Witness the thought


As a thinker, my thoughts have usually led the way forward. But the more I learn about my mind, the more mindful I’m becoming in my use of it.

Our mind is an accumulation of past experiences. So, allowing it to guide us, is like giving our memories control over our future. Therefore, the quality of our lives will depend greatly upon the kind of experiences that we have had.

For me, understanding that our mind is like a computer, helps me to become more mindful in my interactions.

Basically …

The CONSCIOUS mind is only a small part of our mind (10%). It’s the keyboard and screen, where information is gathered from our lived experiences. It’s where the “known” data from our inner self and outer world is typed into the system, which is then communicated via our thought, speech and writing etc.

The SUBCONSCIOUS mind is the RAM (Random Access Memory data storage), where our recent memories are stored. This part of our mind communicates between our conscious and unconcious mind. Its where our reoccurring thoughts, behavioural patterns, habits and feelings are made sense of.

The UNCONSCIOUS mind is the hard drive, where ALL of our memories are stored. Its where we communicate and make sense of our world through our feelings, sensations, imagination and dreams. It’s focus is keeping us safe, by ensuring our survival.

However, the biggest battles for survival often occur within our very own minds. It’s where we experience the destructive power and influence of our own fear based thoughts. It’s important to note that our biggest blockages to creating the life we imagine is our thinking.

Now, there’s an empowering thought to hold onto. Because the more personal responsibility we take, the more ability we have to CHANGE our experience ☺

Ultimately, whether we believe that we are a soul having a human experience (or) if we are human beings having a soulful experience. We are steering the vessel in which we inhabit. Therefore, understanding how our mind works is pivotal, in our ability of becoming skilled Captains of our own ship.

Please understand that our fear based thinking, has just as much purpose as any other thought we have. So trying to avoid or eliminate them, can be just as self destructive. Our fear based thinking stems from previous experiences we’ve had, and it simply serves to protect us from any future harm.

For me, this understanding helps me to gaze a little more gently upon those thoughts as they arise, which then helps me to expose the true source of my fear.

To love, is to risk not being loved in return. To hope, is to risk pain. To try, is to risk failure. But risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life. Is to risk nothing” (Leo Buscaglia)

Afterall, we all want those wonderful feel good experiences of love and success, but how many of us can honestly say that we want to experience the pain of loss or the suffering of failure ?

Hmmmmmmm … she ponders 🤔

During my own experiences, I’ve sat with that very question and have dug deep, while sitting in the dark depths of my despair. Striving to gain insight into the source of my own fears and hurts. And I’ve discovered some wonderful gems lurking in the depths.

As a thinker, I’m learning the value of feeling my way into my thoughts.

I’m also learning …

That trusting our heart is how we open ourselves up to love. Our open heart, exposes and heals our deepest wounds. So we are able to open up our minds to experience even more love.

As our unconscious mind becomes more and more conscious, we flow with our emotions and sensations, which helps us to feel our experiences.

The more we open, feel and flow in life, the more we activate our imaginations, which taps into the magic awaiting to be unlocked from our hearts and minds.

And this is how we begin creating the life we imagine and turning our dreams into reality.

Mindful interaction ❤

The wanting woman


She wants more,
and she knows she is deserving of it.
But honoring her truth,
isn’t always easy.

We are often told that falling in love is mostly fire and passion in the beginning, but then we must learn to live in the realities of love … IF we want more then we are being unrealistic.

We are often told to get our heads out of the clouds and face reality, to stuff our essence into boxes and dim our light … IF we want more then we are being crazy dreamers.

We are often told to be grateful for what we have, selling ourselves short and settling for an OK version of life … IF we want more then we are being ungrateful.

We are often told to compromise our needs for the good of others, loosing sight of ourselves until we die a slow and agonizing death of compromise … IF we want more then we are being selfish.

My darlings,
Understand that we all walk different paths.
Seeking different experiences,
to awaken our individual truths.

There is no right or wrong direction,
its a choice.
Of which way we choose to walk.

