She isnt Wonder Woman … shes just a woman who wonders

made with love

She woke up on Mothers Day morning alone …

No husband holding her tenderly, waiting to greet her with a good morning kiss

No small children standing beside the bed with smiling eyes, waiting to be hugged

No one to hold onto as she reached out for the comfort of touch

… she exhaled and her heart retracted with hurts that still linger

Sometimes she gazes through the windows of the past with a sense of wonder

She wonders …

Why did the universe bring her a family destined to be broken apart ?

Why did her heart have to shatter into a thousand pieces many times over ?

Why hasn’t her life unfolded like others ?

then she listens…

Family, is about so much more than what we can see

Motherhood, is about so much more than what we think

Love, is about so much more than what we know

… she inhaled and her heart expanded with the possibilities of what if ?

Sometimes she gazes through the windows of the future with a sense of wonder

She wonders …

What if families fall apart because they are creating something new ?

What if hearts break open so the energy of love and light can flow ?

What if we are destined for more ?

then she listens …

Breaking unhealthy attachments will rebuild stronger connections

The truth can be found when we have the courage to follow our heart

Our questions lead us towards the answers

… she breathed deeply and her heart opened up to the love ❤

If my heart could speak she would say …

Something inside of us is dying

You ask, what is it ?

I tell you … your fears

I feel constricted, like a part of myself is disappearing

As if squeezing something out, to make way for something new

You ask, what is coming ?

I tell you … brace yourself for more love

As your thoughts change, I feel our body tingle with electricity

Toxins release

Making our body feel dizzy and nauseated

A feeling that gives you a headache ..

… and makes me feel anxious

You ask, how can we relieve it ?

I tell you … we cant because we must ride the wave

Trust in the process

You ask, where is it taking us ?

 I tell you … where we are meant to be

As your truth changes, so do the voices in your head

They tell you to hush now

That we are not alone

A presence that unnerves you and comforts me

You ask, who are they ?

I tell you … dont fear them

The voices of fear reflecting back from others are getting louder

As you scream for attention …

… while I quietly yearn to be heard

I ask, why must we fight ?

You tell me … I need to keep you safe

Each night you dream

First thrown into a lake, where we emerge transformed

Then dragged back into the darkness

And now a clear image of a dehydrated yellow rose

You ask, what does it mean ?

I tell you … life is changing

I sense him close

He swims through your thoughts

I feel his heart beating with mine

Time and distance seem irrelevant

Yet a sense of urgency propels us into change

You wonder, does he feel it too ?

I tell you … YES he does

You ask, why do you know this ?

I tell you … because we ARE love

Love is meant to flow between us

But your thoughts block the flow because you allow the fear to consume you

Fears that create more and more walls around me

Its the imprisonment that hurts

But …

… when you trust in me

Thoughts of love keep me open and we begin to feel and attract more love

You see my dear friend

We both need each other

Because TOGETHER we can change your world








We have the key to unlock the full potential of our hearts and minds


“Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app, they’ll start using it”

This tickles my funny bone, but there’s a seriousness about it that concerns me. Too many people move through life allowing the brain to be in complete control. As if she is the driver of our vehicle … IF you are thinking this, then …

WARNING : Your mind is in URGENT need of a software upgrade !!! 

This is an outdated belief that holds us back from living the life we imagine

Yes, our brains are beautiful, amazing and fucking magnificent creations BUT she’s programmed with a heap of data about the past. She makes choices by drawing upon information from all of our previous experiences. She navigates using old road maps, directing us towards choices and decisions that SHE thinks is safe for us, because she wants to protect us

But …

WHAT IF we no longer believe old roads can take us where we want to go ?

WHAT IF we no longer believe that the safer choices are the better choices ?

WHAT IF we want to go trail blazing and explore new roads and directions ?

WHAT IF we want to turn OFF the nav man in our heads ?

WHAT IF we believe tuning into our hearts will lead us to where we need to go ?

WHAT IF we decide to open up to spirit and allow the universe to guide us ?

Oh my lordy …

… then get ready to experience a whole lot of internal conflict

As our ego driven mind fights to stay in control of the vehicle. She does this because she loves us and wants so desperately to keep us safe from harm. Its been her job for so many years to keep the heart out of trouble. Shes the one who is forced to take control whenever our heart has convinced the mind to trust love and to follow her lead. Shes the one saying ” I told ya so” when our hearts have been broken. Shes the one left to clean up all the mess

But …

WHAT IF we no longer believe avoiding pain is what life is all about ?

WHAT IF we no longer believe that a broken heart is a bad thing ?

WHAT IF we need the hurt as much as we need the love to grow ?

WHAT IF we are learning that a broken heart is OPEN to receive more love ?

WHAT IF we are learning that experiences of pain are symptoms of blockages ?

WHAT IF we want to learn MORE about such things ?

Oh my lordy …

… then brace yourself for one heck of a ride because life is going to get very interesting. As our heart and mind start to learn how to steer the vehicle together as equal partners. The brain learning how to trust the heart, which will bring in more experiences of love. The heart learning how to appreciate the brain, which will unlock more creative potential

Hmmmmm …she ponders

Imagine the possibilities

Therefore, isn’t it logical to assume that if we are experiencing any internal tension and conflict between our own heart and mind … then we will also experience more tension and conflict with others ?

WHAT IF our external conflicts are directing us towards conflict within ourselves that need to be resolved ?

WHAT IF we have the ability to improve ALL of our relationships with others, by improving our relationship with our-self ?

WHAT IF choosing to follow our hearts and love our self first, isn’t selfish ?

WHAT IF loving our self has a greater purpose for the greater good ?

WHAT IF living the life we imagine is an essential part of changing our world ?

I believe that we will begin to live in more harmony with each other, only when we begin to live in more harmony with ourselves. A belief that continues to motivate me to explore my internal world as much as my external world

Shhhh … listen to YOUR heart

What is she telling you ?