We each seek a variety of connections for a variety of reasons … whether it be our need to connect with our self, our partner, our lover, our family, our friend, our client, our colleague, our pet, the divine or a stranger … each connection serves an important purpose for both ourselves and the one we connect with.

Sometimes our connections are but a brief moment in time … Sometimes our connections are forced upon us during unforeseen circumstance … Sometimes our connections last only for a season … Sometimes our connections continue over many life times … but when we start to become more aware of the purpose for our connections … we begin to privilege them for what they are … and then gain the most from them.

When it comes to my intimate experiences I love crossing paths with people who take me to places I’ve never been before because it reflects my openess for change, we share new experiences and I gain insights & deeper understandings.

The universe will connect us with those who are attracted to our energies and we will be attracted to others in the same way … some will connect to our body because they are attracted to how we look … some will connect to our mind because they are attracted to how we think … some will connect to our heart because they are attracted to how we love … some will connect to our soul because they are attracted to who we are … and some will connect to us on ALL levels because they are attracted to YOU for ALL of who you are.

To fully appreciate our connection with others we must first honestly identify our own want and need … because the more honest we are with ourselves the more we attract with energies that better satisfy our needs, better fullfill our wants and better serve our growth.


I’ve experienced the shallow gratifications of casual sex … I’ve experienced the intensity of lustful passions … I’ve experienced those wonderful melting sensations of love … but the meeting and merging of 2 consciousness is something very new to me and like any new experience it can be a little unnerving … but it certainly raises some VERY interesting ponderings around what we find attractive and why ? … and who we choose to connect with and why ?

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