The coffee bean …

Drinking my coffee this morning, I thought about a conversation between a Father and his daughter.

While sharing her frustrations about life, he took (3) pots of the same size, filled them all with equal amounts of water and put them on the stove to boil. The daughter continued to talk about the problems she was confronting, as the Father placed eggs in one pot, potatoes in the second and coffee beans in the third. The daughter watched impatiently, wondering what he was doing. After 20 minutes the Father turned off the stove, spooned out the eggs and potatoes, placing them into separate bowls, and poured the coffee into a cup.

“What do you see?” he asked his daughter.

“Eggs, potatoes and coffee,” she replied.

“Look closer,” he said. So, she leaned in for a closer look …

The eggs had hardened under the shell, the potatoes were softened and the smell of coffee made her smile.

“What does it all mean?” she asked.

All (3) faced the same problem, but each of them reacted differently, based on what they were made of. The potatoe went in hard and came out softer. The egg went in soft with only a thin shell protecting it, but when put in boiling water it hardened up on the inside. But the coffee was different because it transformed into something else. Blending with the water, making itself and the water better.

So, when ever you’re faced with a problem, what do YOU want to BE?

Full Moon reflections …

It’s the first Full Moon of a New Year

“Our soul is calling us to stay true to our path. To hold true to our visions and do the steadfast work to move towards it. Lighting the way forward so everyone can reap the rewards.”

If like me, you’re experiencing a loss of some kind, then trust you are being guided to let go and release what’s no longer serving you.

I reflect back to the questions that came up for me during the last New Moon …

What kicked off for you in 2020?
What action did you see unfolding?
Any similar themes from the past repeating?
Any opportunities to make a different choice?
Any opportunities to break a negative pattern?

The answers are my realizations and insightful a-ha moments. Reflective of the lessons I’m learning and the changes I’m making.

As I reflect over what kicked off for me in 2020 and how the year unfolded, I acknowledge the challenges, conflicts and opportunities. I trust that everything is as it should be for reasons I may not fully understand yet … and that’s OK.

Although I had hoped for a different outcome, I’m grateful for the experiences we shared. I never regret my choices in love because no matter how things flow, our relationships serve to teach us important lessons in love.

I want us all to experience the liberations of spirit, not the fear and suffering of loss. So, I forgive and release myself from any karmic contracts I’ve been bound to in this lifetime. Acknowledging those energies are no longer aligning with me. I accept what is and let go of what’s not meant for me, because when I do our souls are free to evolve and move on.

Blessed BE ♥️