Demeter: Earth Empress


The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka … “a map for empowering he feminine within”

This month the Goddesses gathered in circle to talk about our Earth Mumma experience, which Tanishka refers to as Demeter, our ” Inner Earth Empress. ”

Its interesting how we each connect with different Goddess archetypes and why we resonate with the morals to those stories. I think its fair to say that we are all learning to better understand how our energy flow is influenced by our own thoughts and feelings about certain experiences. Tanishkas Goddess Makeover and our gatherings are proving to be a valuable tool and a great support in our own seasonal and transitional changes.

According to Greek mythology Demeter (Goddess of Harvest, Fertility and Agriculture) had a close and loving connection with her daughter Persephone. Demeter tended to the earth and taught her daughter all about the changing seasons and how to nurture those around her. At 15 yrs old, Persephone wanted to do what most teenagers want to do, spend less time with her Mother and more time exploring. One day, she wandered away from her friends and found herself in a little bit of trouble. She picked a narcissus flower, which opened up the earth for Hades (God of the Underworld).

Hades was the brother of Zeus (God of Sky and Thunder) and Zeus was the Father of Persephone, who had promised his daughter to his brother. Hades took Persephone back to the Underworld, claiming her as his wife. Demeter wild with rage by this act of betrayal, retreated into a state of dark despair, wandering the countryside for months looking for her daughter.

Crops began to die and famine would soon follow if Demeter refused to tend her duties. So Zeus bargained with his brother to return Persephone to her Mother because the survival of land, people and Gods themselves was threatened.

Although Hades agreed to release her, he offered Persephone a pomegranate seed before she left him, which stopped her from ever wanting to return back to her Mother permanently. So, she returned to her Mother only in Springtime, spending 6 months together when the flowers bloomed, which reflected her Mothers happiness. Then returning back to her husband as “Queen of the Underworld” when the first chills of Autumn came.


(artwork by Korinna Universe)

This chapter on our inner Earth Empress resonated strongly with me because its about how we transition from Maiden, Mother to Wise Woman and how we learn to accept the polarities of ourselves and life through our own seasonal changes. The moral of this story being, how we learn to embrace our child’s need to individuate from us and our need to release them so they can follow their own destiny. Our lesson as Mothers, to accept the experience of loss as being part of our ability to birth, create and nurture.

Do you hold onto your growing child and resist letting go … if so, why ?

Do you celebrate this transition and let go with ease … if so, why ?

Although many grown up children are choosing to live with their parents longer, for a variety of different reasons. Its inevitable as parents to eventually experience the “empty nest syndrome,” when our child chooses to leave the comfort and familiarity of our warm embrace. However, I feel its important to also note that a nest isn’t always empty because the child has left home. Sometimes the parent leaves the young child abandoned and other times the parent kicks the grown child out of the nest. And unfortunately some parents are confronted with the horror of loosing their child in death.

Regardless of how the nest becomes empty, we each experience the same sense of loss. Our feelings of grief will vary greatly, depending upon our own individual situation, circumstance, experience and beliefs, which influences the level of attachment and dependency we have with our child and how we then experience the loss. There is no right or wrong way to be a Mother because each Mother, child and experience is unique. As human beings we are beautiful complex creatures with so many contradictions. So, our relationships are just as wonderfully complex and are equally more challenging to understand.


(artwork by RavenMaddArtwork)

There is so much in this chapter that I could share with you because the topic and content resonates on so many levels for so many reasons. Our inner Earth Empress connects with our own personal experience and transitions from Maiden, Mother to Wise Woman, which impacts upon our experience of both Mother and Daughter. Demeter offers insight into our relationship with self, others, Nature and Universe. Our Earth Mumma experience is connected strongly to our heart center, which is also our connection to the Source of creation, which has a huge impact on our energy flow.


The heart chakra is the energy center that moves LOVE through our lives. It is responsible for how freely love flows in and out of our heart space. When our hearts are OPEN and energy is flowing freely, we create safe, warm, loving and supportive environments. And we give love, kindness and compassion to others and ourselves. A BLOCKED heart chakra is experienced when we are not flowing with our emotions. When our hearts are hurting we repress uncomfortable emotions and shut down the flow of energy. We withdraw, feel disconnected and lonely. We lack empathy and the ability to forgive others and ourselves. When our heart chakra is UNBALANCED we are co-dependent, looking outward for acceptance or fulfillment. We experience feelings of jealousy and we judge others harshly.


