Every ending is a NEW beginning


With tomorrows SUPER NEW MOONS trail blazing energy of Aries …

NOW is a perfect time to reflect upon what’s coming to an end in our lives, which seeds we are going to plant and what new beginnings we want to create.

Its time to ask …

What experience do we want to have ?

What goal do we want to achieve ?

What reality do we want to live ?

What future do we want to create ?

There was a time when endings were difficult, causing me lots of upset because I focused on the loss. A time when I lived a life filled with SO much fear.

I was afraid of so many things: death, loss, hurt, rejection, failure, isolation and loneliness. Fears that held me back as I kept on repeating the same patterns.

WOW … so much has changed !!! … but WHY is my life changing ?

Because of a want to experience life to the fullest, a need to understand, learn and grow and intentions to live with less fear and more love …

So, HOW do we live a life with less fear and more love ?

HOW can we reduce pain and suffering and increase love and happiness ?

We confront our fears one by one and start to feel less afraid

The more we are willing to feel, the less afraid we become. The less fear we feel, the less our thoughts control us. The less control our thoughts have, the more beliefs we can challenge. The more we challenge our beliefs, the more change we can create. The more change we create, the more open to experience we become.

We start attracting and inviting more and more experiences into our lives that create more and more opportunities for growth

We seek the meaning of death, the lesson in loss, the purpose of hurt, the reason for rejection, the benefit of failure, the advantage of isolation, the value of loneliness and the desire for change.

We become less fearful of endings and more excited about new beginnings

But first we must acknowledge our bullshit …

Calling ourselves out on our own bullshit is how we become more consciously aware of ourselves and the world we live in. So, the more challenged, uncomfortable, doubtful, fearful and uncertain we feel, the more truth we are confronting.

 The more we understand the process of change, the more we appreciate that our choices and experiences are essential for our own clarification and understandings

We begin to trust our own process of growth and walk more confidently on our own paths, even when we have no fucking clue where we are going.

We start to truly EMBRACE the journey

We become our biggest supporter, instead of our biggest critic and then travel more gently in the lives of others because we understand that ALL of our experiences are valuable lessons that we need to learn from. We start to peel back each layer of untruth and explore what lies beneath the bullshit

We begin to see the truth beyond the illusion

We heal any hurts that hold us back from staying open to love. We give love, regardless of what we receive from someone else. We find it easier to express our wants and needs. We walk away from those who don’t value or respect us. We maintain healthier boundaries. We learn the true meaning of SELF LOVE

 We recognize signs from the universe quicker. We see our reflection in others more and we welcome those slaps of truth

” Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie “

Accepting the flow of truth is just as important as accepting the flow of love

But some truths can be too difficult to accept, especially when confronted with how we may be holding ourselves back from living the life we imagine.

“Change is never easy, we fight to hold on and we fight to let go”

Sometimes the truth is just too damn hard to hear or see. So we continue to attract the same experiences, make the same choices and feel the same tensions. Tensions that cause conflict but it is the conflict that communicates those tensions to us …

Fear and lies restrict us

Love and truth expand us

NOW is the time to embrace the tension and seek your truth. But choosing to live a more conscious life is not choosing the easier path of comfort. Its choosing to question and challenge everything we do and are …

so that we can become ALL we can be.

“Enlightenment is the complete eradication of everything we imagine to be true”

So, if things seem to be breaking, ending or falling apart, then perhaps you are breaking free of old ways of being ?

Maybe, the caterpillar has finally sprouted her wings and she’s ready to fly ❤


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