Those who keep learning will continue to RISE !!!


My daughter and I were talking about Other Worldly magic yesterday. I shared some of my conversations with spirit and afew of Mam’s spiritual experiences. Reminding us both about the magic that flows within and around us.

After our conversation I pondered πŸ€”

As a family, we each ride our own waves of grief, yet we share in the same loss because the same special someone is missing from our lives πŸ’” Even though I believe Mam’s still with us in spirit, there’s still so much to miss about Marjorie Fletcher because she was such a BIG part of our lives. She was the matriach of our family and loosing her shattered the world as we knew it and EVERYTHING has changed !!!

None of us are the same person we once were

Perhaps that’s the point ?

Loss being the kind of change we DON’T want to experience, yet must learn to accept. 

Hmmmmmmm πŸ€” she ponders

Admittedly, I choose to focus on the CHANGE more than the loss itself. I make this choice consciously because my intention is growth.

But change and growth isn’t always easy !!!

Whenever I’m confronted with a challenging experience, I seek to understand how and why it’s changing me. I’m often told I dive TOO deep and I think TOO much, but I seek to understand the influence we have on each other and how it changes our worlds because I believe …

” WE are the change we seek in this world ”

As a collective, we can ALL resonate with the pain of loosing someone we love. And that’s what motivates me to share some of my own personal tensions, realizations, conflicts,  challenges and insights. I write because it helps me to process my experience. I share to support others on their journey, and to make others feel less alone in their own struggles.

Truth is, sometimes I’m a right fucking mess !!!

…. and there’s no shame in admitting that ❀

As I process and feel my way through grieving the loss of Mam and adjusting to a new life, here in the UK without my family and friends, I notice how I sometimes struggle with myself.

Life IS a wonderful adventure, but sometimes I’m overwhelmed by my thoughts and feelings.

…. and there’s no shame in admitting that ❀

Our parent’s terminal cancer diagnosis, Mam’s death and Dad’s ongoing fight has forced us to dig deep. To confront and transcend our worst fears and live a life that continues to challenge us. Like you, I’m not immume to dark thoughts, heavy emotions and bad moods. But I notice my struggle whenever I’m conflicted between old limiting beliefs and my truth, which provides me with an opportunity to choose.

I either fall back into old habits (or) respond in a new way and I don’t always choose wisely !!!

…. and there’s no shame in admitting that ❀

Sometimes my unhealthier coping strategies and defence mechanisms drag me back. But like all of our habitual changes, recognizing our inner tensions and conflicts reflects growth.

Breaking free from the limitations of my mind, and expanding my consciousness is a process that continues to challenge me. I notice how I begin to question my reality and rationalize the unfathomable whenever my mind doesn’t fully understand what it is that I’m experiencing.

Some of my experiences are Other Worldly and like any writer, these are the experiences that motivate me to write and share my stories.

β˜†Λœ”*βŠαƒ“βŠΛšβœ².✲ β€Ώ.βœ²Λšβ€βŠαƒ“βŠ*”Λœβ˜† ƸӜƷ β˜† ~β€’~β€’β˜† I want YOU to experience the magic 😊

Breaking free from the limitations of my mind


“Sometimes we have to die a little inside, to rise a stronger and wiser version of ourself ”

Hmmmmm πŸ€” she ponders

I appreciate how loss is an opportunity to learn deeper truths about love. I appreciate how my professional challenges provide opportunities to learn and enhance my skills. I appreciate how my personal struggles guide me inwards to better understand myself. I appreciate how our relationship triggers are opportunities to deepen intimacy. I can and DO fully appreciate how loss, challenges, struggles and triggers are essential to our healing and growth.

However …

I don’t always like what surfaces to be seen and I don’t always want to show and share it.

My dilemma being …

Suppressing my truth creates an inner tension and expressing my truth can create conflict.

Hmmmmm πŸ€” she ponders

I’ve reached a stage in my life where I can no longer avoid myself, even when I want to.

