The whisperings of my soul


Why do you believe in magic ?

Why do you believe that you’ve been in other times, different to this world ?

Logic and reasoning says …

 ” Because your mother filled your head with fairy tales and fantasy worlds “

But another voice whispers …

” What if those stories helped to bring you home ? ”

” What if your mothers role was to remind you ? ”

Logic and reasoning says …

” Your mind will think up all kindsa rubbish that isn’t real “

” That is why we dont believe everything we think “

But another voice whispers …

” What if nothing is real and everything is a fantasy that we live ? “

” What if the more conscious we become, the more realities we can create  ? “

Logic and reasoning says …

” You’re tripping and you’re not real “

But another voice whispers …

” Yet we are both here inside of her mind “

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