Growing from our challenges


This week’s been a rollercoaster ride 😜

Dad’s doing GOOD 👍😊 but I’ve been struggling with myself because I confronted afew challenges, that triggered my fear.

So, what has been coming up for me ?

• Reliving Mam’s end of life process
• Afraid of loosing Dad
• Long distance relationship challenges
• Unexpected breast lump
• Nursing Home frustrations resurfaced
• Feeling unwell with cold & flu symptoms

So, I choose to explore the limitations that were keeping me stuck in the struggle. Seeking the opportunity to learn and grow from my challenges. This weekend I worked through Kyle Cease’s “The Limitation Game: Interactive,” which was created from a 2 day workshop.

The aim: to release ourselves from the old stories based on our limiting beliefs, that pull us back into our head (thoughts), preventing us from fully living & creating from heart (feeling)

Approximately 12 hours of video footage, guided meditations and lotsa self reflection, which has been intense and INSIGHTFUL 💡

… and FUN 👍😁

It’s amazing what SHIFTS when we choose to dive IN during our challenging circumstances.

Staying open hearted and communicating from that space changes EVERYTHING ❤

There’s something rising within me 🌟

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