The voices inside of my head


Our thoughts can often become a huge headache and at times drive us completely out of our minds, turn us upside down, make us feel stir crazy and drive us completely bonkers

Our beautiful minds have the ability to take us all there … You and Me

Which is why learning to understand how our brain functions and processes information is an essential part of our change and growth because our thoughts DO shape our reality

  I’m truly fascinated by the mind. Its a wonderful complex structure that’s constantly firing off signals to the rest of our body, which influences every part of our lived experience. And just as a car needs to undergo regular maintenance, so does our brain

What do we eat and drink ?

How much sleep and rest do we have ?

What company do we keep ?

How much physical activity and exercise do we do ?

What habits do we maintain ?

It all impacts on how our brain functions and processes. I often compare our brain to a computer because it works so much in the same way. Our mind also needing to reboot the hard drive (beliefs) and upgrade the software (thoughts)

Why ?

Because new experiences continue to alter how we perceive and understand our world and ourselves

Although I am a woman who flows with the ebbs and flow of the moon. I am also a woman of logic and reason, which is why I put just as much time and effort into observing my thoughts as I do flowing with my feelings

I love my brain … seriously I do ❤

But I dont believe everything she thinks is truth … at least not MY truth

She really is quite brilliant and there’s still so much potential to be unleashed from her, but quite honestly, sometimes what she thinks is total utter NONSENSE

Sorting out the truth from the nonsense can be an uncomfortable and time consuming process, but it can also be very interesting and at times quite amusing

Have you ever wondered where our thoughts come from ?

I have … of course ☺ and the more I observe my thoughts, the more interesting the voices in my head become

No, I am not suffering from a personality disorder, but I can totally appreciate how those voices could quite easily become the monsters in our head. And I have the utmost compassion for those who suffer from debilitating mental health disorders, which is what motivates me to explore the mind so deeply

Ignorance isn’t always so blissful, especially for those who are suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety. So, the more we understand how our brain ticks, the more we can support positive change in our own and someone elses life

Lets talk about the voices inside of my head

A voice has something to say about this very blog I am writing now

She says …

“People are gonna read this and think, who the hell are you to help someone, when you’re so fucked up yourself, you’re hearing voices in your head woman” !!!

Hmmmm valid point she raises … I suppose

But who is she ?

She is my beautiful EGO ❤

We learned all about the different aspects of our human psyche in psychology, which was a very interesting journey to be sure. Freud was a brilliant thinker, neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis, who takes us deep inside of our consciousness

Allow me to introduce you to ID, EGO and SUPEREGO


So, objectively speaking we ALL have 3 voices inside of our heads

Our ID is the “YES man” or the voice of our inner child… shes our most primal self, shes impulsive and she seeks to increase pleasure and decrease tension. She focuses primarily on her own needs, with little regard of others. Shes the one who drives all of those wonderful bad habits we have, but shes also the GO getter and the get things DONE woman

Our SUPEREGO is the “NO man” or the voice of our mother … shes our moral grounding, shaped by our social conditioning. She tries to control the impulsive nature of ID by offering the opinion of what is believed to be right and wrong. Shes a bit of a party pooper, but she also maintains a sense of order in our lives

Our EGO is our “MIDDLE man” or the voice of our inner critic … shes our self regulator, compromising between the needs of ID and the social expectations of SUPEREGO. Shes the thinking, feeling and willing aspects of how we experience and react to the outside world. Shes primarily driven by fear, often holding us back, but she serves to protect us

But what about the other voices ?


The voice of our INTUITION … “a phenomenon of the mind, describing the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason”

The voice of our SPIRIT GUIDES … “incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life. Responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate”

The voice of our FAITH … and whether we name it as God, Buddha, Allah, Nature or Universe, they all refer to the same source of creation and being

With so many voices talking inside of our heads, its no wonder that our thoughts can sometimes drive us completely out of our minds

How the fuck do we determine who is who ?

It would be so much easier if they all spoke in different accents (wink)

But … WHAT IF going out of our mind helps us to fall into our hearts ?

WHAT IF our thoughts drive us out of our minds so that we can tap into the voice of intuition, spirit guides and faith more easily ?

Hmmmmm … she ponders


She’s neither here nor there


A woman of extremes,

either all in or completely out.

