From my heart to yours with LOVE …


We tend to feel the most afraid and vulnerable during uncertain times of change.

So, this is ME being OPEN to share my fear and vulnerability with YOU.

Although New Moon is a time to plant the seeds of our intentions. When the Moon is darkest, it’s also a time to dive IN and do our shadow work. To shine a light on those things that need to be seen, so we can RELEASE what no longer serves our Highest Good when the Moon is fully illuminated. We either do this consciously (or) our wounds are triggered and we unconsciously react (or) we deny and suppress our shadow completely.

I fluctuate between conscious and unconscious depending on how I’m flowing.

On the lead up to this month’s New Moon in Taurus I was flowing with fear, but I was also ovulating. My body was OPENING, ripe and receptive to NEW life, but I was holding tension in my body. I would like to say that I midwifed myself through this process with Grace, but I didn’t. To be honest, I wasn’t aware that I was in labour or birthing something. I just knew that fear was flowing. So, I relaxed into that and allowed myself to BE present to SEE and FEEL the chaos and conflicts of the COVID-19 crisis …

The challenges of our health care systems
The devastation of collective grief and loss
The conspiracy theories
The political agendas
The details of how the virus kills
The people acting out and/or pulling back in fear

Acknowledging the collective fears triggered my own, so I asked myself …

What am I afraid of?

I’m afraid of suffering more grief and loss. I’m afraid of the possibility of the virus being chemical warfare. I’m afraid of a war breaking out between China and America. I’m afraid of history repeating itself. I’m afraid of a revolution being triggered by fear. I’m afraid of things changing. I’m afraid of things staying the same. I’m afraid that social distancing and travel restrictions will be the new norm. I’m afraid to live in a world full of so much anxiety. I’m afraid of losing my freedom. I’m afraid of being manipulated and controlled. I’m afraid that people will fall victim to their fear. I’m afraid people won’t wake up. And I’m afraid to be alone during these uncertain times of change.

FUCK !!!

That’s a lot of fear for a fearless woman to be feeling, but I would be lying to myself if I denied those things. I know I’m not alone with some of those fears, which is why I’m being honest and transparent.

However, I am NOT, I repeat I am NOT sharing to feed your fears.

My intention is to shed some light onto how easy it is to unconsciously choose and respond in fear. And to show HOW we can shift from fear to LOVE during these uncertain times of change.

I consider my sharing to be a ‘duty of care’ because I have a responsibility to BE of service. As a Nurse/Carer, I serve to support the overall health and well-being of others. As a Clinical Counsellor, I serve to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of others. As a Writer, I serve to guide others on their individual journeys, by sharing mine. As a Light-worker, I serve to transmute dark energy, by transforming fear-based thoughts and feelings into light.

Regardless of what my job is, my work has (and does) involve being of service to others in some way. My journey has been (and continues to be) a gradual process of learning from my own personal and professional challenges. Therefore, as my own experiences change, so does the direction and intention of my work.

My professional and personal paths have always run parallel to each other, but my personal path has taken priority during my grieving process. A journey that continues to guide me even deeper into the human experience, which is why I lean into this crisis with a little more curiosity.

Although people are saying and sharing things that are reflective of LOVE and concern for one another, I can’t help but notice the unspoken fears.

Covid-19 has become another “C” word that automatically triggers fear.

Something to fight and/or avoid because it brings so much death and destruction, which is a natural response to something that threatens our existence. However, this unconscious fear then triggers phobic and addictive behaviours, as we focus on “surviving” this crisis. In that survival mode our irrational fears are more likely to be triggered. The fear of germs, the fear of hidden political agendas, the fear of each other, the fear of change and the fear of death. Although these are valid fears because germs, political agenda, change and death DO in fact exist, how we think about them becomes distorted.

In a fear response we lack the ability to see things clearly.

When we unconsciously respond in fear we get drawn into the “isolation story”

Those stories vary depending upon our own individual fears. For me it triggered fear of loosing my freedom, but for many it triggers fear of death and change. It’s our unconscious fear that then triggers our habitual coping mechanisms (addictions, substance abuse and obsessive compulsions etc).