The woman who wants more,
and believes that she is deserving of having it.
Is the wild woman,
and she NEEDS more …

She needs a love that fans the flames of passion,
because her insatiable hungry for love,
will change your world.

She needs to have a variety of experiences,
because the magic that awakens inside of her,
will change your world.

She needs to continue to learn new knowledge,
because her thirst for life,
will change your world.

She needs to seek truth,
because connecting with the essence of who we are,
will change your world.

Knowing who she is,
and what she wants is how she determines her needs.
Understanding her needs is how she gains clarity,
and the clearer she becomes,
the more Universe responds to her desires.

But such a woman needs to walk alone at times,
as she struggles with her own heart.
Lovers may come,
but lovers will go.
Because her heart can only remain true,
to those who touch her ever expanding heart.
Only those willing to break open to love,
will hold her attention.

She may walk alone,
but she loves deeply.
So each heart break opens her up to more truths,
that are hidden in the depths of her beating heart.

For if she isn’t loved in the way she knows she deserves,
she will struggle to stay.
Because the wild woman isn’t made to settle for less than,
she will walk away.

But each time she walks away from someone she loves,
she must learn how to crawl, walk and dance all over again.
And this is how she becomes ALL she can be.
She falls, she burns and she rises from the ashes,
more open and loving than before.

The woman who wants more,
and knows she is deserving of having it,
honors her truth.
She is present,
and she thrives in love and life,
regardless of whether she lives in love or walks alone.

Let us BE such women
Let us raise such women
Let us support such women

Mindful interaction ❤

Growing in love


To love and to be loved,
is why I am are here.

But when it comes to love,
there are no absolutes.
For my truth differs from yours,
depending on our relationship with love.

My truth is …

I want to be someones absolute truth,
and love with a sense of abandonment.
But I have no desire of becoming someones absolute,
for to abandon ourselves in love,
is the greatest tragedy of all.

One of the hardest lessons I have learned.

I have falling into love many times over,
and suffered the break of an opening heart.
And after abandoning myself in love,
have been left alone to clean up my internal bleeding.

I am a little older and hopefully a little wiser,
and choose to love myself with complete abandonment.

My focus,
is to rise above my fears and heal my hurts.

the more attachments I consciously cut,
the deeper my connection to self, other, Nature and Universe becomes.
And the more love flows in and out of my heart.

Truth is,
when we begin to love ourselves,
our relationships with everyone else changes.

Seasons … Reasons … Life times

With love and understanding,
my life time relationships strengthen and deepen.

Trusting that every relationship serves a purpose,
helps me to find the reason,
which deepens my feelings of love.

Accepting the loss of a relationship,
enables me to flow,
with my own seasonal changes and life transitions.

And I continue to grow in love,
regardless of my relationship status.

Mindful interaction

BE the change our world seeks



Whether you believe that peace on Earth is a realistic goal to achieve or an unattainable dream … YOU are right


Whether you believe that sacred union with your beloved is within reach or an unrealistic fantasy … YOU are right


Whether you believe magic exists as an energy flowing within and around us or is make believe … YOU are right


Whatever we BELIEVE is truth, we LIVE and experience that truth as our reality.

Ive been reflecting as my own reality begins to go through some very big changes, and thought I’d share the process as I’m experiencing it for myself. In the hope that it may offer some insight, to those of you who seek to create change in your own lives.

How do we change our reality ?

Dream it .. Imagine it .. Believe it .. Action it .. Create it .. Live it

I keep repeating this mantra because I believe it breaks down the stages we move through really well. It helps me to identify where I’m stuck and why the energy isn’t flowing. I often check in with myself and ask …

Is this my own dream I am creating ?

Can I imagine what this new reality would look and feel like ?

Do I believe in my ability to create this reality ? Do I believe I am worthy of this reality ?

What am I doing to help the dream come to life ?

Our answers then serve to guide us

If we seek to change our experience and create a different reality, then we must actively work on removing any blocks, that may be preventing the flow of energy between ourselves and Universe. Because we need this energy to help us create the change.