Keeps finding herself dwelling in the spaces of in-between.

At the cross roads.

Somewhere she’s never been comfortable being.

 A place of apprehension where she feels uncertain of her direction.

Unsure of her next move,

she ponders

Roll the dice ?

Luck of the draw ?

Play her cards ?

Leave it to chance ?

she wonders

Is she playing the game of life ?


is she being played ?

The more life doesn’t go to plan or has hoped,

the more she wonders if her destiny is written in the stars ?

Universe guiding her towards a future that she cant yet see.

The road less traveled keeps calling to her,

but its an unfamiliar path without sign posts.

All she has to rely on are her choices,

and a sense of knowing.

That her soul is being called home.

But to where ?

to what ?

to who ?

She doesn’t yet know


there she stands at the crossroads.

In the space of in-between,

guided by blind faith and a hopeful heart.

Believing in her dreams,

and trusting the unfolding.

Mindful interaction

Here I am … lost inside of myself


Shes living life on her own terms

In a state of conflict between what is and what will be

Turning up each day … not completely dressed

Moving through the motions … not fully arriving

As the clock keeps ticking … her body plays out the roles & responsibilities expected of her, while her heart continues to beat to another rhythm

Her mind lags behind and her heart races forwards, while her soul stays forever present … as if time has the ability to stand still

Mocking her … because time just keeps on ticking

She invites in lovers  who offer some temporary relief from herself

The comfort of a warm embrace …

is a place of refuge in between the spaces of silence

But as soon as she is alone again … the call of silence becomes louder

Unable to avoid the shadow that beckons her, she wanders through the darkness …
but she isn’t lost

Shes exploring the depths of herself. Parts that are waiting to be found, begging to be acknowledged and longing to be loved

Shadows of the past and memories of yesterday that still linger

Choices that were made and consequences not yet free from

Was the loss worth the gain ?

Is the possibility of a gain worth the loss ?

Right or wrong

Life is held together by an accumulation of the choices that we make

And whether we choose to walk away, go back or stand still …

… life will keep on passing us by

It won’t wait for us to catch up

Some choices present to change our life completely …

but only IF we allow it to

So … she sits with the resistance

She wants to RUN towards the calling of her heart

but …

Pride holds her back and

Fear keeps her still

She wants to JUMP into the life she imagines

but …

Doubt restricts and

Guilt imprisons her

So … she stands in the silence … lost deep inside of herself

… waiting to be found



Allow the downs to transform you

flat liner.jpg

It takes courage to love ourselves, which is why its easier to focus on loving someone else

Maybe that’s why my heart was suddenly pulled back towards you ?

Right now … I’m sitting in some emotional funk

Revelations have popped up into my consciousness that bring new insights

Insights that serve to transform me … but into what ?

This doesn’t feel like an awakening … it feels more like the damn quickening !!!

A cellular rush

A molecular miracle

A strange, yet wonderful feeling …

Of being fully aware of the changes occurring inside of my body and mind

As if actually feeling the deconstruction of an old belief system and the reconstruction of a new paradigm ?

Bizarre !!!

 Consciously aware of the thoughts that are running at high speed in my mind, as my ego frantically tries to make sense of the new information … but its like Ive left the computer running and just walked out of the room

Consciously aware of the feeling of unrest that keeps my heart in a constant state of anxiety, as my heart excitedly contracts and opens up to receive more love … but its like Ive left the engine running and just vacated the vehicle

As if observing myself from a safer distance

Maybe … its just another form of AVOIDANCE ?

Or perhaps … I’m relaxing into a state of BEING ?

As I relax into the space and choose to flow with whatever may surface …

all I can do is WAIT

No need to explain, rationalize, justify or even understand

Just allowing me to simply describe it … is enough ❤


Writing my way home ❤


Writing has always been a form of expression and release for me. Words having the power to refocus, heal and transform my life, which is why Ive always journalized my thoughts and feelings. And why I decided to share my writing experience in these blogs.

I recently started an online writing course, which is hoped to help me get out of my head and drop into my heart space, with a little less resistance. To a place where I will confront and overcome any fears, beliefs and doubts that are blocking my fullest and truest expression, where I will hopefully find and deepen my sacred writing voice.

