Processing the Dream


It’s 3am and I’ve not long awoken from a dream that had me feeling a little out of sorts. So I decided to process and share with you (because it’s what I do)

Our mind keeps talking to us during sleep, especially when our wakeful life has any conflicts & challenges that we are actively trying to understand, process and resolve.

There’s plenty of those in my wakeful world at the moment ….. so I ponder 🤔

Studies have shown that during REM sleep the amygdala is active, which may explain why our dreams appear nightmarish. And a reason why our fears are often activated during our dream state. So I researched and analysed the dream I had.

FIRE was the main focus, which isn’t all that surprising because there’s been several bush fires around here lately. So this could just be my mind processing daily events. But it was the details of the fire that captured my attention …

I noticed, there were no feelings of fear at this point and recognized the fire was in a shop in our hometown.

I noticed, that the external walls of the building were already burned down, exposing the insides. I noticed, that I didn’t stop and stare like the others, Instead, I kept on walking towards my destination (which was to my parents).

I noticed, the firemen working hard to distinguish the fire, but it kept on igniting, causing gasps from the crowd as the fire relentlessly kept burning the contents of the shop. So may be there’s symbolic meaning here ?

TO DREAM OF FIRE : symbolizes destruction, passion, desire, illumination, purification, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. If you are not afraid of the fire, then its a symbol of your own internal fire and inner transformation. Something old is passing and something new is entering into your life. Your thoughts and views are changing …. I can resonate with that 100% and it may explain why the dream was in my hometown (the old me) ?

TO DREAM OF A BUILDING : “The upper floors may represent a higher level of awareness, accomplishment, understanding or consciousness. The main floor may symbolize the present, waking life and the basement may represent the unconscious and the shadow aspects of self. The type of building and/or what takes place in it may provide further insight” …. I always dream of buildings when ever any BIG change is underway, so this makes complete sense to me. The fire was ground level, which is symbolic of what’s happening in the present.

TO DREAM OF BURNING : indicates that you are experiencing some intense emotions. There’s something you can no longer avoid and ignore. Or, it may suggest that you need to take time off for yourself and relax. Perhaps you are feeling “burned out” …. I’m not avoiding reality, but have already acknowledged feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Mostly because I want to be in several places to be of support to several people. However, I’m also moving through my own personal challenges, which contributes to the need to prioritize SELF CARE ❤

TO DREAM OF FIRE MEN : to see a firefighter in your dream represents your higher self. You are experiencing a period of cleansing and purification. The firefighter is the symbol of a true hero and of hope …. thats reassuring ☺

So far the dream sounds reflective of the changes that are happening in my life. But as I mentioned earlier, I was heading towards my parents.(whom in wakeful life have been diagnosed with incurable cancer). When I reached them I noticed that Mam was dressed in a blue nightshirt and Dad was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Mam was eating chocolate and putting the chewed up pieces into her pocket. She was childlike in her behaviour and Dad was struggling to get her home safely.

I woke with feelings of fear because my rational mind acknowledged the behavioural change as being the cancer moving north. At this point my FEAR was activated and I felt the anxiety arise upon waking …

And this IS the change I speak of ☺

Because I don’t believe that such fears are premonitions into the future, nor do I necessarily believe everything I think. So I didn’t sit or dwell in this space long. Instead I processed the dream to better understandd what my unconscious mind wanted to communicate with me.

I believe that our fears surface so we can FREE ourselves from them. I believe confronting our fear reduces the power it has over us, which then enables us to RISE above them. I believe this is the CHOICE we all have in every situation.

We either choose fear (or) LOVE ❤

I believe that our suffering will depend upon which choice we make. And changing our experience is only a matter of making a different choice.

I then recall how the colour blue was prominent in my dream …

“BLUE represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness. Perhaps you are expressing a desire to get away. The presence of this color in your dream may symbolize your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future. You have clarity of mind.” Blue is also the colour of our throat chakra which governs communication. So to me, this dream reaffirms all those wonderful changes that are occurring on the inside of me.

It’s all just a matter of perspective ☺

Mindful interaction ❤

Feeling safe to be ALL of who I am

I’m a woman who loves freely and easily, but I fall in love with few. Over the years of heart ache and disappointments I’ve learned to rely on myself for a sense of security. Mostly, to avoid more disappointment and save my tender heart from more hurt. In truth, I find it challenging to fully open with a man. I will resist relying on him and struggle to need him.

Then he came along and changed everything.

During the most stormy times of my life he’s been an anchor. His consistent effort keeps showing me how much he values my love. I not only feel safe in his arms, my heart feels safe.

A feeling that continues to open me up to a deeper sense of intimacy. Depths I haven’t yet shared in relationship, so I can often feel a sense of discomfort and struggle to breathe.

During my emotional storms, I unconsciously push and pull. Yet he stands, nonreactive to the chaos. Loving me through the wild layers and waiting to hold me when I fall out of the storm.

I often retreat back into myself to explore the fear that rises or the wound that weeps. As I try to gain a sense of balance within myself, he gives me the time and space I need to do this.

The safer I feel, the more trust I have in him

As a strong independant woman, I’m not always an easy woman to love, but I’m a woman worth loving. Because when I feel safe enough to fully open up my heart, we can share an extraordinary love that has the capacity to create new realities and change our worlds.

The kinda sacred love with divine purpose ❤

Calling me home

The more I listen to my heart,

the more I hear the callings.

Callings that guide me home,

towards the core of who I am.

The more I listen to the whispers,

the more I understand.

Understand that home IS my heart,

that embodies a love for ALL.

The more I listen to Universe,

the more I trust.

Trust in something bigger,

than you or I.


Warrior of love and light

I AM a warrior of love and light ❤

Each of our journeys in love are unique, but if I’m honest, I’m often a little green eyed when I see others living in love together. In truth, sometimes I’m envious of the marriage that my beloved parents and my sister’s have. Because although love for my (ex) husband is forever, our marriage was never destined to be.

Why is my experience different ?

Just as I’ve rebelled against the systems, my intimate relationships have and still  continue to challenge me. Truth is, not all of us live a life of love with the one we love and not all of us will fall in love with only one person in this lifetime. Some of us are destined to grow in love differently.

We are the warriors of love and light ❤

Although our battles don’t involve any bloodshed, our hearts continually bleed open. Love flows easily into our lives on purpose. Serving to teach us how to love as a whole being. Deepening our heart connections and loving without attachment. Teaching us how to rise above our fears, let go, release and fully SURRENDER to life.

Something that continues to challenge me.

How do you release someone you love ?

Because its natural to want to hold on tight, especially when life flows in such a way that our flows are leading us in different directions.

But these are the biggest opportunities to fully flow with life

Because life IS love ❤

Of course, the lessons prove to be invaluable and new insights serve the warrior well, but why the fuck must it hurt so fucking much ?

Sometimes my mind thinks that my heart can’t take much more. But my heart knows that each time she breaks, she opens and each time she aches, she grows. The heart of a warrior knows that the heart is her greatest weapon. And like a muscle, she continues to stretch herself to the limits.

This is why it takes great courage to love such a woman because she cannot, nor will not promise you an ordinary life of love. But that’s why the love you share with her is extraordinary.

I wonder if the warrior of love and light is destined to forever wander in life ?

Because whenever I begin to see the possibility of a future with the one I love, life calls me in another direction.

But I wonder, what does a future with a woman like me look like ?

A question I sit with 🤔

Mindful interaction ❤