How do we flow with Universe ?

Well, there are those who will try and convince us that we only need to BE love and ever present, while gazing up at the stars and manifesting with the moon. While others tell us to live a more conscious life with open heart and mind, while offering limited guidance into how the actual fuck we do it.

Its not enough to just stand in the light with intentions of being forever loving. That kind of thinking only serves to avoid the truth of who we really are. Which is a beautiful combination of complex contradictions.

For our spiritual growth to be sustainable, we need to maintain a solid foundation of self. Otherwise its all just airy fairy fleeting talk, which only leads to more wounding of self and others.

Its time to get REAL !!!

By challenging and changing our thinking, ridding ourselves of any limiting beliefs. Allowing our emotions to rise and flow without restriction. Accepting our shadow self and integrating our polarities. Healing our heart hurts and overcoming our fears.

Yes, spiritual growth takes ALOT of work and its work that no one else can see, which can become very disheartening at times. Especially when you’re not yet seeing the results you want. Especially when you’re sitting in the midst of chaos. Especially when you feel and look like complete shit. Especially when you’re loosing, hurting, failing, breaking and struggling in life.

My darling, keep on pushing through because YOU are worth it, is what I often say to myself during those times.

Alas, diving into ourselves is time consuming and standing in our truth isn’t always so easy to do. Because we often avoid and deny aspects of ourselves, when its difficult to confront the truth of who we really are.

However, if we don’t actively stand in and express our truth, then it can bubble up under the surface. Causing all kinds of internal confusions and challenges, that spill over into all other areas of our lives. Causing all kinds of external conflicts and catastrophes. Until eventually change is forced upon us.

And we acknowledge the truth as it really is, which is an essential part of our journey towards self love, following our passion, living our purpose and ultimately creating the life we imagine.

Striving towards peace on Earth, soul connections, divine union with our beloved and living a life of magic requires growth. So trusting that this process has divine purpose is how I’m learning to flow with a little more ease, especially during times of uncertainty.

Because its during our uncertainties that we begin to experience our biggest resistance, which can cause more tension and conflict and hurt more than the actual growing pains themselves.

Yes, growth is painful.

As we drop the masks, knock down the walls and rip off the band aids, we find the wounds festering beneath the surface.

The healing begins …

As we observe and process our conflicting thoughts, our minds OPEN and we begin to experience more tensions and conflicts within ourselves and our relationships.

As we allow and flow with our emotions  our hearts OPEN and we begin to feel our way through the experiences.

We need to prepare ourselves for the truth that it WILL get hard, we WILL want to seek escape from ourselves, we WILL seek out love from others and we WILL want to quit

In our solitudinal bliss we WILL also experience our deepest and darkest depths of despair

This is all part of the change process and if we resist this state of being, then we remain stuck, we experience stress and we suffer, which I believe is the primary cause of dis-EASE.

So, when I begin to feel tensions, conflicts, resistance, avoidance, stuckness and stress I start checking in with myself, by asking …

What am I thinking ?

What am I feeling ?

What am I doing ?

What am I avoiding ?

What am I imagining ?

I strongly believe that its not enough to want and wish for change. We must be willing to do the work and I’m learning the importance of asking the right questions. So I ask YOU …

Are you living the life you imagine ?


Is life an ongoing struggle for you ?

If you want to create a different reality, then I challenge you to accept complete responsibility for your experience. I invite you to seek support and dive deeper into yourself. Explore your deepest thoughts and feelings. Connect with your inner self, others, Nature and Universe. I encourage you to stand in and express your truth, however beautiful or ugly it is. And I suggest that you fall in love with yourself.

Dare to BE the change that our world seeks

Mindful interaction

On the frontline


As a child, I would watch and listen to the grownups as they came back and forth from the battlefield. Back then I only caught glimpses and glances of the kind of destruction that you caused. I seen people falling into the arms of loved ones weeping. I heard conversations between friends and felt tension in the air, with little understanding of who you were.