Well … its certainly taking me to the heart of it

Write about your first soulful romantic encounter … was the question that prompted my full moon release and kick started the chain of events that followed that night. I thought that releasing my hurts with love and light would set my heart free. I thought I would feel less tension and conflict. I thought I was content with my choices. I thought I was ready to let go without any apprehensions

Hmmmmmmm … I thought wrong

Scorpio full moon was all about endings, rebirth, renewal, soul mates, deep emotion, secrets and shadows rising, transformation, desires, sex, lust, jealousy, trust, abandonment and BIG CHANGE !!!

Since the release Ive been experiencing an even stronger feeling of unrest than before. A feeling that brings me great discomfort. A feeling that’s forcing me deeper and deeper into myself. To a place I know I need to sit and move beyond. I know I need to listen to what lies beneath the silence … but the silence scares me.

Instead, I fell back into old habitual behaviours that scream AVOIDANCE !!!

But … what am I avoiding ?

I’m avoiding MYSELF

Instead of sitting with the discomfort I indulged in alcohol, which reduces my clarity of mind and therefore my ability to mentally process. I indulged in the affections of a new lover, which brings me out of those uncomfortable feelings in my heart and into the physical pleasures of my body, which reduces my ability to fully express my truth. I indulged in TV rather than reading and writing, which escapes my own lived reality.

Hmmmmmm … we are beautiful creatures of habit, aren’t we ?

But, even though I still automatically fall back into avoidance during the tensions of change and transformation, I’m now fully aware that I’m actually doing it. And its that sense of awareness that reflects some change and growth, which is reassuring, because there are times when I doubt if I’m actually learning anything of value or sharing anything of importance.

Oh yes … self doubt at its finest

It seems that my intentions to surrender and release have brought me to a truth Ive been avoiding. A sudden realization that I’ve been avoiding living my dreams out of fear. The fear of following my heart continues to hold me back from myself.

I had so many plans … to move away, to find those parts of myself that are missing, to explore a part of the world my heart still yearns for, to travel, to experience my life to the fullest and to write about the journey as it flowed.

But the moment I decided to give up on love because it wasn’t flowing the way I wanted it to, was the moment that all my plans were thrown into a box and hidden under the bed.

When my heart broke, my dreams were once again shattered into pieces too.

But signs have been coming at me hard and fast, which is getting harder and harder to avoid or deny. I acknowledge that Ive been ignoring the pull of my heart and calling of my dreams out of fear of confronting more hurt. But ongoing tension and conflict reflects how my mind and heart are still not in alignment

My heart still wants to RUN and JUMP … but my mind shouts STOP !!!

What if it doesn’t work out?
What if I fail ?
What if life becomes harder ?

Ive worked so damn hard to be able to support myself as an independent woman and to feel like I dont need to rely on anyone else. I live in paradise, have a beautiful home, a secure job, loving and supportive family and friends, opportunities and possibilities.

I have it all … yet I still feel restless ?

A restlessness that continues to pull me away from everything I have …

But, for what ?

for the adventure ? … for the experience ? … for love ?

So … I make a conscious decision to try and sit with myself. To allow the thoughts to come and to go. To allow the emotions to come and to go. To release the hurt and the tears. To feel the fear and the anxieties. To suspend the judgements. To stay completely present with what ever it is that arises from within me.

WHY am I so afraid of being alone, if it brings me closer to myself ?

I want to be true to myself. I want to follow my heart. I want to trust my instincts. I want to surrender to my destiny. But I’m afraid to let go completely because I dont want to throw away my life for something I may never find.

Perhaps … that IS the journey back to myself ?

Full moon is a time of release … so LET IT GO

heart break.jpg

The more truth we speak …
The more emotion we release …
The more thoughts we refocus …
The more love we give …
The more acceptance we find …
The more we let go …
… and the more we can just BE ♡

I wrote those words and took that picture 1 year ago today. My smile hides the hurt, but my eyes express the truth. My words have a softness about them, but I was conflicted with feelings of deep despair, gut wrenching sadness and a fury that raged in silence. Feelings I wasn’t quite ready to put into words because they were still buried deep inside of me … waiting to be found

My heart was battered and it was bruised

After many years of being single post divorce and trying to move on from a complicated love connection with a man from my past, I finally decided to let love completely in again. Sharing 18 months of my life with a man I wanted so desperately to love. A man who took me to places within myself that I had never experienced before. First opening my eyes to childlike wonders and a life of possibility, then leading me into the shadows

