Sometimes the struggle is real


Sometimes the struggle is very real
Sometimes we fail and loose the battle
Sometimes we stress and burn out
Sometimes we fall apart and break open
Sometimes we are forced to REST

We are human BEINGS who can and will experience ALL of this …

BE completely honest with yourself
BE gentle with yourself & others
Take time out for YOU
Pay attention to your thoughts
Express yourself
Release your emotions
Be mindful about what you’re doing
Nourish and rest your mind, body & soul
Do something creative
Meditate more often
Get outside in Nature … she heals ❤
Seek out support
Maintain healthy boundaries
Trust your heart
Follow your passion
Live YOUR truth
Say NO !!! without apology
Say YES !!! without fear
Learn new skills to cope with change
See challenges as opportunities to grow
Share your experiences with others
Help others to get unstuck
Support each others healing

How do YOU seek balance ?

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