Van life …


I’m getting used to settling into bed early and rising with the birds, which seems to better suit me. It’s nice to be flowing with my natural body clock, which has been one of my dreams in life.

Another dream was to live a simple life, in a cozy little space, where I could focus more intently on my writings. I imagined my days to be filled with writing, meditating and drinking whiskey in the evenings. Although it’s not quite what I had expected, I am doing just that.

I wonder if my other dreams are unfolding ?

My sleep was restless last night because I was drifting in and out of dreams. The kinda dream we keep waking from, but return to. The details are foggy this morning. I was on a trip, but for the life of me, I can’t recall who I was with me. I do recall moving between colours of all things. The colours red and green were prominent, which represent the base chakra (our inner wild woman) and the heart chakra (our inner Earth Empress). They also represent STOP and GO.

In my dream I recall moving through these colours to find meaning. As I did flickers of gold began to create beautiful geometrical shapes within the colours. I kinda felt like a spider weaving a web within creation itself.

This morning I woke feeling a little confused by it all. I wondered if the new stones I bought yesterday had anything to do with it ?

Cherry Quartz – Heart chakra (green). A female stone and healer of emotional wounds.

Lapis Lazuli – Opens both our 3rd eye (higher consciousness) and our Throat chakra (communication). Enlightenment of dreams.

Fire Agate – Fires up the Base chakra (red). Security and Safety. Grounding and Supportive. Returns harm back to Source.

Hmmmmm 🤔

I’m keen to get stuck into some work. Today I plan on working with the heart chakra, which is connected to the Goddess Demeter. An archetype that involves our relationships with our Mother (inner crone) and our Daughter (inner maiden). Even though my Mam is in spirit, our relationship still influences my life.

It’s time to dive a little deeper into the Collective Conscience, and how the Mother wound subconsciously affects us.

As I read through my Mam’s journals, the gap between us that often caused conflict is closing. We had a very close relationship, but we challenged each other. My life’s choices often caused my poor Mother so much worry, which made me feel like the “bad daughter.” It was difficult for Mam (and me) to understand why I did what I did and felt how I felt. Fortunately, she knew how much I loved her and I knew how much she loved me. But isn’t it funny, how you think you can’t possibly love someone anymore than you already do. Only to find yourself falling deeper in love with them. That’s how I feel as I read Mam’s journals ❤

I wonder how my daughter and sons will feel reading through mine when I’m gone? I was talking about that the other day with Jods.

Another wonderful synchronicity involved my son yesterday. Before CJ picked me up I was reading an entry from Christmas 1978. Mam was telling us, she bought Dad an identification bracelet. When CJ and I were at Yam, he picked up the little ceramic pot, that Uncle Bryan had made for Mam. Inside it was Dads bracelet and a little bracelet that was mine as a little girl.

Spirit keeps touching my life in wonderful ways such as this. Reminding me that death isn’t the end. Nudging me to share the magic with YOU.

Anyhoo, have a GREAT day y’all ✌😍

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