When different worlds collide new realities are created


” You and I live in different worlds and we collide sometimes “

Was what my client said the other day, while sitting together in the lounge room. We often have meaningful conversations that come out of the blue like that.

” I live in a dream world of memories mostly, ” she said.

My client has been diagnosed with Dementia, suffering short term memory loss, which causes her great confusion at times. But this certainly doesn’t make her any less of an intelligent woman. It means her reality keeps changing, which makes her extremely adaptable and resilient.

” We bumped into each other here in Oxford, ” she said

We spoke about our minds, about her memories of the past, my wild imagination of possiblity and how we collide NOW in the present

About how and why our worlds collide

“You teach me lots” I told her

She was amazed and wondered how ?

“By just being you, sharing your story, sharing your experiences, sharing what you did, sharing what you’ve learned, sharing your hopes, dreams and fears”

“WOW… I never thought I could teach anyone anything now” she replied.

I believe that this connection hasn’t been by chance. Universe has placed me here on purpose because Oxford had my heart the moment I arrived here. Every time I stroll around this beautiful city, I have a sense of excitement and I AM inspired to CREATE. Sometimes I need to pinch my arm, to remind myself that I am actually here and that this is my reality.

This wonderful adventure sometimes feels like a dream. I suppose that’s what it feels like to be truly living the dream ?

The connections I have made thus far are teaching me more about life and love

Work, writing, friendships and romance are all wonderful new experiences.

Why ?

Because instead of fighting the OLD ways of being and doing, I decided to focus my attention on creating NEW ways of being and doing.

All of which is still unfolding

Taking big risks and jumping into the unknown, at what felt like the worst possible time, comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles, which IS the very things that make them the wonderful adventures they are of course.

Those are the LEAPS OF FAITH that take us from what was towards what can be

 I jump IN a lot more often these days, rather than holding myself back. And whenever I sense myself holding back I’m recognizing why, then actively working towards shifting the block, so I can move forward with less resistance.

I do so love changing habits and discovering NEW ways of being and doing because it turns each and every challenge into a wonderful new adventure, which makes life so much more exciting, meaningful and purposeful.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some tough days to move through and part of me wonders if I’ll ever settle down into the comforts of familiar (or) if I’m forever destined to be the seeker.

For now, the question is enough 😊

Mindful interaction

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