As I thought about preparing for the worst, which is the possibility of war and a revolution (IF) we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the fear. Hoping for the best, which is the possibility of healing and a new world order (IF) we focus on balancing the polarity and integrating the sacred masculine and feminine. And living in the reality of what IS as we move through these uncertain times of change, an image of the FLOW came to mind.

the flow diagram

The chakras are representative of our energetic body, which are influenced by our thoughts and feelings. Unexpected change and/or disruptions to our life naturally interrupts our sense of balance, which tips us into the polarity. I notice how I fluctuate between polarities depending on the story I’m buying into. Either falling into the collective fear and political paranoia (or) loosing myself in Other Worldly possibilities. Although I drift between both polarities, I have BE-come more grounded in my reality. My challenge as a woman of extremes is to integrate the polarity. To BE-come a fully functioning person who is grounded and connected to Source energy.

BALANCED in my humanity and ALIGNED to my soul purpose

I keep my vibration high and hold this energetic frequency for others, by BE-ing brutally honest with myself and DOING the work. Surrendering to the call to openly share ALL of who I am. Failing, breaking, falling, burning and releasing as often as I need to. Knowing each rebirth gives rise to another version of myself.

And that’s when I realized I was birthing my Inner Medicine Woman.

Although our fate may be written in the stars, our destiny depends upon the choices we make, which is why I continue to dive into my INNER realms. To acknowledge my limiting and empowering beliefs, so I can be more conscious in my choices. Having sat with the discomfort of my fears for a few days now, I’ve come to realize that its not the Government who threaten to manipulate or control us.

Its our own fear !!!

YES, this is a global health crisis, but it’s also an opportunity for CHANGE.

I strongly believe that our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, energy and vibration manifests our experiences, that create our reality. So, during these uncertain times of change lets BE mindful not to fall victim to our fears. Don’t hand over your power to external forces, but take full responsibility for your experience and EMPOWER yourself to BE part of the solution. And lets CREATE a better world for us ALL.

I believe in YOU ❤

Magick is essentially the higher understanding of Nature


I had a sudden and unexpected experience this morning, that significantly shifted the focus of my writing.

A bird flew into the window and dropped down dead.

Birds often fly into windows because they either don’t see the glass and are flying towards what they see through the window (or) they fly towards their own reflection because they think its another bird. However, many cultures consider this to be an omen, and whether it’s a positive or negative message will depend upon the beliefs of those interpreting it.

Whatever our beliefs are, it’s telling us to take NOTICE !!!

I receive many messages from Nature, so I’ve learned the importance of noticing what I was doing, thinking and feeling at the time of the interaction. Many believe that birds are God’s messengers, providing a bridge between the spiritual and physical world. Having had some divine experiences with birds, I agree, which is why I consider the spiritual significance. I appreciate that these experiences are a form of communication with Universe, which I understand to BE the Source of ALL Creation (whatever form it may take or label we give it). As a Nature Loving Witchy Wild Woman, I’m open and receptive to Nature, which is why spirit communicates with me in that way.

Although I usually instinctively know what the message is, my objective mind still tends to seek validation. Whenever I investigate the spiritual significance of my interaction, my knowing is always confirmed, and the message is gratefully received. The more confirmation I receive, the stronger my FAITH grows and the easier it is for me to TRUST the unknown.

The shift from FEAR to LOVE …

… is a multidimensional and ongoing experience for me.

Those are the kinda messages I have always shared, but the call to share is getting even stronger. Its WHY I’m here, alone during these uncertain and challenging times of change. Focusing my time and energy on creating the NEW. Diving IN and staying OPEN to receive the messages that many of us need to hear …

Myself included.

After sharing Facebook memories of Easter with my family, I was upset and had been crying because I was feeling the loss of our parents from our lives. As I stood outside under the SUN I felt a strong sense of spirit, which motivated me to write about how the SUN and MOON influences my mind, body and spirit.

