Some thoughts must be experience before shared


I’m an open book and share many of my thoughts because I appreciate how our sharings have the ability to …

– Clarify conflicted thoughts
– Reduce tensions
– Increase understandings
– Improve relationships
– Strengthen friendships
– Deepen connections

But I don’t always choose to share what’s on my mind (or) what’s in my heart. Because some of my experiences are my own to flow with as they are happening.

Truth is, during the midst of my biggest challenges or my greatest joys, I’m fully in the experience. The writing and sharing often comes later, in reflection.

Sometimes, I sit alone with my discomforts, doubts, fears, hurts and uncertainties until they begin to make more sense to me.

Sometimes, I reflect over my sweet, delicious, exquisite, delightful and pleasurable moments, but I’m only willing to share a smile.

Sometimes, I explore different depths and dimensions of myself with no intention or need to share with others.

Sometimes, I dream, fantasize and travel inbetween worlds and dimensions alone, until I find what it is that I seek.

Sometimes, thoughts run through my mind and words fall away into wide open spaces because they hold no other purpose than to pass on by.

“Maybe some thoughts just taste sweeter inside our own minds where they aren’t tainted by the outside world” (Kate Rose)

I’m learning that some of my best and worst moments in life, are to be fully experienced before I choose to share my thoughts and heart with others.

Mindful interaction ❤

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