Changing our habits is a process


Porridge, is my morning goodness 👍😁

I’ve been reflecting and thought I’d share …

During my first week back in Australia, I noticed myself falling back into some of my unhealthy habits. I was biting my nails, wanting to drink more booze, scoffing Dad’s chocolate stash, gobbling carbs and I wasn’t feeling good at all.

Sure, I was smiley, but my mind was far from clear and focused. My thoughts were messy, my emotions were draining my energy and I had very little motivation to get shit done.

The frustrating thing was, I knew exactly why I was doing those things. I knew why I was feeling so shit. And I even knew why it was so damn hard to stop myself from doing them.

My sugar addiction had a hold of me !!!

So, I decided to take control, make different choices and change my experience. My period was approaching, so I struggled with myself for afew days, but I’m so glad I persisted.


Being aware of our habits is the only way we can change them. Hence why I pay attention to what I’m doing and why I’m doing it …

I notice how I bite my nails whenever I feel anxious. I notice the difference between: wanting a drink to relax, enjoying afew social drinks and using drink to escape when reality is challenging me. I notice how I comfort eat to self soothe and use food to avoid some of my uncomfortable thoughts and emotions.

As I make better food choices, I’m better able to focus my attention on the anxiety, the challege and the discomfort with a clear mind

I notice how I’m making other healthier choices

Meditating, sitting in the Sun, gazing up at the Moon, contemplating the Universe and the stars. Taking deeper breaths. Relaxing in the tub. Listening to music. Burning candles. Using my crystals. Wanting to walk and reconnect with myself and Nature. Acknowledging my challenges and openly talking and/or writing about the concerns, worrys and fears that feed my anxiety. Allowing my truth to surface and fully feeling the emotions as they rise and fall.

As I flow more openly and honestly with my thoughts and feelings, I feel much calmer within myself. I notice how I begin to enjoy my healthier food choices and I’m feeling good.

I used to say that food was my biggest demon because I struggled to loose weight, but as I better understand myself, there’s less struggle.


Synchronicity is a conversation with Universe


SYNCHRONICITY by definition is …
                         “A meaningful coincidence”
This morning when I woke at 7.20am, I decided to meditate. Since arriving, its the first morning there’s been no sunshine, its cloudy and rainy so didn’t go outdoors. I decided to move the table and meditate on Mam and Dad’s lounge room mat, which as you can see is a sacred geometric symbol. The precise time of FULL MOON was 7.58am … (1st synchronicity)

I quickly browsed through the music list on my phone, a Pisces Full Moon meditation I had saved instantly caught my eye. Full Moon is in Pisces now. The meditation guided me through a chakra clearing and talked about “the inner work” I reflected over, wrote about and shared with you yesterday … (2nd synchronicity)

I opened my eyes after the meditation and seen the word “Granda” on a handmade card, that one of the kids have made for Dad. I had an instant vision of my Granda and I felt the love as my heart chakra opened. My Granda died February 2000 and it was this loss that began my journey “home”. It was my first spiritual experience. A recognition that I’ve been “doing the work” for 18 years. And an acknowledgement of how much I’ve learned and have grown … (3rd synchronicity)

My Mam came into my mind and a sadness arose from within my heart. I cried as I felt both the love and the loss. Then an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the energy flowing. An emotional release, while my body is in full menstral flow, in the moments the MOON was at her fullest … (4rd synchronicity)

Synchronicity is …
         a conversation with Universe ❤

Full moon reflections


Its a FULL MOON ladies and gents 🌚

NOW is a good time to reflect upon our journey … What lessons have we learned from the PAST? … What are we most grateful for TODAY? … What are we hoping to achieve in the FUTURE?

NOW is the time to reflect over the questions we asked during the previous NEW MOON

What couldn’t we control or change?
What were we struggling to accept?
What were we holding onto?
What was causing us pain and suffering?

What did we want to release?
What did we want to let go of?
What did we want to heal?
What did we want to seed?

NOW is the time to reflect over what surfaced, and what was discovered from our descent into our inner self during and after NEW MOON

To acknowledge …

What triggered us?
What challenged us?
What felt uncomfortable?

NOW is the time to see those things for what they really are. Deeper insights into ourself and possible responses to the questions that we asked ourselves during the NEW MOON.

What if those things that trigger a “negative” reaction from us, reveal our buried pain and limitations that could be holding us back in fear? What if they surface to be released?

I believe this to be true …

A belief that enables me to take more responsibility for my own experiences and live more fully in the moments, no matter how uncomfortable. A belief that is changing how I experience myself in this world. A belief that creates more space for love and compassion for myself and others. A belief that helps me to rise above my challenges, release me from my fears and grow into the woman I want to be.

NOW is the time to ask ourselves …

Am I aware of a negative thought pattern?
Am I aware of a limited belief?
Am I aware of unexpressed emotions?
Am I aware of an unhealthy relationship?
Am I aware of an unhealthy habit or behaviour?

I believe being aware of these things are important because they have the ability to prevent the natural flow of our energy, which can then contribute to dis-ease in our body.

By definition “disease and disability are dynamic processes that begin before we realize we are affected,” which is why a preventative approach to our health is vital.

What if exploring our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and energy empowers us to make choices that contribute towards our healing and growth?

What if it’s how we create NEW realities?

NOW is the time to ask ourselves …

What did we seed during NEW MOON?
What do we want to manifest into reality?
What experiences do we want to have?
What do we want to co-create with Universe?
What is our hearts desire?

Ive been reflecting over the desires of my own heart and now have a deeper understanding.