As I was laying outside on the day bed, I thought to myself,

“ How beautiful this place is ”

The morning sun was shining through the trees onto the ferns, the birds and insects were doing their thing and I was feeling blessed to be feeling like I am a part of it all. I was only a paragraph into my writing when I looked up and seen the bird flying straight for the window. I could only watch in horror as he flew towards what he thought were the trees. His head hit the window and with a loud bang he fell down to the floor, dead.


When I saw his lifeless body on the ground my heart opened, and I cried as if I had just lost someone I loved. I felt an overwhelming connection to this beautiful creature and felt the shock and sorrow of his sudden death. I noticed how it triggered memories of loss, which only intensified my grief.

For a moment I wanted someone else to deal with it. For a moment I wanted to call the owner and ask her to bring a shovel. For a moment I wanted a man to bury him. For a moment I didn’t want to be alone. For a moment I didn’t want to BE where I was, which was with the sudden shock of an unexpected death.

Then that moment past …

I cried as I swaddled him in a piece of material that I ripped from a sarong. I cried as I dug a shallow grave with the bread knife (improvisation). I cried as I felt a strong connection to Goddess when my hands were in the dirt and I cried when I buried his little body under a tree.

I wondered …

How could I possibly feel grief for this little creature?

How can I feel sorrow when I don’t have an emotional attachment to him?

A voice whispered …

You feel it because you FEEL a connection to him

And that’s the moment I knew what the COLLECTIVE message was …

Unexpected disruption and change bring a sense of fear to our lives, which is intensified by the presence of death. We fear loss in any shape or form and struggle to accept it as being an important part of life. When we allow fear to take control of our mind, we miss the opportunity to stay fully present with our hearts and …

… BE the LOVE

I’m learning when we FEEL life as it really IS, we consciously and mindfully allow sorrow to flow as freely through our BEing as joy, but it requires OPENNESS. 

An OPEN heart will feel the pain of grief, but not suffer when it doesn’t hold onto the sorrow. An OPEN mind will see beyond the veil of ego, allowing the (3)rd eye to SEE the beauty of loss. Enabling us to feel the LOVE even when we’re in the presence of death.

I cried tears of GRATITUDE

Understanding WHY fear had made its presence known over the last few days. Understanding WHY Universe has placed me here, alone during this time. Understanding WHY the message was delivered today (the day before New Moon in Taurus, which happens to be Dad’s star sign). Understanding WHY I’ve felt drawn to and am attracting conversations with ex partners. Understanding WHY I see how both our personal and the collective wounds have and DO influence our choices and experiences. Understanding my own challenges in relationship with other. Acknowledging how my own wounds and fears have held me back from growing together in LOVE.

YES, I agree with superstition that a bird flying into the window IS an omen

YES, I do believe I’m experiencing a metaphysical death and positive change

YES, I’m ready to RELEASE myself from the stress, struggle and suffering

YES, I will lean into this months New Moon with less fear

After writing this, I PAUSED for a while …

Standing on the deck gazing out into the forest of trees, watching the Autumn leaves gently falling onto the ground. Acknowledging that I’m in the right hemisphere at the right time because this is my time to RELEASE and let go of what no longer serves my highest good. Thinking to myself how very grateful I am to be supported to fully privilege and honour this experience.

In that moment a beautiful BIG butterfly danced around me and I cried

The energy of our BE-loved Mother (Nature) and Father (Universe) flows through every single one of us ALWAYS and FOREVER

Blessed BE ❤️


We have the power to CHOOSE …


The other day …
My mind was challenging me
Thoughts drifted in/out most of the day
An experience I decided to sit with
Rather than distract myself from
My thoughts were like visitors
Popping in and out all day long
Some energised me
While others drained me
I felt weary
Why didn’t I switch off ?
Why didn’t I tune in ?
Because I was choosing
How my thoughts drifted
Into either story and/or emotion
And how that influenced my energy
WHY ???
I didn’t really know
I just knew I was struggling with myself
So I leaned into it
The thoughts drifting in
Towards the stories attached
And how they made me feel
The memories replaying
And emotions rising
How a thought turns into a story
How we decide to follow it (or) not
How we feel when we do (or) don’t
Yesterday I flowed with this experience
And by the end of the day
I was energetically worn out
I noticed my craving for male company
And instead of denying this truth
I acknowledged my wantings and neediness
My wants and needs weren’t satisfied
Forced to accept that I am alone
And how that made me feel
I went to bed with an OLD familiar story
Experiencing the loneliness of solitude
Truth is we ALL have days like that
And there will be others
Because like you
I don’t always make the right choices
Sometimes my inner demons get hungry
And I feed them
Sometimes external influences
Penetrate into my energy field
And I don’t have the energy to fight them
Even the Warriors of Light
Are challenged with their own minds
Perhaps that’s WHY I choose to NOTICE ?
So I could SHARE with you today
That we ALL need to discover our power

