffer and from our suffering comes increased tensions, conflicts, stress and dis-EASE.

To some this may be confronting, to others it may be liberaring. For me, it’s an opportunity to take FULL responsibility for my experience.

I pose more questions …

What if we didnt believe everything we think?
What if we challenged our thoughts?
What if we reframed our thinking?
What if we expanded upon our thoughts?

For example …

“I miss Mam ”

I choose to expand upon this and say what it is that I miss, which helps me to move through my grief instead of holding onto the thought “I miss you”. Truth is, I do and will miss the physical presence of my Mam. This is something I don’t deny, but accept. Accepting this automatically alters my experience.

Expanding upon the “I miss you” thought does 4 things …

1) It increases my ability to connect the thought (mind) with an emotion (heart).

2) It helps me to FEEL and release any emotions connected to the thought.

3) It clarifys in my mind what I appreciated most about my Mam’s presence in my life.

4) It helps me to FEEL love and gratitude.

Would you have ever thought that a simple “I miss you” could hold so much potential and opportunity for healing ?

I believe, that this is a process that doesn’t avoid my grief, it helps me to navigate more honestly through the grieving experience. But it takes TIME and ENERGY that many of us don’t gift ourselves with.

Alas, we live in a world that demands so much from us and a culture that has lost sight of the bigger picture. But more of us are AWAKENING to our truths and listening to the hidden wisdoms of our own hearts.


So, I will always explore the depths and seek to find meaning. Forever choosing to learn and grow from ALL of my experiences.

Truth is, the death of our beloved Mother has broken my heart and shaken up my entire world.

Just as it should
Just as it IS

I am a LIGHT WORKER who is learning from her grief. And I hope that my sharings support your journey towards less suffering and living a life of more LOVE ❤

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