Suppressing my truth brings me a sense of discomfort. I suppose, having a preventative focus and having explored the many variables of health and wellness, I can fully appreciate how a lack of ease or harmony within the body, can be a source of dis-ease, which is why I no longer avoid or fear conflict.

But I’m still a work in progress …

Although I’m learning to appreciate how my inner tension guides me towards conflicting truths, which I see as an opportunity to communicate more honestly with myself and others. Conflict also triggers our shadows, which is something we unconsciously want to avoid, deny and hide from each other.

Hmmmmm πŸ€” she ponders

Like every break through, the break down I had last week had been slowly building up to it’s gradual climax. My experience of loss, professional challenges, personal struggles and relationship triggers were my undoing.

Truth is, I’m not always as strong as I seem !!!

Whenever I struggle with the presence of shadow, whether it be my own or someone elses. I notice the conflict between the WANT to run, hide, avoid, deny, shut down and suppress and the NEED to stay open, expose and express our truest thoughts and feelings.

I don’t feel the need to publicly share details of my professional challenges, personal struggles and relationship triggers because my intention is to share the process of change itself.

What is our shadow self ?

Our shadow is the unknown darker side of our psyche. The parts we deny exists and prefer to hide from others. It includes: repressed ideas, instincts, impulses, desires, weaknesses, perversions and embarrassing fears. And it represents wildness, chaos and the unknown.

When we deny our shadow, we act shady !!!

Shadow behavior is the biggest block to our best self and greatest cause of our suffering, which is why shadow work is so important.

YES, we are beings of love and light, but we cannot deny our shadow or avoid the darkness in others because like it or not, they both exist.

Our greatest challenge is transforming ALL energy into higher frequencies of love & light.

Hmmmmm πŸ€” she ponders

The EGO naturally defends itself, by denying our shadow, while projecting it onto others.

EGO being the part of our mind that mediates between the conscious and unconscious. It’s responsible for the opinions we have about ourselves. And it senses and adapts to our ever changing reality. So, as we become more conscious of ourselves, we also become more aware of our internal conscious shifts. It can feel like a part of us is dying … because it is !!!

“Sometimes we have to die a little inside, to rise a stronger and wiser version of ourself ”

TRUST the process of change and growth ❀

Every opportunity serves a purpose


I’ve been struggling with myself over the last few days. Another opportunity presented itself and I said “NO thankyou” πŸ€”

I wondered …

Why aren’t I seizing the opportunity?
What is the right path for me?

And I started to doubt myself and my direction

My thoughts have been messy
My emotions have been overwhelming
My energy has been low

Yesterday, I woke feeling like my body was out of alignment and emotional sensitivity that had me feeling way TOO damn much at once !!!

The last few days I’ve been surfing my feelings like waves, doing my best to flow with each rise and fall without drowning. Listening to music when I walked helped me to connect and flow with my feelings. Writing helped me to make sense of my messy thoughts. Mindful masturbation helped my creative energy flow.

I knoooow, any excuse for a fiddle 🀣

Yesterday, a bee buzzed around the window sill on his back. My heart felt his struggle, so I flipped him over and took him outside, where he flew off happily … and I smiled ☺

As I walked, listening to music, I thought how bizzare it is that whenever I feel the most alone on my path, I feel a stronger sense of spirit and Mam’s presence. I looked down and noticed a small white feather … and I smiled ☺

I believe synchronicities are meaningful coincidences and conversations with spirit. I believe that nothing happens by chance. Everything serving a purpose for the greater good when we walk a road less travelled.

Last night I had a restless night of dreamings, but woke feeling a little more confident in my choices and more certain of my direction.

Acknowledging that opportunities have been an opportunity for me to clarify my intention. To stay focused on my BIGGER dreams.

While sitting at the kitchen table this morning, sipping on my cuppa, I soaked up the beauty. Frost on the ground, a clear blue sky, the warm sun shining, birds and squirrels busily going to and fro, deer in the far fields and I had my very first sighting of a beautiful red fox

Today I’ve had some discomfort in my womb, suggesting my hormones are flowing intune with this months wolf FULL MOON eclipse.