To a dark place where he left me, alone … so I left

During the healing process of moving on, the man who still had a hold of my heart reconnected with me. Both of us refusing to let go of the “what if” and the “if only,” which took us on yet another bumpy ride. But the truth was, he still wasn’t ready to live his truth out loud. My heart couldn’t bare the secrets and lies nor feeling like the other woman in his life any longer … so I let go

It felt like part of my heart had been ripped out from my chest because I still loved him, deeply, and I probably always will. But in the process of my heart break, I made a conscious decision to keep my heart open in the only way I knew how … going back online to date other men

I wasn’t on the playground long before I realized that casual sex and meaningless conversation with multiple men wasn’t enough for me anymore. So I choose a lover from Paris … oh a la la !!!

We experienced wonders like never before. Our energies intertwined like two long lost lovers from other times. His from a world far beyond the stars and mine from a dimension long ago. We were both caught up in a whirlwind of magic that deflected away from the reality of what was. But ongoing tensions and conflicts eventually brought the truth to light … he was also a married man !!!

The universe has a way of guiding us towards those who reflect back our own truth. Because the truth was … every tension and conflict between Frenchy and I, brought up unexpressed emotions and unresolved conversations with the married man I still love. Slaps of truth that hurt as they surfaced from deep inside of my heart

Truths that dislodged the thorn that was burrowed down deep

So … tonight as I gaze upon the glorious full moon rising. I write 4 names onto paper. Men who have broken my heart open to loving myself. And as the paper burns, I kiss each one gently and send him love and light. Thanking each one for the part they played in my journey


Today, I feel the surrender and RELEASE 

I refuse to buy into the sacrificial compromise of marriage


The sanctity of marriage is supposed to be a sacred and safe space for 2 people to grow in love together. But we continue to see high rates of divorce and people living by principles based on outdated belief systems, which is causing higher rates of unhappiness …

So, I asked myself WHY ? … and did a little self reflection and research

A BRIEF HISTORY of Marriage in the Western Culture

  • Marriage had very little importance in pre-historic times. Coupling was based on a biological desire to survive. According to historians, during the Stone Age, marriage became a way of controlling sexual behavior and providing a more stable structure for child rearing. 
  • During the Dark Ages marriage was primarily based on alliances made for economic gain and protecting family bloodlines. The church power and influence became strong, which led to the creation of a legal document, based on customs that gave more power and control to men.
  • Love had very little to do with marriage until the 17th Century, when “enlightened” thinkers pioneered the idea that life was about the pursuit of happiness. This led us towards divorce because people wanted to experience more happiness, so they took control over their love life.
  • The concept of marriage changed dramatically during the 20th Century, with thanks to the Women’s Movement. Pioneers who fought for equal rights, a fight that continues today for same sex marriages. But as more women come into their own power, more men are struggling with their own sense of self, which is having a negative impact on relationships. 
  • The 21st Century relationship has become even more challenging. The empowerment of women and technological advancement provides more choice and opportunity. Our world has opened up and we are connecting, reconnecting and disconnecting in ways unlike before.

We are hearing more and more about the “awakening”, which is a shift in consciousness that pioneers the idea of oneness. A spiritual belief that focuses on our connection rather than our separateness. This is the beginning of yet another important turning point in our evolution, which is influencing our experiences and changing life as we know it.

Acknowledging how our behavior, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are shaped by our social and cultural conditioning is essential for our spiritual growth. A process of clearing away the old to make way for the new. Dropping the ego and living from our hearts, which is changing how we experience the relationship with ourselves and may alter our perception of marriage in the future. Perhaps the sacredness of marriage will be truly embraced ? 

“Because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband. The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband. For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control” … 1 Corinthians 7: 1-40

A statement the wreaks of shame and guilt, based on a belief that our bodies do not belong to us. One of the reasons why I refuse to identify as being a religious woman and instead choose to live a life based on spirituality. A personal choice that has caused me many internal conflicts over the years, as my belief system undergoes the challenging process of deconstruction and reconstruction.

