Truth is forever changing …


If my truth is different to your truth and their truth is different to our truth … then WTF is the truth ?

Poses an interesting question … dont ya think ?


I BELIEVE that to be true …

Something I appreciate most about my university education is how the experience taught me how to truly think for myself. It gave me the opportunity to learn the importance and benefits of questioning, reflecting and challenging everything … including MYSELF !!!


IF this is true … then TRUTH as we know it is forever changing as our experiences continue to shape us, which then changes the meaning as well as the purpose of truth. This has been a HUGE change of thinking in my life, which has caused a MASSIVE shift in my entire being


This is a GREAT image to reflect what I’m trying to say, which is …

If my truth is different to your truth then we are going to waste precious time and energy arguing about who is right or wrong. Because that is NOT the problem. The problem is how we are perceiving our reality, and how we understand the experience depends upon how much we understand ourselves … which brings it back to YOU !!!


Let me share a recent dilemma that caused me some discomforts …

My lover told me that he had lied to me. He admitted to have fallen deeply in love with me and could no longer hide nor deny his truth, which was that he lived with his “girlfriend” … OUCH !!!


YOU BETCHA !!! … it certainly got a reaction from me, but not quite the reaction I had expected. Instead of ranting and raving, instead of pointing blame and playing woe is me, instead of disconnecting and running away, I pulled back and told him that I needed time and space to digest what he had just shared with me because I acknowledged that it changed EVERYTHING between us … and it DID

I responded instead of reacting, which suggests some emotional maturity and FINALLY some growth I can work with


When we seek TRUTH then we cannot forget his/her partner … LIE

Both exist on opposite sides of the spectrum. Just as light cannot be present without dark and love cannot be lived without the experience of loss … Therefore, can the truth exist without the presence of a lie ?

Hmmmmm (she ponders)

Do you ever find yourself with holding in your relationship ?

Have you ever compromised your own needs to keep the peace ?

Are you afraid to rock the boat of comfort ?

Do you prefer to sail your ship on smooth seas ?

 Sometimes … the lie is unintentional because the truth is hidden from our sense of awareness. Those times when we avoid or deny our own truths because we are not yet ready to acknowledge or accept it

The truth bubbling away beneath the surface of our consciousness

When my lover shared his truth with me, I wasn’t expecting to forgive him so easily and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to bring my own hidden truth to the surface … that was a little unsettling


HONESTY … the fundamental truth that is the foundation for trust

As my lover shared the details of his truth, I found myself conflicted with my own truth … DAMN IT !!!


Although my truth may be different to your truth and their truth may be different to our truth … how we perceive it, will ultimately determine how we EXPERIENCE it … and if the experience we seek is related to the lesson we need

WHAT are we learning and HOW does it support our growth ?

Maybe I’m talking in nonsensical riddles ?

But how YOU perceive my words will depend upon YOUR own truth


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