Read my lips


A woman’s labia majora are those luscious outter lady lips that some call

“camel toe”

A part of the female anatomy that’s getting a little more attention of late

” The Camel Toe Cup “

Nope, its not a joke and if you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashian’s, then you’ll know all about the products available for the camel toe. But if this is the first time you’re hearing about it.

Then you’re welcome 😊 hahahaha

I admit that I was intrigued by this product when it popped up in my news feeds the other day, even more so as I read through some of the responses to it. To be honest I was a little concerned by the “its disgusting” comments by other women and wondered …

Did it suggest a belief that larger labia lips were gross or was it related to a belief that enhancing this particular body part was considered to be socially unacceptable.

Then I got to thinking about other female body parts that women enhance


The cleavage is probably one of the most sensual and sexual aspects of a woman, which has been enhanced and appreciated for centuries. Yet flash a bit of nipple and people start to get excited and uncomfortable.

Of course, context is everything, but there are conflicting opinions about breast exposure.

I tend to believe that its totally acceptable to see a woman baring her breasts while bathing on the beach and perfectly natural when a Mother is feeding her hungry baby. However, admit that I would feel a tad uncomfortable seeing a topless woman walking through a supermarket, which makes me wonder that perhaps the camel toe enhancer may have its place ?

I’m curious …

Why do women want to buy it ?

When would they wear it ?

Who are they wearing it for ?

How does it make them feel when they wear it ?

How does it improve or enhance their lives ?

After doing a little research, it seems the much bolder woman has worn this product to draw more attention to herself, to stand out in the crowd, to purposefully attract, appeal and arouse men.

I wonder what the blokes think about the camel toe and if they appreciate the sensuality and sensitivity of a womans labia majora ?

Hmmmmmm … she ponders 🤔

Then we have the opposing product

” The Cuchini “

For the more modest woman with luscious labia lips. The gracious lady who doesn’t want to draw attention to her lady parts, whilst wearing yoga pants or tighter fitting clothing.

Is it all just a matter of personal preference or another example of how we struggle to accept the body we have ?

But WAIT …

There’s MORE !!!

Lets not forget about the uplifting and enhancing products for men

Yup, its not just the women lifting up their sagging breasts and bums

Men are also lifting up their droopy butts and balls

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any products that made a bigger package appear smaller. Because when it came to the blokes apparently BIGGER is always better !!!

big boy.jpg

I even typed into Google search …

” products to make a big penis look smaller “

But the general consensus is that the bulge should be enhanced

Alas, I’m sorry to say that the male version of the Cuchini is tighter jeans


Hmmmmmmm 🤔

When it comes to breasts, bums and bulge its all about personal preference. However, there’s no escaping the truth, that some bodies DO look much more appealing than others, especially in those tighter fitting clothing.

But does that mean that they shouldn’t wear it ?

Afterall, what one person finds unattractive, another person may prefer.

Yup, I do believe that sensuality involves exposing enough to entice, without flashing it all.

Yup, I’m guilty of squeezing my fat ass into those magic undies that hold in my jiggly bits.

Yup, I rarely leave home without a bra to lift the girls up.

Yup, I want to attract the opposite sex and not disgust my fellow woman.

But I do believe that we need to stop the body shaming, which is based on our own personal preferences.

I also believe that our discomforts around seeing too much of other people’s bodies, reflects a discomfort in exposing our own nakedness.

What if we decided to rock the body we are in NOW no matter how big or small ?

What if we decided to love and care for our bodies instead of judging it ?

What if we ALL looked in the mirror and liked what we seen ?

Call me a radical but what if we stopped judging others based on what the fuck they look like or what the fuck they wear and focus more on WHO they are ?


 Mindful Interaction

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