New year’s Eve reflections

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect …

I feel the significance of this FULL MOON in Cancer being divinely timed. Cancer is the archetypal sign of Mother (my rising sign). An energy that’s strongly connected to the Moon and therefore our emotional ebbs and flows.

This energy stirs up our emotional sensitivities, causing us to act out seeking reassurance, which is a deeper need for greater emotional security. During these times we benefit most by reminding ourselves how other people show their love and how we’re part of something far greater than ourselves. I still get reactive to these energies, but reflection brings insight.

I can fully appreciate how Cancer is my rising sign because it definitely challenges me to rise above my emotional reactions. I feel this energy strongly within my heart, which is where I experience anxiety and why I resonate with the Mother in all her forms. According to the star gazers the opposite of Cancer is Capricorn. The archetypal sign of Father (my sun sign). An energy that’s strongly connected to the Sun, our sense of awareness and the ego. I feel this energy within my head, which is where I experience my inner conflicts and why I resonate with the Father in all his forms.

I process these energies in my guts, which is why my appetite, digestion and bowel motions are affected by what I consume, what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. An experience that continues to teach me about the kind of relationship I have and want with my body.

Although I continue to struggle with my own personal challenges, I keep connecting to a deeper sense of collective conscience. Every 2,150 years we experience an astrological age shift, which has now shifted into Aquarius (my moon sign). This energy reflects our inner self and the unconscious. 2020 has challenged each and everyone of us to go deeper, to look beyond and to go further than any one of us could ever imagine was possible. What that means to us will depend upon our journeys.

I shuffled the tarot cards this morning and (3) cards jumped out together while shuffling …

THE OUTSIDER: feeling left out or excluded can reflect a transitional period. To connect with existence we must go in towards our center. We may have been physically disconnected from our Mother, but this doesn’t disconnect us from the Universe of consciousness. That’s a connection we feel deep within us.

NEW VISION: I noticed a geometric symbol on the card I’ve often scribbled when doodling. A square with a cross inside and triangle on top.

⏹️ Represents the physical & known.
🔼 Represents the power of (3).
⏺️ Represents the spirit.

I recall Mam showing us how to draw this house without taking our pen off the paper. This card reminds us to allow ALL of life’s colours to penetrate us because it’s how we become more integrated and whole.

THE FOOL: is symbolic of trust and innocence. Trusting our intuition even if our actions can appear foolish to others or yourself. Allowing whatever experience coming to you to happen. Staying present and being vulnerable even if cheated, deceived or robbed because what is truly yours and meant for you cannot be taken.

Hmmmmm 🤔

If you’re still reading this then you’re obviously interested in what I have to share. I resonate strongly with these cards because they reflect my personal struggles over the last (3) weeks and my challenges in relationship and life.

To respond with love instead of reacting in fear. To love another from a deeper sense of connection, based on my wholeness instead of a need, based on an unhealthy attachment. To express not suppress. To speak my truth. To follow my heart, trust the process and believe in myself. To have faith in human kindness and hope for a better world. To BE the LOVE ❤️

What inspires YOU to be more?

Reflect upon what’s challenged you, energized you, drained you, healed you, supported you, inspired you and changing you. Remember the moments that have brought you to this place.

What did you fear most?
Did you confront and rise above it?
Was there sorrow in your heart?
Did you feel and release it?
Were there doubts in your mind?
Did you gain clarity and grow from it?

As I reflect over the lessons of 2020, I step into 2021 with less fear and more love in my heart. Holding onto my vision and trusting in the divine order of our own personal evolution.

BE true to yourself✌️🥰