My daily meditation practice …


Getting outside with the trees when the Sun rises, to stretch my body. Its a delicious feeling, to lean into a stretch and feel it OPENING your body. I’m not flexible so I know I need to do this daily (known for years just haven’t listened).

I also set my daily intentions of LOVE 💚

By standing in front of the Sun, so I can feel the warmth of his divine energy. Grounding myself by connecting to the Earth, so I can feel her divine energy. Acknowledging that the sacred masculine and feminine energies flow through my BEing. If I’m already OPEN then I feel the presence of our beloved parents. That’s when I usually cry because I feel both the LOVE and the loss in my heart. I notice how my thoughts try to pull me away, towards the stories that are attached. I label them as ‘thinking’ and keep my eyes OPEN, so I can remain fully present with the opening sensation happening in my heart.

I put my hands together in pray 🙏

Inviting other energetic sources of LOVE into my BEing. From Gaia, the ancestral Goddess and Creator of ALL life on Earth. Universe, the Source of ALL Creation and the Nature Spirits and Angels who walk with and guide me.

If I’m OPEN I feel in a state of BLISS and as ONE with ALL. I believe that ANYTHING is possible. I feel seen, heard, understood, held, supported and LOVED for everything I am, everything I’m not and everything I will BE.

Unconditional LOVE ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

In this state of BEing I intentionally expand my compassionate heart towards the grief and suffering of others. Connecting to the collective conscience, IN-haling fear and EX-haling LOVE until I feel calm and at peace.

I don’t always get to this point in my meditation, which is WHY it’s a daily practice. I’m sharing it with you because it’s one way I’m staying open to the flow during these times of uncertainty. If we can ALL take 10 minutes in our day to OPEN our mind, body and spirit then it helps.

Have a blessed day y’all 😊 I love YOU 💗

Message from spirit …


I woke after a vivid dream about Mam this morning. We were at John St in our home town, but our situation was the same as it is now.

The house was full of family and she came to visit us. She said she was here all the time and would never leave us alone (almost sounds stalkerish hey) 🤣 Mam hugged the kids and said she missed being in the flesh, which is why her spirit had taken form. In the dream we all left Mam at the house after awhile, cos we had “life” stuff to do. In the dream I was aware that part of myself was thinking.

WTF ??? you’re leaving her ? ya daft buggers !!!

A little time later I returned to find Mam still in physical form, asleep on a single bed that was in the lounge room. She woke when I opened the door and said she didn’t want to go back to being a spirit. She wanted to stay. I told her that I wanted her to stay too because although I could feel her spiritual presence, I couldn’t see or hug her when she was in spirit form.

We were interupted because visitors dropped in, who were shocked to see Mam in the flesh. Then I woke up to the sound of my metal chimes tinkling in the wind outside the cabin.

I smiled 😊

When our loved ones are in spirit we accept visits in any which way they come. We love it when they show up in our lives in some way.

Is a dream only a dream ???

Alhough I believe the essence of her BEing is spirit, which is an energy that never dies. I still miss Mam’s physical form so damn much. So much so, I’ve actually held her ashes in my hands just to feel a sense of her physical form.

My thoughts began to wander …

I thought about the reality of what is and how it still feels somewhat surreal. Memories of her end of life flashed through my mind (as they do sometimes). There’s still so much emotion attached to these memories, so the tears flow.

