This blog was inspired by my desire to write. And a need to bring more authenticity and transparency, while supporting others through life challenges and facilitating positive change.

As an Aged Care Nurse, Ive wandered off the recommended educational pathway to better understand the lived experience in residential aged care.

A road that’s led me towards a deeper understanding of my own experiences. Something I wasnt quite prepared for, but in reflection makes perfect sense.

My professional development has always followed a parallel path to my personal experiences, which has often made me question WHY ??

After dedicating a decade to education and the successful completion of an Aged Care certificate, a Nursing diploma, a Psychology undergraduate degree and a Counselling postgraduate degree, I’ve come to the conclusion that education alone does not necessarily place the professional in a position of all-knowing.

I believe that an education provides valuable insights, but our experiences strengthen our understandings. Therefore my personal and professional parallels have served me well.

“Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living”. (Anthony D Williams)

Both the professional and the client bring important knowledge and wisdom to the table, both in a position to help each other.

As an emerging counsellor with a passion for writing, I’ve created this space to share some of my own professional challenges and personal experiences. I will be as open as I can about some of my own thoughts and feelings about love and life. And I will share the process of my own personal change and growth.

This is a space where the ‘professional’ gets PERSONAL because I think its time to bring our true selves into our helping and supporting roles, instead of hiding behind qualifications of entitlement.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent Tracey maybe I can learn from your visionary thoughts. I love what I am doing and in connection with divine understanding I can relate and I am sure there are many out there that do … May you be blessed always and keep your light shining it is a beautiful aura that shows the world who you truly are and sometimes it takes several broken promises to our selves that gets us to the next level of greater understanding of the self and others … Cheers and have a beautiful day ❤

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    1. Marsha S.

      My name is Marsha and I am a first time author. I was searching for an illustration to covey the image of being a people pleaser and came across one of your designs. With your permission, I would like to include your image in my book, giving you full credit for it of course. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Blessings, Marsha


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