Tanishka talks about the rise of the Dark Mother, who often emerges when a significant event triggers her (divorce, death, rejection, failure). A very interesting concept that I resonate strongly with having been confronted with her presence more than once. She is the shadow aspects of our nurturing self, who surfaces when we dont feel valued, respected or needed. The Dark Mother retreats inwards to focus on her own inner needs. A natural gestation period of depression that prepares her for the transition from Mother to Wise Woman. In this state of being we can feel angry, resentful and bitter, which can result in passive aggressive behaviour towards those we believe are responsible for our pain and discomfort.

We can see why this aspect of ourselves has been pushed aside, hidden and considered to be socially unacceptable. We can also appreciate how those dark moods and symptoms of depression can be misunderstood. Hence why teachings such as this are so very important to validate the experience of Motherhood in its entirety. Because the more love, understanding and support we offer each other during these natural seasonal and transitional changes, the more empowered we will be as women, which will have a positive impact upon ALL of our relationships.

So … HOW do we balance our heart chakra ?

With intentions to OPEN up our hearts, to give and receive love and to heal our hurts. By flowing with our emotions and observing our thoughts. Being honest about how we truly feel because its part of the healing process.

Repressed or suppressed emotions stay in our bodies and become toxic. They distort our thinking, feed our fears, keep us stuck in our suffering, increase our risk of illness and can create dis-ease. When it comes to our emotions, it doesn’t matter if we say it, write it, talk about it, walk with it, reflect over it or create with it … What matters most is that we EXPRESS it

Accepting what is and letting go of what was allows LOVE to flow freely


Maintaining good energy flow and balance in our chakras is just as important to our health and well being, as following a nutritional diet and daily exercise. And the more I look into and learn about my  own chakras, the more I can see how my choices are impacted by these energy centers.

I pose the question …

  What do YOU do when you suffer from persistent headaches ?

We either choose to seek out a quick fix and take a panadol (OR) we make the necessary lifestyle changes that reduces the occurrence of headaches in the first place. By drinking more water, reducing caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake. Changing our diet. Reducing stress. Meditating. Improving sleep, etc.

Maintaining our energy flow is all about our choices

We can either continue to experience blocked and unbalanced energy flow (OR) we can seek out Reiki Masters to help balance our centers for us (OR) we can empower ourselves by looking inwards, digging deeper and identifying the thought, emotion or belief that blocks the energy flow.


Mindful interaction

Guiding each other home ❤


In the darkness of night I listen to the silence of yesterday … I hear you
As the rains fall and wash away the debris of today … I see you
In the winds that blow us towards the promises of tomorrow … I feel you
As the bitter sweet emotions flow through my fleshy form … I taste you

Memories that linger in the depths of our minds … haunting us
Wounds that dwell in the shadows of our hearts … hurting us

None of us are alone in our suffering
None of us are isolated from the truth

As we awaken, those around us become more and more restless
Old paradigms die hard
Patriachial systems fight for their survival

As we heal, those around us become more and more curious
Old ways of doing and being are beginning to crumble
In readiness for something new

Change is upon us
But I hold you close
Comforting you in my soft bosom
Kissing the tears as they fall
Giving you strength to fight the fear
Offering you courage to soften and open up your heart

You are not alone in your uncertainty
My energy surrounds you
Together we are one
And as one we will create something beautiful
Each of us guiding each other home
To a place of wholeness and divine union
Where love and light is cherished,
Dark and shadows are embraced
And male and female are equal

Listen … and you will hear me
Look … and you will see me
Open … and you will feel me
Savour … and you will taste me

As I save you from yourself
You save me from myself

Mindful interaction ❤

Athena : the Goddess of Wisdom and War


The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka … “a map for empowering he feminine within”
Last month at our Goddess book club gathering, Tanishka introduced us to our inner Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War, governed by our Solar Plexus

Stepping into our own Personal Power

According to Greek mythology Athena was the daughter of Zeus (God of Sky and Thunder) and Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom). Zeus swallowed his pregnant wife whole because he feared that his child would be wiser than himself. Athena, determined to full fill her destiny was born from her Fathers head. This is symbolic of our need to individuate from our Dads influence and to question any thoughts that keep us confined to his world view

Athena energy is the part of us that wont shy away from a challenge

Career focused, she is driven towards achieving success and will fight for just cause and purpose. She is the part of us who listens to her head more than her heart, which often causes some tension and conflict with our Aphrodite energy, who is governed by her heart

“To become truly wise we must experience both success and failure. Because vulnerability provokes reflection and life changes”

For me, this is another chapter rich in self discovery, reinforcing some of the inner work Ive been doing for some time now. Ive already explored who has and does influence my beliefs around self worth, relationships, work and money. So acknowledging the individuation process from our Fathers influence had a profound effect on my experience