Sometimes I cry into my pillow, other times I talk out loud to her. To say anything that needs to be said and feel anything that needs to be felt. It usually leads to something I’m holding onto, that needs to be seen, processed, felt and released. This morning it took me to one of my regrets, which still pops up now and then.

I notice that although I cry openly, my heart doesn’t hurt like it used to. I know it’s not numb because I feel so intensely. So, I keep trusting the process. Understanding and accepting that this is how I must flow through life now …

Staying OPEN to it ALL 💗

Its hard not to think about loss during this time.

The religious aspects of Easter is all about death, sacrifice and rebirth. Many of us are in isolation, separated from our families and friends. We’re all going through a global crisis that’s changing our world, which also involves death, sacrifice and rebirth. Life’s in a constant state of change (as are we). Whether we like it or not we will all loose someone we think we can’t live without. Life will never be the same again, but we will keep on living without them.

Every ending is a NEW beginning 🌟

I write and share my thoughts and feelings to shine a light on my inner world. It helps me to process, feel and release what I hold onto.

Not everyone gives a fuck … and that’s OK

Those who want to read it … will read it
Those who need to see it … will see it

From me and Mam with LOVE 💗

Magick is a living and breathing web of energy


I woke this morning thinking about my relationship with
How its an IN-haling and EX-haling process
Breathing IN life and breathing OUT love
Going IN to understand myself
Then reaching OUT to connect with others
A dance between solitude and sharing
Meditation and conversation
My thoughts drifted towards relationship with other
Thinking about what I learn from the masculine
What the last (3) intimate connections have taught me
How and why they ended
Recognizing when it felt right to part ways
Knowing what was right for them, not just me
Although I still feel myself holding on
I’m learning how to let go with a little less resistance
To flow with a little more grace
More conscious of myself
Recognizing the reason, season and lifetime
The need that attracted us to each other
The experiences we shared together
My openness to love
But my inability to settle
What falling in love means to me?
When and why I’ve fallen
My resistance to falling and a desire to rise
How it reflects my heart committing to the relationship
My need to grow together
A desire for a divine experience and sacred union
And what that reflects within me
Although I contemplate, reflect and journal about my relationships
And openly discuss my experiences within my circle of trust
I don’t share the details of my intimate challenges
Or my relationship struggles in the same way I used to
I’m honouring the relationship
Privilege the experience
And respecting the man
Grateful for the lessons in LOVE
My focus is on how the relationship served us
Rather than the wrong doings of the man
I take full responsibility for my experience and situation
Exploring the reflections, wounds and imbalance more consciously
Masculine and Feminine
Leaning into the tensions with more intention
And dissolving the conflicts
My mind seeks meaning and my heart seeks forgiveness
Because that’s what LOVE does
As I’m writing this
I hear a tapping on the window
It’s one of the cherub wrens fluttering around outside
Singing his sweet angelic song
I get up to open the curtain and smile
I’m not sleeping as much as I have been
My soul no longer feels tired
The more I focus on BEing rather than DOing
I notice how I wake feeling more rested
Even after only a few hours’ sleep
Although these are challenging and uncertain times
I’m not feeding my fear, so I don’t feel anxious
Wondering, but not worrying
My heart feels calmer and my mind is clearer
I realize that I’m no longer healing, but rebuilding
NOW is the time to focus my time and energy on creating the NEW
I ask myself …
What are my BIGGEST dreams?
What have I imagined?
What do I believe in?
What can I DO?
What am I creating?
My motto…
Dream it, Imagine it, Action it, Create it, Live it
Self-improvement tools are flowing my way
Opportunities to invest in myself are more affordable
Solitude feels a little less lonely
Isolation seems a little more purposeful
As I type, I look around and pay attention to my environment
The comfortable bed I’m sitting in
The view of the trees from my window
The sounds of the rain and birds
The smell of the damp earth
I enjoy being alone in Nature so much more than I ever have before
Solitude has become something I need
And Nature something I am
Gratitude overwhelms
And I feel contentment
I wonder,
How is it possible to feel this way during these times?
Why am I feeling at peace when the world is in chaos?
I know the answer
Because I’ve already felt the separation from loved ones
And found the deeper connection
We’ve already been through hell and back many times over
Already confronted and lived our worst nightmare
Our world has already been torn apart and shattered
We’ve already been broken and have lost so much
And I’ve LET GO of so much more
Surrendering over and over and over again
Until ripped bare of my defences
Naked and vulnerable
Open and bleeding
I can stay focused on what matters most
Because I’ve learned the hard lessons
My mind drifts towards the collective conscience
And I feel the need to meditate with deeper intention
To deeply IN-hale life and EX-hale love
To breathe the fear deeper into my lungs
To where the virus dwells
A physical manifestation of the grief
I feel grounded with a deep connection to Gaia
The ancestral mother of ALL life
The primal Mother Earth goddess
My crown chakra is open to the Divine
I feel the spirit of our beloved Mother
And a connection to the collective Mother wound
On each breath I’m told to focus
Inhale LIFE and exhale LOVE
Breathe IN fear and breathe OUT the pain
Breathe IN pain and breathe OUT the suffering
Breathe IN suffering and breathe OUT the life
Breathe IN life and breathe OUT the love
Until the energy is transformed
My BE-loveds
Alchemy isn’t magic
It’s science
YOU are the Magick

