LISTEN to your instincts


Do you trust your instincts ? Do you know how your instincts communicate with you ? Do you know what purpose your instincts serve ?

My heart leads me towards lessons in love and my mind continues to question & challenge reality BUT my guts have always guided me towards a sense of knowing .. I believe our instincts are the compass that keeps us safe, by steering us in the right direction ..and I believe our instincts to be our greatest truth .. I feel my instincts in the tummy (gut instincts as they say) .. it feels like a nagging discomfort that wont go away until I listen to it .. whenever my truth bubbles in my tummy and I have roared it out load, I immediately feel a sense of relief .. but when our truths are denied or rejected by others we can begin to doubt ourselves and not trust in our instincts.

So… WHY do others deny or reject our truths ? .. and WHY do I sometimes feel challenged by someone elses truth ? .. in my experience those who have challenged or rejected my instincts have done so because it challenged their own truth .. and my reactions to someone elses truth are generally prompts and insights into my own triggers that need to be acknowledged and healed.


Our choices determine our experiences .. and our choices will be either driven by our insticts, our thoughts or our feelings .. whether we listen to our hearts, minds or guts will depend on the experience we seek and the lesson we need .. but WHAT do we do when our choices are made subconsciouisly ? .. and HOW do we recognise that what we needed wasnt neccessarily what we wanted ?

TIME and a desire to take complete responsibility for our experiences, our lives and our growth .. sounds easy enough .. but its a harder habit to cultivate than you think .. especially when we find ourselves confronted with a negative experience, that we truly believe was forced upon us by circumstances that were out of our control .. to think that we may have actually chosen such an experience to learn and grow from, results in a mighty discomfort .. but how we think and respond to our discomforts will determine our lived experience, our relationships, our connections and our own personal growth.


Sometimes our wants, needs, expectations or perspectives do not agree with someone elses .. and thats when conflict is experienced, conflict thats impossible to avoid .. especially the more self aware and mindful we become .. we can only deliver our truth with more love and understanding, as we move more gently through the lives of others .. BUT it is NOT our responsibility how others receive our truths .. whether our interactions are fullfilling a need, satisfying a want, supporting another on their journey or learning valuable lessons .. each experience is an opportunity to learn and grow from.


Listen to YOUR instincts .. Express YOUR truth .. Follow YOUR heart .. and continue to question what YOU think !!!

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