As a woman, Ive stood on the side lines and got a little closer to you. I’ve seen how you devour the minds and flesh of those you inhabit. Have watched people go to war each and every day, as they fight to overcome the grasp you have on their lives. Ive sat in silent prayer with the brave souls who refuse to let go of hope and offered comfort and support to those who accept their fate, as you take their life force from them.

As a daughter, I stand before you on the frontline, as my Father prepares to fight his battle. With a desire to better understand the enemy who stands before us. I want to know who you are. For like us, you are energy with both strength and weakness. If fear empowers you and love can heal, I wonder, is our mission to defeat you in vein ?

As a healer, I sit with you and seek to better understand your intentions, your motivations and your purpose. I cant help but wonder if our internal battle serves to unite the forces within ourselves ? We fear you, yet you are a part of who we are. It makes no sense that we provoke you, then wonder why your strength and power grows. I find myself wondering, is cancer here to serve our greater good ? What if YOU are our greatest insight into healing love ?

Mindful interaction ❤

Making sense of uncertainty


Ambivalence ” is the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone”

NOW is a great time to talk about this !!!

Firstly, because of my own inner conflict about choosing to follow my heart and achieve my dreams, during a time when my heart also feels pulled to stay here and support my family.

Secondly, because of the political hoo haa happening in America at the moment, that has many of us freaking the fuck out.

When CHANGE comes, it can look a lot like CHAOS

So … I thought it was a good time to dive into ambivalence

Although our mind is a beautiful complex creation, we can break it down to two parts. Our conscious mind, which is the known aspects of our psyche and our unconscious mind, which are all the hidden parts of our psyche. Most of the studies we are privileged to are based on research conducted on the measurable aspects and objective truths of our conscious mind.

But what lies deep within our unconscious mind ?

Each mind holds different information, based on the lived experiences of that individual. But those of us who believe in past lives, believe that our life force, our soul, has lived more than once. So, imagine the memories and insights into who we are that await to be discovered.

I cant recall ever hearing the word “ambivalence” before I learned about it during our psychology degree. And if I had heard the word, I had no understanding what it meant. My learning is a little like that though, until I experience something for myself, then I can lack interest and understanding.

I recall my first “conscious” experience with ambivalence being something that caused me immense discomfort. I wanted to keep studying my degree full time but it was beginning to impact negatively on my family.

I felt VERY conflicted.

Educating myself was important for ALL of our futures, but the immediate needs of my children were also important.

I thought to myself, if I knuckled down and did the hard work now, while the kids were under 16 years old, I was gaining government support, so I could afford to drop a few shifts at work. But, if I dropped out of uni, I wasn’t convinced that I would ever have the financial support to do it in the future.

What ever choice I made, I felt screwed !!!

But it soon became a case of …

Right or Wrong it was NOW or never.

But as a single mum, studying full time, working part time and striving for a social and romantic life, was having a negative impact on my ability to be a “good mum.” Yup, always have been the kinda woman who wants it ALL.

During those times of trying to DO it all, I often struggled with the basics, like sitting down to a home cooked meal as a family and my parenting wasn’t always consistent. I would often bend the rules a little, so I could finish an essay or grab some sleep. Then get upset and wonder why I was having more and more tension and conflict with my young teenagers, which was soon followed by overwhelming feelings of GUILT

Those were very tough times for us all, but we learned a lot during that experience. For me, some of those lessons are still unfolding. Because the more I failed and fucked up as a woman and a mother, the more I continue to learn and grow … the irony.

I must add, I say that about myself lovingly and with a sense of pride. Because my fuck ups and failings reflect my willingness to get out there, have a go, take risks and rise up to the challenges. Something I love and respect most about myself

My understanding of ambivalence has deepened and changed somewhat since then though. I now see this inner conflict as being a compass, that supports our adaptation during change.

The truth is, ambivalence is a natural state of mind that makes its present known during times of uncertainty. When we reach a cross roads in life and are confronted with more than one option.

