The journey …


A Sunday morning mind orgasm for ya …

We are not the thoughts that we think
We are not the emotions that we feel

Our thoughts and emotions serve to navigate us on the journey of our human experience.

We are a pure energy
We are immortal
We are part of Nature
We are part of Universe
We are as ONE with the Source
We are in essence, the magic 🌟

Our greatest challenge in this life time is to find the core of who we are. Uncovering the truth of our coexistence so we can live in harmony.

YES, we are the change we seek in this world.

We are peeling away what we’ve been told and rediscovering what we know. We are breaking free from our minds and trusting in the truth of our hearts. We are being guided home to heal.

What if I told you that ” Every woman that heals herself, helps to heal all women that came before her and all those to come after her ”

What if I told you that all relationships trigger us because they serve to guide us deeper into our truth, so we can balance our energies.

Would you walk through this world with more intention ? ? ? Would you live your life with more deliberation ? ? ? Would you open up to life and love with complete abandonment ? ? ?

To believe in the magic, is to believe in yourself

Life, is all about the journey ❤

What does a conscious woman want ?


It was a FULL MOON last night and it fell on Equinox. I fell asleep feeling completely drained. My energy was at ground zero. Then I awoke feeling somewhat reflective. So I wrote …

As an awakening conscious woman, I’m often misunderstood. Truth is, how can you know who I am and what I want, when my own understanding of self is forever changing and expanding?

I no longer align with out dated beliefs about the happily ever after fairytale kinda love. The Damzel in distress is no longer waiting for her knight in shining armour to rescue her. Our stories are changing. We are exploring our distress.

What does a conscious woman want ?
What does an awakened woman need ?

She wants you to drop the defences and needs you to be fully PRESENT with her in the moment, even when the moment is messy. The woman who loves YOU wants you to get out of your head, step into your heart and share your truth with her.

She doesn’t want to avoid your shadow !!!

She wants to bring all doubt, fear, insecurity, grief, anxiety and wounds to the surface to be seen. She wants to see ALL of you and she needs you to see ALL of her. So that the energy of love can be fully expressed through you.

She wants you to OPEN up your heart

She doesn’t need a relationship to feel loved, nor does she need a man to complete her. She SELF loves and balances her own energies to feel whole. And she wants to be in relationship with a man who does this too.

She believes that love isn’t something to be found, but an expression of SELF

A conscious woman won’t need you but if she CHOOSES to walk through life with you, then you will experience the magic with her.

… and NEW stories will be written ❤

The DESCENT .. New Moon while Mercury is in Retrograde


As most of you know, Dad’s been in hospital with multiple spinal fractures, getting his pain under control. So, we’re riding a rollercoaster of emotions because it’s another reminder of a harsh reality, we would rather not confront.

No matter what, Dad continues to face what comes with immense courage. And my sisters continue to be the amazing women they are. Supporting Dad and keeping me up to date.

As for me, I continue to feel torn between the life I’m trying to create in the UK, and my need to be with my family in Australia during times like this. An inner tension that created conflict and an abrupt ending to our relationship

Something I’ve been reflecting over …

Maybe I walked away too quickly?
Perhaps he let me go too easily?

But although our similarities compliment us and our differences challenge us, being in a relationship has been far from easy. Truth is, our relationship began during the worst time of my life and life doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.

Maybe that’s why I walked away too quickly?
Perhaps that’s why he let me go so easily?

Fortunately I was between contracts, so I headed north, seeking the support I needed to just BE the mighty mess I was. To allow myself to break down and fully FEEL what was rising.

The last 5 days have been turbulant !!!

But as I navigated through my inner world (my deeper most thoughts & feelings) during a NEW Moon when Mercury is in Retrograde …

I noticed something …

My inner Bridget isn’t dwelling in the usual soundtrack, “All by my self” feeling forsaken. Instead, she’s becoming better aquainted with her wounded self. The part of me that needs healing by my own love and compassion.

Hmmmmmmm 🤔

Is this the break through I needed?
Is this the healing I wanted?

I’m back on contract, in a much better mindset but still riding the waves. Focusing on the job, honouring what rises and preparing for my trip back to my family in Australia.

If you’re also navigating through turbulent times, then please don’t give up on love.

TRUST the process

…. and may the force be with YOU ❤