Ive learned that when my own inner masculine energy hasn’t been acknowledged or balanced, I have sought out male attention and company, instead of focusing on balancing my own energy. Ive learned that when I have done this, I have made choices and selected mates based on my inability to fulfill my own needs, which has created unhealthy attachments that have lead towards the formation of codependent relationships. This is why I have lost the sense of myself and this is how I have created experiences full of tension and conflict

Hmmmmm … she ponders

Some ugly truths confronted but a huge and very significant lesson to learn


As women, our relationship with our Father has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves, the choice of mate we select and how we think about work and money. Lets be clear, I am in no way suggesting that our Father is responsible for any experiences we have, whether they are good or bad. I am only pointing out how his presence or lack there of, has an influence on our lives

How does our mind belong to our Dad ?

How physically/emotionally present was our Dad during childhood ?

What limiting beliefs do we have around self worth, work and money ?

What is our greatest fear of failure ?

What is our Dads life lesson ?

How have we internalized this and are trying to complete it for him ?

Although I have my own opinions, I’m looking forward to asking my Dad these questions directly and having a conversation with him about it. Fortunately my Dad thrives on anything that’s likely to spark off a good debate

I was brought up in a middle class family. My Father was and still is a hard working man who takes his responsibilities very seriously. Ive acknowledged some limiting beliefs around money that is changing how I think and feel about work. I’m learning that the only way to live a life of abundance is to believe that we are worthy of having it. This shift in perception has been the catalyst for some big changes in my life, which has and is literally opening up my world to other opportunities and possibilities

I have finally stepped into the ACTION part of one of my manifesting quotes

DREAM it .. IMAGINE it .. BELIEVE it .. ACTION it .. CREATE it .. LIVE it

According to Tanishka, our inner Goddess of Wisdom and War is governed by our Solar Plexus, which is located in the abdomen


This is the core of our personality, identity and ego

Our energy center, where we seek out a mental understanding of our emotional self and  its where we balance our mind, our heart and our instinct

This chakra influences our will power, confidence, self discipline and self esteem

This is where we literally plug in to our own sense of POWER

This is where energy is transformed into ACTION

When we are REACTIVE our solar plexus is imbalanced

When we are INACTIVE our solar plexus is blocked

When we are PROACTIVE our solar plexus is open and energy is flowing


If you want to gauge how your PERSONAL POWER is then ask yourself …

Do you choose love, light and healing ?

Do you accept that you have the power to change ?

Do you feel a sense of freedom when you make a choice ?

SELF LOVE is at the core of this and every other chakra energy

Self love, self acceptance, self awareness and self worth are the building blocks of this energy center, which helps us to meet our challenges and move forward

When our solar plexus is open and balanced we value ourselves and the work we do. We are confident in our ability to do something. We are willing to express ourselves. We know that we have the freedom to choose and we become the director of our own life

“We have the power to choose to live our purpose (or) live out the karma from past experiences” … the choice is always ours to make


The lessons of this energy is to balance our strengths and shadow traits

Some of those lessons being ….

To recognize that our self worth is dependent upon our inner sense of being

To balance productivity & reflection to succeed both personally & professionally

To mentor those younger and less skilled without fearing they will out shine us

To trust that our intuition is our own sense of power and authority

To fully appreciate our Dads gifts and flaws and own them in ourselves

To validate our emotions by expressing them, instead of rationalizing them

To use money wisely to cover our needs before our wants

To not resent the success of others, but see it as a mirror of whats possible for us


We are mirror images of each other


As a reformed People Pleaser, there was a time when I would suffer all kinds of emotional anguish when I thought someone didn’t like me

Oh how times have changed

How did it change ?

I started to challenge those thoughts and ask myself …

What am I doing that may cause this person to not like me ?

Why am I doing it ?

How is what I’m doing unpleasing them ?

Why do I feel responsible for pleasing them ?

The answers are insightful ☺

Now, I notice those things that I dont like in others more and more

I observe how its reflective in me, by asking myself …

What are they doing that I dont like ?

Why does it trigger me ?

How does it make me feel ?

When am I doing this in my own life ?

What we think and how we feel will determine what kind of people we attract and what kind of experience we will have

Those experiences are neither right nor wrong

Those experiences are neither good nor bad

They are experiences that WE choose for our own learning and growth

That IS our journey

When we begin to tire of something or someone, it either holds no more value or they have no more purpose in our lives

We no longer need it

We have healed that part of ourselves and will hopefully no longer attract it

I believe more and more that we are ALL mirror images of each other

I believe more and more that people will flow in and out of our lives depending upon what we choose, what we need, what we tolerate and what we accept

I believe more and more that together we are ONE

Mindful interaction

The whisperings of my soul


Why do you believe in magic ?