It implies the existence of 2 conflicting forces within us …

Right – Wrong

Love – Hate

Light – Shadow

Negative – Positive

Strength – Weakness

Its unrealistic to believe that we can have light without dark. One cannot exist with out the other. So, it makes sense that finding the balance within us is about seeking harmony between both polarities and ALL aspects of our psyche.

I think its fair to say that the majority of our internal conflicts often happen unconsciously, without our awareness. However, it certainly does influence our thoughts, emotions, behaviour and experiences. Its often difficult to see both sides clearly, when our sight is clouded by our beliefs, emotion, wants, needs and desires. Therefore, our understanding and insight into our internal conflicts, is often seen later, in reflection.

Unless we make a conscious choice to better understand this aspect of our psyche. This is why self awareness and mindfulness is so very important for those of us who strive to expand our knowledge of self.

  I now see ambivalence holding a very important purpose, which automatically reduces my sense of discomfort. It serves as a mediator of sorts. Our ambivalence increases our awareness, by diving deeper into our consciousness. It helps to open up to more possibilities, instead of being trapped in our minds with conflicted thoughts and closing our hearts to conflicting emotions. Our ambivalence helps us to open up our minds to both conflicting sides of self, which hopefully leads to a deeper and higher understanding of self and others.

To our own inner wisdom

Having this insight and understanding does not stop the internal tensions and conflicts from occurring. Neither does it lesson the mental anguish or emotional discomfort. But it does help us to better understand what is happening within our minds and hearts, which then helps us to make better choices …

One would hope so anyways 😜

Something I am learning is …

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much we weigh up the pros and cons, because the conflict can remain no matter how long or deeply we look at it. Sometimes, we just need to JUMP in for a closer look, because its the only way to determine what we truly want and need. And sometimes, we will make the wrong choice … and that’s OK.

Because we never lose, we either win or we LEARN


Mindful interaction

Breathing life into our dreams


Opened up my emails this morning to find the official letter, confirming the training with my new prospective employer. The flight to Perth is already booked, my flight to the UK will be booked this week and my British passport is all set to go. Its ALL happening and I’ll be completely honest with you …

I’ve been quietly freaking the fuck out.

But … why ?

I asked for this, I want this and I need this …

So … why am I feeling so overwhelmed ?

Shouldn’t I be jumping for joy ?

All things considered, its hardly surprising I’m a tad overwhelmed. My life is changing direction right in the midst of a family crisis.

Seriously shitty timing !!!

The changes happening in my outer world are most certainly the result of the inner work I’m doing. Old limiting beliefs are beginning to fade away, as my mind opens up to new possibilities and my heart opens up to more love.

“When you really believe that you are worthy of the best, that you deserve the best and that there is enough of the best for you to have plenty, there will be no need for you to hold onto what you have. Allow yourself to imagine what your life would be like if your hands and heart were to receive something better than what you’re holding onto now.”

This has been the BIGGEST and most influential change. For years Ive been telling myself to never settle for less, to expect the best because I deserve the best … and now I finally BELIEVE it.

I acknowledge, the biggest influence to NOT change my life, is my family

At first, Dads cancer diagnosis put my plans on hold, but when we received the best case scenario, I decided I needed to go ahead with my plans. Because obviously there’s never going to be a good time to do this and the reality is, my plans could be on hold for even more years to come, which would cause me even more tension and conflict.

Whether its right or wrong I want to travel the world and experience new ways of being and doing. I want to have the financial freedom to live between the UK and Australia. I want to love and to be loved passionately. I want to have wild and wonderful adventures. I want to live a life full of inspiration and creativity. I want to be an active participant in creating positive change. I want to inspire and motivate people with my writing. I want to share the magic of manifesting our wildest dreams into reality.

My heart and soul yearns for those things.

Truth is there will ALWAYS be reasons why I should stay, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that staying is the right thing for me to do.

A realization that was soon followed with a sudden sense of urgency to …

DO it NOW !!!

