Balance is something we CREATE


Breaking unhealthy attachments will rebuild stronger connections

The truth can be found when we have the courage to follow our heart

Our questions lead us towards the answers

… she breathed deeply and her heart opened up to the love ❤

That was the last paragraph I wrote in my previous blog over a month ago. Since then Ive been sitting with many questions but spending less time in solitudinal contemplation and more time reconnecting with my family. Ive also been too deeply involved in my own thoughts and feelings to be able to find the time to put the experience into the right words. I only managed to gather a pile of scribbled notes, which were scattered here and there as important insights surfaced or when meaningful questions arose

The past month has been eventful on many levels, which is why its been too difficult to sit down and write on one particular content

Why ?

Because I’m taking steps towards making a pretty huge life change, which has set off that wonderful domino effect

But as new opportunities and possibilities started to present themselves I began to feel a resistance and tension in myself. I was experiencing a strong sense of fear and doubt along side my head / heart conflict, which only resolved when I finally decided to ditch the fear talking mind chatter and follow the love calling in my heart

In conversation recently someone asked me …

If you could pass on only one message … WHAT would it be ?

Shortly followed by another question by someone else …

WHAT lessons have you learned ?


Interesting that my head / heart conflict involved a man

both questions were asked by men

some important and insightful conversations have been had with men

last nights irritations and break through were related to men

and the conversation that inspired me to write this was with my Dad

… obviously this is no coincidence

I was on the phone to my Dad, who was poking a little fun about the Goddess Makeover Ive introduced the women of our family to, which led to a very interesting chat. We both agree that only a fraction of our brains are used, but we both differed in opinions on whether our brain or heart was the key to unlocking other possibilities

Dad, like many others believes that our brain is the key …

I believe that are brains are BRILLIANT but that our heart holds the key to unlock the gates of our minds, which has the ability to OPEN us up to possibilities that we cant even imagine yet. This is why healing heart hurts and overcoming fears has been such a huge driving force behind my own intentions for change. Ive learned that we create the life we imagine by staying open, but that our hurting hearts and fearful minds keep us closed

Sharing this with my Dad led us towards a mind blowing conversation …

We spoke about how history has and continues to shape us … how we have seen the time of the matriarchal and patriarchal systems and now strive to find the balance of both, so that new paradigms can be created for the greater good

We spoke about the power players in society … how we are programmed to be the “followers” of royalty, politicians and religion because people power is feared. Those of us challenging the systems are considered to be a threat because our thinking serves to empower the people and bring balance, which serves to change or destroy current systems

We spoke about religion and spirituality … how religious labels separate us, but if we look at the core of every religion we find our connection to LOVE, FAITH and HOPE. That we have been programmed to idealize our religious / spiritual masters and mentors instead of seeing our own true reflection. We do this because we fear shining our light and unlocking our truest potential because we know it will bring forward other challenges

We spoke about truth … how there are only versions of truths based on our individual perceptions and experiences of it, which in itself is a truth to challenge and change all truths

We spoke about evolution based on our past, present and future … how in the past we were led by the power players, in the present we are led by the manipulators and that our future will be led by those who seek balance, connection and harmony

Hey Daddy your so fine, your so fine you BLOW my mind ☺☺☺

I do a lot of sharing about the important women in my life and I believe that sisterhood is something wonderful to be cherished

But, I equally value and cherish the important men in my life. I want to talk more openly about our conflicts and challenges because I believe that’s how we heal on a much deeper level. Considering the conflicts and tensions from the struggle of power within both matriarchal and patriarchal systems, it makes perfect sense why we then experience similar conflicts and tensions between male and females, which influences strongly upon our inner thoughts and feelings and therefore impacts upon our intimate relationships

I believe …

Its time to stop blaming one other because our hearts are hurting

Its time to find our own balance so we can seek balance with another

Its time to take complete responsibility for our own hearts, so that we can love ourselves and each other unconditionally

Its time to take complete responsibility for our own ego driven fears that chatter in our minds, so that we can stay open to other possibilities

 Its time to stop disconnecting  because we fear working through the discomfort

Its time to confront and overcome our darkest fears so we can heal our deepest hurts

Its time to accept the truth of who we are so that we can become all we can be ❤


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