Trust the process


It arks me how easily medications are prescribed and how easily we often take them without actually thinking it through for ourselves …

Yesterday I decided NOT to take the stemetil or the panadols and instead focused my attention on the possible cause instead of the symptoms … I may have been right, I may have been wrong, but it was right for ME β™‘


Whether it was a viral infection or an energetic shift, who really knows for certain ? But instead of accepting the doctors truth I listened to my own by tapping into my instincts and curiosities

Taking the medication and sleeping it off was something old Tracey would do, but I think differently now. Instead, I paid attention to how my body was feeling and what thoughts I was thinking, which in itself changed things. Because being more aware of myself as a passive witness, rather than an active participatant helped me to flow rather than control the experience …

PLEASE NOTE that I don’t suggest nor recommend that everyone stops taking medication because sometimes its needed alongside other treatments. My advice is listen to your body and seek professional advice. I am a nurse and so I’m well aware of medical risks, which is why I always get checked by a doctor first … but thinking holistically often takes me away from the medical model


So, what did I do ? … I meditated and asked my angel guides to work with me and the crystals, drank plenty of water, nourished my body with vitamins and minerals, kept my brain activity to a minimum, did more things that made it easier to be present, like soaking in the bath tub and writing down my thoughts

It wasn’t all that comfortable because I had a head full of pressure, which panadols would have eased. A nauseated tummy, dizziness when I moved too quicky, racing thoughts and anxiety … all of which would have gone away by taking that little magic stemetil pill …


Hmmmm … do you see how tempting and easy it is to not flow with our experience and instead control it ? … who has the time and energy to heal ? … when we have responsibilities and commitments. My method was a slow process of discomfort. I took time off work to prioritize my own needs, knowing I have no sick leave … but for me, my health and wellbeing is more important β™‘

Today, I still don’t feel 100% but after 24 hours of no medication I’m a healthier 90% πŸ™‚ The nausea has gone, the pressure in my head has relieved, no more vision disturbances. But I still have a heavy headache so I’ll continue doing today what I did yesterday and I’m feeling well enough to do some exercise that will help shift some energy around


The biggest shift of all has been in my mental clarity and emotional balance during an intense new moon phase. In matters of the heart and career plans this helps me to stand in my truth πŸ™‚

Trust the process of healing β™‘

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