For example …

My desire to manifest more money is about more than a want to reduce financial stress. Its about my need to create more opportunities and freedom, which guided me towards my need to CHANGE my relationship with money.

By changing the word money to FREEDOM, I realize that it’s possible to experience more freedom with or without money. By removing this limitation I can go even deeper by asking

What does freedom mean to me?
Why do I need to experience more of this?
What can I achieve with more freedom?
Who does my freedom serve?
How can I create more freedom in my life?

When I DO experience more freedom, I feel more joy. A state of being that increases my vibration and awakens my inner Shaman. This is my most authentic and ancient self. My inner wild and wise woman who is deeply connected to Nature. She flows with Universal energies and has the power to create, balance and heal.

“Awaken her and synchronize with the power to heal, to step into purpose and live as your most sacred self” (Melinda Rodriguez) ❤

Rising above my challenges


As a Capricorn with Cancer rising, I’ve been struggling with myself. Life is already challenging enough with having lost our beloved Mother to cancer last year, still confronting our beloved Fathers cancer journey and being apart from the man I love. Maintaining a sense of balance is already a challenge, so unexpected challenges threw me right out of my messy Capricorn mind and into my Cancer emotions.

Into my feelings of OVERWHELM !!!

I don’t feel the need to share the details of my personal challenges because it involves others. But YES, it’s natural to experience tensions and conflicts with loved ones when we’re going through challenging times. Hence why communication is so very important.

My sisters and I are supporting our Dad, but we each have our own individual needs as women and individual responsibilities as Mothers. So, we’re also trying to support each other, so we can better support our Dad through this. That in itself can be challenging, which is why our unexpected challenges can throw us completely off balance.

Yesterday, I was hit with more unexpected bills, which triggered my money concerns and my daughter’s in physical pain, which triggered my Mumma fear. Triggers that had me REACTIVE instead of responsive …

Why ?

Because unexpected challenges during the approaching FULL MOON, threw me deep into my Capricorn and Cancer shadow. The parts of myself I would rather not see or share with others. The parts of me others don’t want to see and struggle to accept. The parts of myself I’m learning to see, share and LOVE for what they are ….

Ourpportunities to know ourselves better
Opportunities to balance our polarities
Opportunities to heal

Our inner tensions and conflicts impact on our ability to respond or react. So, the more aware we are of what we’re hiding or avoiding within ourselves (our shadow), the less we wound others with our reactions during challenges.

This is why diving in to me is important to YOU … in-to-me-see ❤

The last few days I’ve been reflecting over my tensions, conflicts, concerns and challenges. I notice how I wake feeling exhausted, no matter how much sleep I get. I also noticed myself falling back into some bad eating habits, which is why I promptly made some changes to my diet, to help increase energy levels and maintain the weight loss. But having already eaten too many carbs and sugars, my body went through the usual uncomfortable detox.

A thumbing headache that made it difficult to process my messy thoughts.

I refuse to fall back into the grasp of comfort eating during challenging times because Ive learned that what we eat influences how we think and feel.

However, I’m still learning how to stay fully present and respond to my challenges because like you, my growth is an ongoing work in progress ❤

We are a force as one with Nature


I’ve always been fascinated by light orbs and rainbow rays, reflected from the Sun and Moon. But they offer us so much more than just light.

The Sun and Moon are energy 🌟

I’m in deep reflection so I thought I’d share some random thoughts, which are based on how my own experiences have and DO change how I think. We may not share the same beliefs and that’s OK because I’m sharing MY truth ❤

I believe …

We are so much more than our thoughts and feelings. We are beings of love and light and its our life force that connects us with Nature.


Becoming an observer of my thoughts was the first step to living more fully in the present moments, however uncomfortable it may be.

The next was allowing my emotions to rise and fall, which is how I began to FEEL life instead of living through the limitations of my mind.

To flow with Universe I need to …

Free myself from the confines of my mind, by  focusing my intention on releasing myself from any emotional pain and suffering I may be holding onto from my past experiences. Letting go of attaching to expected outcomes, by accepting what IS and surrendering to what will be. Something I still struggle to do because it requires an ongoing commitment to growth.


Regardless of being male or female, we each have an inner male and female aspect of self.

Life experiences can and do wound us, but our individual psychological, emotional, relational, social and spiritual wounds run far deeper than we realize. Our wounds are an accumulation of generational experiences that have impacted upon how we perceive and experience life.

The collective Mother and Father wounds are a result of patriarchal systems. These systems are beginning to crumble because we seek more balance both externally and internally.


The Sun is a divine masculine energy that connects with our inner Father and the Moon is a divine feminine energy that connects with our inner Mother. When I consciously open myself up to this energy, I feel the shift. I process my thoughts and identify any limiting beliefs that are holding me back. I express any suppressed emotions that are attached to those thoughts. I release myself from unhealthy attachments of past experiences and/or future projections.

This is an ongoing process because our life experiences continue to challenge and change us. It’s how we expand our consciousness, heal our wounds, balance our energies, become the love we seek, realize our true potential for the greater good, transcend our fears, experience the magic and achieve our wildest dreams.


The more conscious I am in the moments, the more I feel connected to the Source of energy, which changes how I experience challenges. I observe my thoughts without attaching to them and allow my emotions to rise and fall without holding onto them.


The more open I am to other possibilities, the more receptive I am to other dimensions of reality, which is when I notice more signs and synchronicity from Universe. This is when I dont feel the loss of Mam because I feel her spirit, which is our energy that never dies.

We are a force as one with Nature ❤