The strong woman’s strength is her weakness


The strong woman’s strength is her weakness

Ironic isn’t it

Shes challenged most by her strength, which makes her a difficult woman to love. Because whenever shes feeling emotionally fragile, she reluctantly exposes her vulnerability to the man she loves. Yet when shes feeling vulnerable, she needs to be seen and longs to be held the most.

A beautiful contradiction

She wont ask for your time or attention, but sometimes she will need it.

She struggles with the “need for other” because she knows it dis-empowers her.

So, she takes deep breaths, dives inwards and breathes into her sense of discomfort. Allowing emotion to rise and fall, focusing her full attention on what’s happening inside of her.

Asking …

Where am I avoiding myself ?
What don’t I want to see or feel ?
Who or what am I reaching for ?
What do I need from someone or something ?
How can I give this to myself ?
What am I resisting ?

I acknowledge that whenever I feel “needy” I experience it as weakness. And its my biggest challenge in my intimate relationships.

 I notice that I need most when I’m tired, poorly and feeling overwhelmed. This is when I feel “sooky” and “sensitive” and need someone to take care of me. Those are the times when I’m challenged most by thoughts and feelings around “other.”

When I’m in love, I fear “depending” or “relying” on him.

Why ?

Because Ive had many disappointments in the past. But the strong woman soon learns that such disappointments serve her growth. Because when we confront disappointments in our relationships, we confront our expectations that guide us towards our own lack of self love.

We fall into the depths of despair and into the darkness of our own minds, where we fight our inner demons. And this is how we gain our emotional strength and learn how to SELF LOVE.

A woman of strength will NEVER need a man in her life, but she will ALWAYS want to share a life of love.

She wants you to understand WHY she doesn’t need you.

What she needs most is to feel SAFE to be exactly who she is

Mindful interaction ❤

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