“Maybe you dont have to push yourself forward. Maybe you just have to stop holding yourself back.” (Iyanla Vanzant)

The deeper I dive into myself, the less I can avoid or escape the truth that still lingers in the depths of my heart …

The fear of confronting the missing parts of myself

I’m not entirely certain what that means yet ?

All I know is that Ive been pulled back to the UK for many years for a variety of different reasons, but those reasons all come back to the same thing. A part of my heart still remains in the UK.

Nothing is certain, which means ANYTHING is possible.

But after years and years of dreaming, imagining, talking and planning, my dream is becoming a reality. I finally feel ready to let go of the life I had planned and am opening up to the life that awaits me. However, the timing might be right for me, but its far from being perfect timing. Dad begins his cancer treatment soon, Mam awaits confirmation for her bladder surgery and all 3 of my children dont seem to be in any great hurry to move forward.

Arghhhh !!!!

As my new life begins to open up in front of me, apprehension increases. And no matter how much and how often my nearest and dearest reassure me that everything will be OK, I still battle with my own demons, that have conditioned me to fear the unknown.

Oh YES, I hear the voices, reminding me that I’m a fool for believing that I can have it all. But in the silence, I also hear a distant whisper, reminding me that I already have it all, and more. I only need OPEN myself up to receive it.

“Dont hold together what must fall apart. The familiar life crumbles so the new life can begin.” (Bryant McGill)

It makes perfect sense, after years of experiencing struggle, tension and conflict, that it can feel a little unnerving when things finally begin to flow, especially when the flow begins to pick up speed. As our reality begins to change, our doubts and worry begin to surface and panic can set it, which triggers off our old way of thinking. Our mind senses all those wonderful physiological changes happening in our body, relaying the message that we need to retreat back into the safety of our comfort zones.

We “think” we are experiencing anxiety …

But, WHAT IF we reprogram our minds and interrupt the message ?

What if we replaced the word anxiety with EXCITEMENT ?

Would our experience change ?

You betcha sexy cotton socks it does !!!

A simple flick of a switch in our minds can change our entire experience, alter our reality and shape our future. We can either increase or decrease the energy around creating our dreams. And it all depends on what we are thinking, how we are feeling and what we are doing

So, HOW do we achieve our BIGGEST and WILDEST dreams ?

Well, I see it like this …

First, we dare to DREAM what seems like the impossible dream. Then we allow our minds to IMAGINE what that dream would look and feel like in reality. Because the more we can see and feel our dreams happening in our waking world, the more we BELIEVE in our ability to CREATE it. But we must also take ACTION and do what it takes to bring life to our dreams.

We must be open to LIVE the dream.

And this my friends, is the hardest part of all …

because Universe will challenge us …

To release ourselves from what is, so that we can create something new. To let go of any unhealthy attachments that hold us back. To accept the sacrifices we need to make, however harsh and unfair they may seem to be. To go deeper within and work on our inner self. To take complete responsibility for our lives and to remove any blockages that may prevent the flow.

“Your dreams remain dreams until you choose to breathe life into them and make them real.”

Dream it .. Imagine it .. Believe it .. Action it .. Create it .. Live it

Mindful interaction

Artemis – our inner Medicine Woman


The Inner Goddess Makeover, by Tanishka  … “a map for empowering he feminine within”

The Goddesses explored our inner Medicine Woman last month, which Tanishka connects to our Throat chakra.

According to Greek mythology Artemis (a symbol of the moon) and her twin brother Apollo (a symbol of the sun) were hatched out of the cosmic world egg. Artemis was a warrior and huntress, with a fiery temper, who lived in the mountains, where she gained higher insights. She studied and imitated the wild creatures she cohabited with, using those skills to outsmart her enemies. Unleashing the Calydon Boar when angered or upset, but no man could ever kill it. However, a young heroine bravely stood her ground until the boar got close enough to spear it through the only vulnerable spot, the eye.

