An unlikey romance


If anyone had told me that a bicycle could change my life … I would have laughed

Yet, here I am in a budding new romance with my bike and its changing my life

Week 2 of my “changing habits” comes to an end and I can honestly say that I never imagined that it would have unfolded in the way it has

I bought a bike …


No big deal …

I just wanted to get to work quicker because I decided to get rid of my car

Part of my ” GET FIT and FABULOUS at FORTY ” quest

At 42 years old Ive had enough of feeling fat. Ive had enough of the comfort eating excuse. Ive had enough of hearing the reasons why I cant do something. Ive had enough of bills bogging me down and Ive had enough of holding myself back


  So, in an effort to change that, I made a different choice …

  Letting my car go and buying a bike seemed logical because it will help me to save money and get fit … sounds FABULOUS to me

However, the first few days have been anything BUT fabulous !!!


” A picture is worth a thousand words “

Isn’t it just … my face after my first ride to work says it all

Thank fook it was dark !!!

I was wobbling all over the place like a tipsy driver because of the weight in the basket, but once I got my balance all was well … until I hit the first downward slope. I recall zooming down hills as a youngster feeling invigorated by the speed and wind in my hair. But as a wobbly overweight middle aged woman I was bloody terrified !!!

Then came the upward slope, which was no better. Even the tiniest of incline felt like I was peddling through sand. I tried to stand up and pedal but got the wobbles, so had to get off and push the damn thing … hence why they call it a “push bike” I suppose

The entire way there I was thinking to myself WTF am I doing ?

I had been enjoying my walks last week and with a change in thinking, was actually starting to feel kinda fabulous. But there I was in the bathroom at work, looking in the mirror and I wanted to cry because I felt and looked every bit of FAT and UNFIT

I wanted to GIVE UP !!!


The next day I got back on it … and the next day … and the next day

Regardless of how hard it was. Regardless of how foolish I felt. Regardless of how tragic I looked. Regardless of how disgracefully I did it … I got back on

On my first day off I decided to get up and out at 4am and try out a more flatter and longer distance (around 15km return trip). Mostly because its cooler and there are less people around, so Id feel a little less self conscious. And for the first time all week I was actually starting to enjoy the ride. Mind you when I dismounted my legs were so wobbly that I almost fell onto the ground, my bum was numb and my vagina felt like I had participated in a 24 hour orgy …

but I felt like I had accomplished something


So, although its been a very bumpy start to the week, with a little persistence it turned out to be something kinda wonderful

After 2 weeks I’m noticing a few changes that I’m very happy with

  • I can already see a change in my body shape
  • I’m starting to feel muscles forming in my legs and bum
  • My clothes are starting to fit better
  • My mind is clearer and thoughts more positive
  • I have more energy
  • I’m making better choices with my food
  • I’m drinking more water
  • My libido has hit an all time high


Yesterday was a day of bike riding

Today I shall be climbing a mountain with friends

Tomorrow … who knows what inspirations it will bring

I look forward to sharing the adventures awaiting to be had in week 3 of my

” GET FIT and FABULOUS at FORTY ” quest


2 thoughts on “An unlikey romance

  1. Sharon-Ann Sharman

    HiYa !!!

    When I lived on the coast ( well Mooloolah) I used to ride to Caloundra to the beach and Bill and home again … things I could do as a teen. I still love bike riding. I’m really happy for you to find this new love, but I would never be without a car 😉 I like to trip around a bit …love ya Sharon


    1. Wow !!! … thats a huge ride 😊
      Never thought I’d see the day when I’d be riding so much and actually enjoying it. But being car less is only a temporary means to an end, so I can achieve my goals. I love the feeling of freedom when I take off on road trips but alas sacrifices are to be made for the greater good 😊

      Love ya lots ❤


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