Why do you believe that you’ve been in other times, different to this world ?

Logic and reasoning says …

 ” Because your mother filled your head with fairy tales and fantasy worlds “

But another voice whispers …

” What if those stories helped to bring you home ? ”

” What if your mothers role was to remind you ? ”

Logic and reasoning says …

” Your mind will think up all kindsa rubbish that isn’t real “

” That is why we dont believe everything we think “

But another voice whispers …

” What if nothing is real and everything is a fantasy that we live ? “

” What if the more conscious we become, the more realities we can create  ? “

Logic and reasoning says …

” You’re tripping and you’re not real “

But another voice whispers …

” Yet we are both here inside of her mind “

Listen to the whispers of your soul


Its taken me 42 years to truly understand this

Yup, Im a late bloomer and at times a very slow learner

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, you’re right on track”

The road hasn’t always been an easy one

I’ve taken wrong turns, gone over speed bumps, hit dead ends, confronted crossroads, taken detours and been around and around those darn round abouts

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, this IS your journey”

Multiple broken hearts have woken me up from a deep sleep

But my heart is still restless

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, trust me”

The words … SHADOW and DARKNESS now hold new meaning and purpose

My hurts and fears are signposts

Guiding me towards blockages that are stopping the flow of energy

These blockages can be many things …

A memory, a thought, an emotion, a belief, a person or a place

From my own lived experience (e.g.. a loss)

A fear passed down from someone elses experience (e.g.. a loved one wanting to protect me from pain or suffering)

From the collective experience (social and cultural conditioning that shapes my collective consciousness)

Or perhaps from any one of my many past life experiences (which lies much deeper within my consciousness)

The deeper we dive into ourselves, the more we discover

My need to dive deeper into myself is a strong pull that even I don’t always understand. People often question and challenge my choices, which sometimes increases my feelings of doubt

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, the answers will come”

I certainly don’t have all the answers … and never will

I’m just moving through life trusting my heart and listening to the whispers

Because they bring new understandings that are changing my life

Mindful interaction

We are the warriors of LOVE ❤


The thing about self love is …

We dont always learn its true value from being loved well by others

Some of us learn to self love by attracting experiences that hurt us

To shed light on how we are depending on others for our happiness

Teaching us how to find a deeper sense of love

We are abandoned, rejected, used and abused

We endure heart ache and we cry ALOT !!!

We confront our fears and we freak the fuck out

Our worlds are shattered and our tender hearts are broken open … OFTEN

But … WHAT IF this is our greatest gift of love ?

My own hurts and fears continue to guide me deeper and deeper inside of myself

To where I truly FEEL who I am

Towards my spirit

To a place where I am more than my thoughts and my emotions

Towards my energy

To a place where I feel supported, held and loved …

by something much bigger than myself

In the past I never understood the purpose of pain and suffering

In the past I couldn’t appreciate loss as much as I did love

Today … I am a very different woman

I no longer fear the fall

I welcome it

Because as our illusions are shattered one by one

Our reality changes

We begin to co-create the life we imagine with Universe

We start tapping into our magic and we become stronger

Our strength coming from our ability to fall apart and rebuild ourselves …

over and over and over again

We become fierce in our ability to feel and relentless in our need to love.

We are the warriors of love

We are here to live and love our life


I’m here to live and love my own life out loud

Like YOU …
I’m here to make my own choices
I’m here to learn my own lessons
I’m here to follow my own path
I’m here to create my own reality
I’m here to change my own direction

If our experiences are different, then we are living our own lives, learning our own lessons and walking our own paths

I’m not here to be perfect
I’m not here to please you
I’m not here to impress you
I’m not here to convince you
I’m not here to change you

I’m here to live and love my own life out loud

Like YOU …
I’m here to follow my own passions
I’m here to find my own purpose
I’m here to give my own life meaning
I’m here to create my own happiness
I’m here to live my own dreams

If our experiences are different, then we are following our own passions, have found our own purpose and are creating our own dreams

I’m not here to live up to your expectations
I’m not here to follow the crowd
I’m not here to live life small
I’m not here to believe everything you believe
I’m not here to see everything you see
I’m not here to feel everything you feel

I’m here to live and love my own life out loud

Like YOU …
I’m here to be real about who I am
I’m here to embrace all of who I am
I’m here to embody all aspects of myself
I’m here to be open about who I am
I’m here to love all of who I am
I’m here to love all of who YOU are

So … even in our differences we are the same

Mindful interaction