My she wolf dances in the woods may have had more significance than I realized. I’ve prewarned my collegue that I’m setting my alarm for tonights eclipse and I may feel the urge to dance naked in the woods 🀣

Some things aren’t meant to go to plan


What we want isn’t always what we need and what we want isn’t always meant for us.

Our resistance to what IS causes us to suffer.

We resist the flow because we don’t want to let go of what was. We try to convince ourselves that love is the reason why we are holding on, when in reality it’s our fear of the unknown.

But …

Some things aren’t meant to work out.
Some doors are supposed to stay closed. Some bridges are meant to burn.
Some relationships are destined to fail.
Some jobs no longer serve our purpose.
Some experiences are supposed to hurt us.
Some people come to teach us.

Life is forever changing and loss is merely a construct of our own minds. In truth, every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning.

Its up to us to learn how to recognize when we’re resisting the flow. To trust the flow of life and allow ourselves to experience the magic.

Always remember that YOU are the love that you seek ❀ and the magic lies within YOU 🌟

I am woman … hear me ROAR !!!


I’m the kinda woman who wanders off into the woods alone. I love to walk amongst the trees and sit with the nature spirits. The forest tickles my senses and nourishes my soul.

This afternoon I stepped into some red wellington boots, slipped on my favourite jacket of many colours, put on my winter fur, selected some music and wandered off into the woods at the bottom of the property.

As I walked, I listened to the melody playing from my earphones, and my body soon began to move to the beat. It was the kinda rhythms that made my soul feel like dancing.

Once in the woods, I danced between the trees, loosing myself in the music. Dancing like no one was watching and feeling joy in my heart.

I was fully present in the moments. Noticing squirrels darting to and fro. Birds of pray hovering overhead. Trees swaying in the wind. The waxing crescent moon playing peekaboo with the clouds. And a small deer running across the meadow, heading towards me. I must have captured his curiosity because he came in for a closer look, before skipping off.

As I danced, I thought about the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who was afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. I thought about how often I’ve been told not to wander off too far from the path alone. I thought about how many times I’ve been too afraid to loose myself in the woods. As I danced, I thought about the stories we are writing about fearless women. As I danced, my inner wild woman awoke and I felt she wolf energy flowing through and radiating from me.

I am WOMAN …
watch me RISE and hear my ROAR !!!

How history shapes us …


The distortions of witch, crone and hag has had a huge impact on who we “think” we are and how we experience ourselves in this world.

Ever wondered why the patriachy wanted to distort who and what women really were ?

I have often pondered over this πŸ€”

Although, I absolutely agree and believe that what we do NOW is the most important, sometimes we DO need to look back into the past. Because it helps us understand how our history has shaped us. I believe that this is how we increase our self awareness, deepen our understanding, broaden our perspectives and learn from our past experiences.

In the past men have feared the connection women have with Spirit, Nature and Universe.

But we were created to have this connection.

Its our ability to grow life within our wombs that connects us with the Source of Creation.

We birth life and at times experience death through our body. We become acutely aware of the life force (energy) that flows through us.

As women we intuitively know that Nature heals and we  have innate natures to nurture.

Over the years we’ve been led to believe that women were less than, witches were evil and old women were useless. Women have (and still are) being used, abused and murdered. We have (and still) fight for and defend our rights.

Hardly surprising that we often struggle to live fully in our truth, when we’ve been devalued for centuries. But, as our individual experiences change, so does our collective experience.

We are ALL healing from the past ❀

As we heal our personal wounds, masculine and feminine energies begin to flow with a little more ease. We begin to experience ourselves differently and interaction with other changes.

Neither matriach or patriach, masculine or feminine, male or female seeking power and control, but both striving for BALANCE.

NOW is the time to stand confidently in your power and share YOUR kinda magic with the world … WE are WOMAN … and we RISE 🌟