The magic of New Moon


The moon controls the ebb and flow of our oceans and she’s also an energetic force that influences our emotions.

During a new moon we tend to feel tired, inward and more vulnerable. Its a time when our shadows surface. Any insecurities and old wounds in need of healing can come into our awareness.

When we don’t learn to accept and heal our shadow we hold ourselves back from living the life we imagine. We limit our growth. So being mindful about our thoughts and feelings can help us to identify where our garden can grow.

New moon is a time to plant our seeds of intention. Inviting the experiences into our lives that will support our growth and create the life we imagine.

Standing in our own truth enables us to flow with universal energies that make manifestation possible. This is the law of attraction and this is where the magic of change happens ~~~☆☆☆

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