Let me welcome you home


Hungry for truth,
I seek those willing to bare their delicious souls.
A longing to hear words that fall from open hearts.
Words that tickle my own truths.
Yearning for conversation that stimulates my mind,
as I fall deeper and deeper into my consciousness.

Although I’m grateful for daily niceties and positivity,
share with me how you dance with your shadow.
Although I appreciate the funnies that tickle my funny bone,
share with me how you keep your tender heart open to love.

Dare we drop the masks that we hide behind,
and talk about our deepest hurts and darkest fears ?
Dare we start conversations that matter,
to deepen our understandings of life and love ?

Although I believe that both life and love is unfolding just as it should,
Sometimes I struggle with the consequences of my choices.
But during those times its pointless wondering why,
because my mind doesn’t yet have the answers.

All I can do is rise up to the challenge,
feel my way through the struggle.
Trust my heart knows the way and grow from the experience.

Mindful interaction ❤

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