A rebooting of the mind

I was married to a man I loved very much for 11 years, but we grew apart as life took us in different directions. As a divorced woman Ive experienced the ups and downs of being single for almost 10 years. During which time Ive been deceived by many men who struggled with their own truth. I loved and lived with a man for a short time and I fell in love with a man from my past, who lived in an unhappy marriage. So, I believe I offer some valuable insights into this topic of conversation because over the years Ive had many in depth conversations, with both men and women who feel bound to stay in unhappy marriages, due to a sense of loyalty to their family, a need for financial security or a fear of change.

I have the utmost respect for marriage and in truth I am a little envious of those in loving relationships. I still believe in the sanctity of marriage, but its time to wake up to the bullshit we’ve been spoon fed for far too many years. Its time to drop the fucking shame and guilt about choosing to love ourselves first. It’s time to drop the preconceived notion that being married reflects that we are being more responsible in matters of love. Because the truth is some of us are doing it a damn site better as single men and women.

I was raised to believe that marriage and relationships are about love, respect, loyalty, commitment and honesty, which I still do believe. But I was also raised to believe that compromising our needs is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. A belief that kept me in a space of hurt for far longer than needed because my love of self became secondary to the relationship. But I no longer buy into the sacrificial compromise of marriage. I refuse to compromise my own needs until I become invisible, because that’s what it means to be considered a “good” woman, wife, lover, partner or girlfriend.

Yup… in other lifetimes I was one of those witches burned or drowned for flowing with the magic of nature and believing in universal energies. I’m probably considered to be one of those fiery sorts who has too many questions, challenges the status quo, refuses to conform and says fuck a lot. I am a wild woman, who is more in touch with my flow than ever before, unashamed of my passions and desires. I choose to experience life completely and express myself fully, regardless of what others think or have to say. I am slowly awakening to my truth and learning how to truly love myself, without validation from anyone else. And regardless of how many times I confront hurt, failure, rejection or dissappointment, I still believe that love is indeed, an extraordinary and beautiful thing to be cherished between a man and a woman.

The truth is … our world needs people like both you and me. Because those who are resistive to change provide us with a sense of stability that our world needs, while others challenge the norms and inspire the changes needed to ensure that we all progress, move forward and evolve into our fullest potential.

Thorn in my heart 💘


“Shot through the heart and you’re to blame. Darling, you give love a bad name”

I recall singing along to the words of Jon Bon Jovi as a teenager in the late 1980s, without having any real comprehension about what heart break was. Back then it was just a groovy song to rock out to with my friends. Then I recall listening to the same words as a woman, who had endured those nagging pains of heart ache, thinking about every man who had ever broken my tender loving heart.

But time has a way of altering our perceptions, because here I am today, as a much wiser woman, listening to the very same words. Only this time acknowledging the uncomfortable truth that … “I” give love a bad name.

Like you, I am a beautiful contradiction …

Sometimes struggling to sit in the spaces of in between:

Strong, yet tender .. Gentle, yet tough .. Independent, yet needy .. Intuitive, yet ignorant .. Wise, yet foolish .. Passionate, yet phlegmatic .. Dedicated, yet indifferent .. Consistent, yet ever changing

During those spaces of in between as we struggle to find our balance, our choices can then become confused

 Time after time I have confused my want for sex with my need for love, then wondered why my heart was broken. Too many times my heart has led me towards men who have struggled to love themselves, then wondered why they were unable to love me in the way I needed to be loved. Mirror images that have reflected back my own limitations. Soul mate connections that have brought me to my own attention. Men who have torn down my walls, crawled under my skin, fell into my heart, trampled through my mind and penetrated my ever wanting loins.

Irritations and tensions that have highlighted how my external desires and internal yearnings have deflected attention away from my deeper truths.

The truth … that I fear being completely alone.

The truth … that I fear being untouched.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable but they are never weakness” (Brene Brown)

Truths that have influenced my choices and continue to shape my experiences

Tensions and conflicts increasing each time a choice is made based on fear

Such tension and conflict created a thorn in my heart. A presence that caused a constant ache. A feeling that propelled me to seek out love. Anything that may dissolve the thorn and ease the pain and suffering. But each choice made in fear only brings more hurt. The thorn burrows deeper and deeper causing more and more discomfort.