During challenging times, keep asking yourself … What would LOVE do ?


Although staying informed, I haven’t been turning on the news, doing research or actively engaging in debates and discussions. When the pandemic began to impact upon my own life, I needed to pull back and BE alone with my thoughts and feelings. To sit with and understand my own fears and concerns, without being influenced by external fear.

My sisters and I are so much more honest with ourselves and each other about what we think and how we feel. The death of our beloved parents has only strengthened our love and connection to each other. Although we love each other dearly and enjoy one another’s company, neither of us were keen on going into lock down together. All (3) of us live very different lifestyles with different priorities. Mine is to focus my energy on the new direction I need to move towards. To honour my healing and writing process. To appreciate the opportunity for growth and transformation during these challenging times of change. To prioritize my relationship with spirit and strengthen my connection to the divine, and to do that I need solitude in a place that feels safe.

So, that’s what brought me here to Heaven in the Hills, which is a place I have a little history with. Back in 2009 I was a single mum of (3) teens, working as a nurse in Aged Care and studying full time at university. I would come here to reconnect and recharge my batteries whenever I needed the additional support to self-care. This is the place I began to expand upon my objective mind and re-open to Other Worldly possibilities. I say re-open because as a child our parents told stories of such worlds, so I always felt that connection. My time here was always relaxing and rejuvenating, but I also had a few interesting experiences: A reike massage that introduced me to the release of suppressed emotion (not always pleasant). An intense gong meditation that took me on a wild visual ride through the jungle as a Tiger, above the valleys as an Eagle and in the ocean as a Whale (intense). And it was here I had my first up close encounter with a Nature spirit (the out of this world kinda crazy).

So, when it popped up in our Airnb search, I couldn’t believe my eyes (but the price was way out of my budget). Fortunately, I listened to my sister, who prompted me to message her anyway. To ask if she could drop the price (which she kindly did do). The last time I was here was back in 2011 and after catching up with the owner, she hasn’t been here herself for 8 years. She had rented the property as a retreat to someone working with addictions, and only returned last year to clean up the place because it’s up for sale. It still amazes me how the web of fate is weaved through our lives, bringing us towards the experiences and people meant for us. When I realized that self-isolation was on the cards, I never imagined I would be here again, but here I am.

When I left Chenrezig I was ready to take the next step into the unknown, but I never imagined I would be stepping into a global pandemic. I’ve already shared my thoughts and feelings about my first reaction to COVID-19 in my previous blog, but I want to expand upon my resistance. I’ll be honest, I didn’t react from a place of love because although I didn’t feel afraid, my fear had been activated. That’s why it’s taken me a few weeks to connect with the collective experience. First, I needed to dive in to acknowledge, process, express and rise above my own fear. Otherwise I disown my personal experience, by externally projecting the darkness instead of illuminating the fear within myself.

So, what does that actually mean?

