Sexual healing …

sexual energy

I feel most alive in those moments of sexual pleasure when my mind, body and spirit are opening up. The pleasure zone brings an overwhelming sense of connection, relief and release. It’s when we LET GO and it’s where we can BE completely present in the moment … but it requires TRUST

As the waves of climax flow through our bodies we become more and more aware of our energy. Where ever the energy flows, stops or circulates tells us where we are holding back and blocking ourselves … but it requires HONESTY

sexual energy3

Sometimes my orgasm pulsates through every part of my body and my energy flows freely. Sometimes my orgasm intensifies in one or several specific parts of my body. Sometimes I feel pain, discomforts or heaviness. Sometimes waves of climax flow but orgasm doesnt happen

 But only when I am alone, naked, vulnerable and exposed

Ripped open of all my defenses

Safe …

can I release whatever energy surfaces

sexual healing

Sometimes after I have climaxed, thoughts drift into my mind about past loves, hurts and longings. Allowing them to drift without attaching to them is becoming easier, which enables me to be completely present with what is

Accepting that moments of pleasure can also bring us closer towards our pain allows us to flow more freely with what is, which is a beautiful combination of light and shadow

sexual energy2.jpg

Do you avoid sex and intimacy ?

How do you express your sexual and sensual energy ?

Can you identify the difference between sex and love ?

Do you seek out sex to satisfy your need for love ?

Important questions I often ask myself as a sexual active woman and my answers vary depending upon my wants, needs and my level of conscious awareness

Therefore my truth is FOREVER CHANGING …

Have you ever cried during sex ?

Have you ever cried after an intense orgasm ?

Tears are the words our hearts are not yet able to speak


Ive only ever cried  during orgasm with one partner in my life, my ex-husband, during a time when our connection was breaking. Since then, although I have experienced those overwhelming feelings of disconnection during intimacy, I’ve never felt safe enough to completely let go in the same way with any other sexual partner

But I sometimes cry after an orgasm when I’m alone, especially during those heart aches and hurts when I feel most disconnected. A disconnection I now understand as being from myself

Having a healthy sexual appetite, loving heart and passionate spirit means that sexual energy has a huge influence in my life. But it can also impact negatively on my experiences when I either try to deny that part of myself or when I confuse sex with love

 In the past my choice of intimate partners hasn’t always served me well, but they always bring me closer to my truth and for that I am GRATEFUL

My sexual energy holds a lot of power for change. So the more I heal, love and trust in myself … the more I embrace my own divine feminine energy and the more authenticity I seek

sexual energy4

I am a work in progress

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