But the more we dig and the deeper we are willing to go, the more fears we confront. Fears that hold us back from experiencing love to its full potential. The thorn in our heart dislodges only when we finally surrender to our truth. In that moment the poison is released into our system, which will either paralyze or infuriate us.

“The truth will set us free … but only after its pissed us off”

We will either fall down in defeat, licking our wounds or fucking fury will bubble up towards the surface. The bitter venom no longer able to be digested will be spat out of our mouths. Harsh words unleashed as we step back into our power. But the truth is WE are the ones responsible for the abuse, the manipulations, the lies and the betrayal.

“I played MY part and you played YOUR game”

Taking responsibility and being accountable for our choices isn’t always easy, especially when we experience hurt at the hands of another. But the universe responds to our inner most desires, by bringing people into our lives that help us to answer our own questions. The soul purpose of some people is to disappoint, frustrate, lie, betray and hurt us. This understanding about such people is how we overcome our fears and move into a space of gratitude. Changing how we understand heart break is how we begin to change our experience of it. Acknowledging that we unconsciously invite people into our lives to teach us more about ourselves, is an experience that is rich in growth for the both of us

The new warrior is not going to war covered in armor … she is naked and ready to love

Her strength lies not in her ability to fight … but in her willingness to surrender

As the heart bleeds open, the hurt simmers beneath the surface …

… and the healing begins ❤






Lets rewrite our stories and create NEW experiences


Whether we are 17, 39, 60 or 93 years old, life rarely goes to plan and regardless of what decade we are in, most of us already know that truth. So, why then do we get our knickers in a knot when things dont unfold in the way we had hoped or expected them to ?

I think its the stories that we are told and believe in …

Most of us have been brought up to believe that we grow up, we get a job, we fall in love, we get married, we have kids, we work hard and we raise a family

Its what I did … but life doesn’t always go to plan

Not everyone wants to grow up, while others need to grow, jobs can be difficult to find, money can be hard to come by, love can be lost or not found at all, tragedies can strike, death can be sudden, families can be separated and not all relationships are meant to last forever

My life certainly hasn’t gone as planned

When I got married, I didn’t plan on getting divorced

When we had children, I didn’t plan on breaking our family apart

When I finished uni, I didn’t plan on being in the same role

When I fell in love, I didn’t plan on it being with men who hurt me

… but, do we really plan for life or does it just happen as its meant to ?

If our choices determine our reality, then why do we choose to struggle ?

What does the struggle teach us ?

Hmmmmmm she ponders

I’ve always followed my heart and so my brain often lags behind, which is something that can cause both myself and other people frustration, whenever I start to wander down a path that looks to be a little too familiar, bumpy and overgrown

Ive had multiple heated discussions with family and friends about this very same topic. Concerned loved ones sharing their opinions and trying their hardest to steer me in a different direction to avoid the disappointment and hurt. But I strongly believe that there are valuable lessons to learn from going down those paths and having those experiences, which is why my heart guides me there in the first place … isn’t it ?

What if going the wrong way can actually lead us in the right direction ?

What if we find our passion and purpose by wandering down a no through road ?

What if the u turn leads us back towards our wildest dreams ?

What if trail blazing our own path inspires others to follow their own ?

I usually have a general idea of where I want to go, but my direction seems to keep changing as I do, which makes sense I suppose but it can get very confusing. I’m learning to flow with a little more ease than I used to, but it hasn’t been an easy lesson to learn. Life can still get messy as I continue to confront my own ugly truths, heal my own hurts and overcome my own fears. And even now, with this new understanding about myself, I still hold on a little longer than I should

So, I asked myself … WHY do I hold on when I know its time to let go ?

I think perhaps it has something to do with being the kind of woman who flows with how I feel more than how I think. So, if I’m feeling good and my needs are being met, then there is no problem to think about. It doesn’t matter then how other people perceive my situation to be because my mind doesn’t really start to process until I start to feel the tension. And usually by then my heart is already invested and so I consider more than just my own needs … and that’s when the tensions start to turn into conflict

However, conflict is the fuel for change and so it’s an essential part of our growth

So, why would I choose to avoid it ?