This being symbolic of how men are unable to appease a woman on the war path, because only another woman can truly understand the core wound, which is the cause of the problem.

I can totally relate to how other women are mirrors that either validate our strength or reflect our shadow. And I strongly believe that the more openly we talk about this, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand each other and the deeper we heal.

Although Artemis was destined not to marry and be forever “a woman unto herself” dedicating her life to the service of others, she did have many lovers, both male and female and she only ever loved one man (Orion), whom she accidently shot and killed during a target challenge set by her brother.

The moral of this story is “harmonious and sustainable union with our opposite is only possible when we connect with our receptive feminine energies rather than attack the masculine principle in a spirit of competition and war” and until we resolve our own wounds then we unconsciously react and wound others.

Hmmmmmm … she ponders

YES, this was yet another insightful and challenging energy center to explore.


Tanishka explains how often a catalyst such as separation, divorce or a death can initiate our inner Artemis into action. Because during such times we can have a strong desire to reclaim our independence, reconnect with ourselves and regain a new perspective. In reflection I recall my first experience with this energy center, which was the death of my Grandfather in 2000. This was my catalyst for change, which led to my divorce, my desire for personal and professional development and my pursuit for truth. And each time my heart has broken, I’ve experienced this energy a little more deeply.

I identified how all of my heart wounds were related to loss and change, which was of no great surprise. I also acknowledged that for the most part of 10 years I’ve preferred to have casual love affairs, which I explored a little further.

When I asked myself WHY ?

Universe blessed me with a TRIGGER that helped me to identify the underlying FEAR of loosing myself in relationship. This stemmed back to my very first intimate relationship with my husband and my first heart HURT in love.

Universe soon after blessed me with an EXPERIENCE that showed me the beauty of loosing ourselves in relationship. A recent family crisis provided me with an opportunity to witness how LOVE is so much stronger than the FEAR of loss.

It still blows my mind every time Universe responds to us

The THROAT chakra …

… is our COMMUNICATION center


As the communication center, this energy is not only responsible for communicating within ourselves (mind-body-spirit), its also responsible for communicating with other people (speaking our truths & actively listening to others). So you can appreciate how important an OPEN throat chakra is to our overall lived experience.

The throat chakra is the first higher spiritual chakra, which allows us to seek knowledge beyond the limitations of time, space, cultural and family conditioning. Its where we express our thoughts and feelings from our power center (solar plexus). Its important to note that the only way we can effectively express our authentic truth is to have energy flowing freely from all previous 4 chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus and heart)


Opening and balancing our 1st (root) and 2nd (sacral) chakra helps us to acknowledge and overcome any fear that blocks our energy flow. Opening and balancing our 3rd (solar plexus) chakra helps us to tap into our personal power and increases our confidence to express ourselves. Opening and balancing our 4th (heart) chakra helps us to know what is in our hearts, which then helps to open our 5th (throat) chakra and verbalize our needs, desires and opinions with more ease and more authentic truth.

Having more insight into what and how our energy centers are influenced, its easy to understand why many people don’t do the “inner work” because its time consuming and confronting. I can also appreciate why we sometimes stay silent or say what others want to hear, especially when our truth causes tension, discomfort and conflict.

Speaking our truth demands complete honesty, but authentic expression of our thoughts and feelings is often suppressed out of fear. We fear not being accepted and we fear being judged. However, when we choose not to communicate our truth, our inner tension and outer conflict increases, leading to feelings of stress, which many believe turns into dis-ease.


Some of the LESSONS of this energy center is to …

Take full responsibility to HEAL ourselves

Embrace time alone in SOLITUDE

Identify missing pieces of our psyche (conscious/unconscious mind)

BELIEVE that we are able to fulfill our own needs


Rely and TRUST in our own inner knowing

ALLOW others to care for us when needed

As I learn more and more about how my own energy centers function, block, open and flow, the more I understand how this supports us in flowing and creating with Universe, breathing life into our dreams and living the life we imagine. This gives me some serious goosy bump feel goods

Mindful interaction