Listen to the whispers of your soul


Its taken me 42 years to truly understand this

Yup, Im a late bloomer and at times a very slow learner

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, you’re right on track”

The road hasn’t always been an easy one

I’ve taken wrong turns, gone over speed bumps, hit dead ends, confronted crossroads, taken detours and been around and around those darn round abouts

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, this IS your journey”

Multiple broken hearts have woken me up from a deep sleep

But my heart is still restless

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, trust me”

The words … SHADOW and DARKNESS now hold new meaning and purpose

My hurts and fears are signposts

Guiding me towards blockages that are stopping the flow of energy

These blockages can be many things …

A memory, a thought, an emotion, a belief, a person or a place

From my own lived experience (e.g.. a loss)

A fear passed down from someone elses experience (e.g.. a loved one wanting to protect me from pain or suffering)

From the collective experience (social and cultural conditioning that shapes my collective consciousness)

Or perhaps from any one of my many past life experiences (which lies much deeper within my consciousness)

The deeper we dive into ourselves, the more we discover

My need to dive deeper into myself is a strong pull that even I don’t always understand. People often question and challenge my choices, which sometimes increases my feelings of doubt

Yet, my soul whispers … “Darling, the answers will come”

I certainly don’t have all the answers … and never will

I’m just moving through life trusting my heart and listening to the whispers

Because they bring new understandings that are changing my life

Mindful interaction

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