The more we focus on creating change in our lives, then yes the more conflicts we are going to have, because they provide us with an opportunity to explore our experience and communicate our needs. Unfortunately, it’s also when we may identify that our needs have changed and therefore we are choosing a different path, which is something we dont really want to know if we are in love someone or we have a specific goal in mind

It then takes time for our minds to process this new information and it takes time for our hearts to accept this new truth. A time when we can either resist and get messy or flow and change. Yes, we always have a choice, but we can often fall back into bad habits when we are in those in between spaces of who we once were and who we are becoming

Learning how to be gentler with ourselves during this process of change is when we may need a little extra support and a reminder, that what we are feeling and how we choose to move through the change is OK … because there is no right or wrong way. What is right for me, may not be for you and what is right for you, may not be for me

When I start stepping out of my heart and focus my attention on how my thoughts are shaping my reality, I start to dig a little deeper into my belief systems, which is where I find the stories that influence my choices

What stories do you need to rewrite to change your experience ?


Every ending is a NEW beginning


With tomorrows SUPER NEW MOONS trail blazing energy of Aries …

NOW is a perfect time to reflect upon what’s coming to an end in our lives, which seeds we are going to plant and what new beginnings we want to create.

Its time to ask …

What experience do we want to have ?

What goal do we want to achieve ?

What reality do we want to live ?

What future do we want to create ?

There was a time when endings were difficult, causing me lots of upset because I focused on the loss. A time when I lived a life filled with SO much fear.

I was afraid of so many things: death, loss, hurt, rejection, failure, isolation and loneliness. Fears that held me back as I kept on repeating the same patterns.

WOW … so much has changed !!! … but WHY is my life changing ?

Because of a want to experience life to the fullest, a need to understand, learn and grow and intentions to live with less fear and more love …

So, HOW do we live a life with less fear and more love ?

HOW can we reduce pain and suffering and increase love and happiness ?

We confront our fears one by one and start to feel less afraid

The more we are willing to feel, the less afraid we become. The less fear we feel, the less our thoughts control us. The less control our thoughts have, the more beliefs we can challenge. The more we challenge our beliefs, the more change we can create. The more change we create, the more open to experience we become.

We start attracting and inviting more and more experiences into our lives that create more and more opportunities for growth

We seek the meaning of death, the lesson in loss, the purpose of hurt, the reason for rejection, the benefit of failure, the advantage of isolation, the value of loneliness and the desire for change.

We become less fearful of endings and more excited about new beginnings

But first we must acknowledge our bullshit …

Calling ourselves out on our own bullshit is how we become more consciously aware of ourselves and the world we live in. So, the more challenged, uncomfortable, doubtful, fearful and uncertain we feel, the more truth we are confronting.

 The more we understand the process of change, the more we appreciate that our choices and experiences are essential for our own clarification and understandings

We begin to trust our own process of growth and walk more confidently on our own paths, even when we have no fucking clue where we are going.

We start to truly EMBRACE the journey

We become our biggest supporter, instead of our biggest critic and then travel more gently in the lives of others because we understand that ALL of our experiences are valuable lessons that we need to learn from. We start to peel back each layer of untruth and explore what lies beneath the bullshit

We begin to see the truth beyond the illusion

We heal any hurts that hold us back from staying open to love. We give love, regardless of what we receive from someone else. We find it easier to express our wants and needs. We walk away from those who don’t value or respect us. We maintain healthier boundaries. We learn the true meaning of SELF LOVE

 We recognize signs from the universe quicker. We see our reflection in others more and we welcome those slaps of truth

” Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie “

Accepting the flow of truth is just as important as accepting the flow of love

But some truths can be too difficult to accept, especially when confronted with how we may be holding ourselves back from living the life we imagine.

“Change is never easy, we fight to hold on and we fight to let go”

Sometimes the truth is just too damn hard to hear or see. So we continue to attract the same experiences, make the same choices and feel the same tensions. Tensions that cause conflict but it is the conflict that communicates those tensions to us …

Fear and lies restrict us

Love and truth expand us

NOW is the time to embrace the tension and seek your truth. But choosing to live a more conscious life is not choosing the easier path of comfort. Its choosing to question and challenge everything we do and are …

so that we can become ALL we can be.

“Enlightenment is the complete eradication of everything we imagine to be true”

So, if things seem to be breaking, ending or falling apart, then perhaps you are breaking free of old ways of being ?

Maybe, the caterpillar has finally sprouted her wings and she’s ready to fly ❤