I am the sun, the moon and the stars …


Yip, I don’t look like a miserable cow today cos I feel like smiling. The photo’s captured a look in my eye I kinda like. I can see determination and confidence, which is something I don’t always see in myself. I see a woman of strength who has the courage to not only stand more confidently in her truth, but shares it openly. A woman without a mask or defences because she’s not afraid to be seen as she truly IS.

I see …

A warrior of light ✨ and a solidier of LOVE 💗

Like YOU, I’m far from perfect, yet I’m perfect in my imperfections. I’m a beautiful complex human BEing full of contradictions. A combination of light and dark because there’s neither one without the other. My flaws, faults, failings and fuck ups don’t define me, but they do shape me into the woman I am. Just as my achievements, strengths, privileges and successes do.

I’ve been thinking about WHO I am …

I am the sun that rises in the sky each and every morning, regardless of how many clouds prevent the light from shining through. No matter how hopeless it seems, I am the hope of each and every new day. I am the moon that waxes and wanes in the night sky, the one who sees the light shining from the depths of your soul. I am the stars that sparkle in the sky. The twinklings of light that shine on from a vast and eternal Universe. I am the Source of Creation and the infinite Nature of LIFE itself.

No, I’m not on a grandiose trip 🤣

I believe this is who I am because whether you are alive or dead, I can see the infinite Nature of who YOU truly are too. This is my connection to spirit as I experience it. The sacred masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) is our divine birth right. I see the sun, the moon and the stars within YOU too because everything we are is but a reflection of each other. When we are in flow with who we truly are, we align our energy with Universe. To manifest experiences and co create realities. This is the kinda magic WE are ✨

Read that again and allow it to EMPOWER you.

None of us are good or bad. Neither of us are right or wrong when we are who we truly are.

And BEing who we truly are is enough 💗

I can and DO get caught up in old stories that serve to limit my experience. I can and DO react to things not working out as hoped. I can and DO struggle to flow without resistance. The only difference is, I notice when I DO, which is how I can then have the power to make the change.

I see the ripples from the changes I’m making.

Whenever I share my darker thoughts, feelings and/or experiences. My sharings either trigger or resonate with others. I dare to drop the mask and risk being seen, not only as my need for self expression, but so YOU can see yourself.

Those who see the beauty in my misery have embraced the darkness within themselves 💗

Those who cannot look or see the beauty are struggling to love the darkness within them 💗

That’s WHY it’s important to shine brightly ✨

I still find it truly fascinating how thoughts can shift us from feeling like nothing, to then feeling like we are literally part of everything.

Perhaps they really are ONE in the same?

What if, we must BEcome nothing, to be able to fully realise that we are infact everything?

Maybe that’s the void of emptiness?

I know, my thoughts are deep and I’m feeling a little philosophical this morning. Its not unusual to emerge from the dark with deeper thoughts and new insights. These are the purpose of our descents into our shadow. I also had the best night’s sleep (close to 12 hours infact) and I didn’t get out of bed for a piddle once, which is a rarity. Although I woke and turned, I kept drifting back over into sleep with ease. I woke this morning recalling a strange sorta dream.

And a feeling that life is gonna improve ✌️😍

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