Trust in Love ❤


The first thought to pop into my mind this morning when I woke at 4am was …

“Tomorrow I’ll be wrapped up in his loving arms again” and my heart leaped with joy. Something I never expected to feel while in the midst of grieving the loss of my Mam 💔

Then again I never expected to fall in love so soon into my time in the UK either. To be honest I resisted any long term relationship thinking because I was figuring my life out and still healing my heart from previous hurts.

But life sure does have a way of bringing the unexpected our way.

From the get go we’ve had limitations and restrictions because of our living/working circumstances. Then Mam’s cancer diagnosis brought even more challenges to confront.

My emotional upsets, flying back to Australia and going through what we have for the last 5 months has tested our relationship.

To be honest I would have totally understood if he had backed off and called it quits. But when the going got the toughest, he booked a flight to Australia. Because during the worst time of my life he wanted to be here with me.

Well, I never expected that and to be honest I never hoped for it either. My hopeful heart has felt the pain of disappointment too many times before. So I’ve learned to expect the worse.

BIG lessons in life and love 💔

Over and over again John keeps showing me how much he loves me.

I call him my Action man ☺

He doesn’t woe me with empty promises, his actions show me. And without promise of a future, he embraces the moments of today.

Truth is, none of us are promised tomorrow. Truth is, we’re all learning in love. Truth is, I’m still a little fearful of trusting love.

But …

He stepped up when I needed him most.
He held on when I’ve fallen apart.
He patiently trusted my process
He let go when I needed to be here.
He jumped on a plane to be with me.

My kinda man ❤

Although we are both so very excited about being together again, we’re also a little nervous. We’re either gonna LOVE being in each others company for the next 5 weeks, or not 🤣

But I’m looking forward to finding out

We’ve spoken this morning and he’s already at the airport (12 hours before check in) because he knew his family were anxious about driving in the snowy conditions. So he wanted to make sure they got home safely before conditions got any worse.

An example of why I love him.

You’ll be here soon honey and I can’t wait to show you how much I love YOU ❤

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