It meant getting honest with myself, by shining a light on my own behaviour. To observe the thoughts that energized my emotions, influencing my choices. It meant taking back my power when I don’t feel in control. A realization that gives me those soulful goosybumps, as I recall my reike session not long after Dad and Christie’s death. Validating my need to work around my solar plexus, because my work will involve supporting the personal empowerment of others, which validated my pull towards Uluru, which is Gaia’s solar plexus.

Flowing with Universal energies is how the Full Moon illuminates our truth.

So, what surfaced for me this Full Moon in Libra?

Well, on the lead up to the Full Moon I noticed an increase in my craving for other, which led to some shady behaviours. I noticed how my habitual pattern to reach out and/or attract male attention is a resistance to go deeper into the discomforts. So, I leaned into the resistance with a little more curiosity. Noticing whenever I was confronted with another rule that served to restrict me, I felt the tension. Although I understand the need for infection control guidelines to protect our vulnerable, I’m reactive to the rules.

So, I asked myself …

Why do I feel like I’m stepping back in time?

Why do I feel like my civil rights are being taken away from me?

Why do I feel angry, defensive and afraid?

Why do I feel the need to rebel?

Why do I feel the need to fight for my freedom?

I needed to acknowledge how experiences from the past was triggering my deepest fear. History was pulling on my attention because I needed to look at what I was the most afraid of. I needed to see how and why wars were fought. To feel the painful devastation of mass destruction, that is happening on a global scale in the here and NOW.

We have every reason to be afraid !!!

A friend sent me a video of a news report this morning. It talked about how China is benefiting from this pandemic and the suspicions about their plans for world domination. It triggered the unsettled feeling I’ve had in my guts since the news of COVID-19. The fear that if we don’t stay focused on creating the NEW, we will suffer the consequences of political control and manipulation.

I began researching what scientists say coronavirus is and the source of its creation, and continued to look back on historical tensions between China and America. While writing about COVID-19 and the political directions, I was interrupted and wrote …

NOW isn’t the time to separate in blame, panic or fear, but to inform ourselves and protect each other. Respecting infection control guidelines to protect the vulnerable but exposing the healthy for immunity. Don’t fear it. Have faith in your healthy body’s ability to heal itself. Our gaze should be on the government, but NOT to blame. To understand their agendas because like it or not, they don’t just think of the people.

It can be argued that this was just my own mind changing course (as it does), or was it divine intervention? Regardless if it was my higher self or an angel whispering in my ear, it redirected my focus in the direction of LOVE.

As a light worker, I surrender to the call to serve my highest good and the Greater good of ALL, which means choosing LOVE. Surrendering to the call to serve the light means choosing love, but not without acknowledging the fear (personal and collective). I stay in the light to serve love during dark times, not by being Little Miss Sunshine, but by being true to myself. The truth is I can’t see what lies ahead of us during these times of uncertainty. I just know I need to keep trusting the call to BE the LOVE and share the LIGHT.

I share my thoughts, feelings and process because I hope it offers insights into how our fear, resistance, tensions and conflicts creates our shadow, that manifests the darkness (internal and external).

A Universal truth is …

Life is about change and we suffer when we resist this truth. Like Nature, we are created to flow through our seasons, transition through our cycles, heal our wounds, grow from our losses, transform and evolve. That is the meaning of life, but the truth we attach to it will depend upon our individual stories, that are either motivated by love or fear. These are the polarities we must learn how to integrate within ourselves, otherwise we unconsciously keep reacting from a place of craving for the positive and aversion for the negative.

It’s only then, from this integrated place that we will begin to fully flow and live the reality of our truth (good and bad). Although I’ve come to this realization, I’m trying to show how I still feel the resistance and confront the choice to either react from fear of love. Every day and in every moment, we are given a choice to either stand in the light and choose love (or) withdraw into our shadow and react from fear. I serve my highest good by continually asking myself …

What would love do?

And I allow those answers to guide me.

By sharing my own resistance, I hope this helps to shine a little light on your own fear responses. These are challenging times, but it’s also an opportunity for the kinda change that usually takes decades. So, lets not waste it.