Imagine a world in which we ALL thrive


I am here to THRIVE in this lifetime

Granted, there was a time not so very long ago, when survival was the main aim of the game for us all. And unfortunately, its still very much a reality for far too many people, animals, as well as our beautiful planet Earth.

Which is why those of us who are privileged to be born into a culture, country and family that enables us to educate, explore and empower ourselves, have a responsibility to USE it for the greater good.

A truth that has motivated women of the past to stand up and shout out

And now motivates woman to become better acquainted with herself, to deepen her understandings, to balance her polarities, to heal, to truly love and value herself, to rise up and to support others to do the very same.

Because she knows that this IS the way forward for us ALL

Her actions aren’t always appreciated and her behaviour isn’t always understood, because she thinks differently to the norm and she acts boldly.

Why does she keeps choosing to wander down the most challenging roads, instead of settling for an ordinary life ? … they wonder

Truth is, at times she still questions herself

But she has a strong sense of knowing that keeps telling her to EXPERIENCE life in its entirety, to OPEN up fully, to HEAL deeply, to LOVE freely, to SHARE openly, to SUPPORT willingly, to INSPIRE daily, to LIVE with integrity and to BECOME all that she can BE.

Such women are SURRENDERING to the call and placing complete TRUST in the Universe, which is guiding them home.

Home, being to the heart of life itself

To a way of BEING and DOING that we haven’t been actively taught, yet know

The process of unlearning centuries of conditioning and programming

Unlocking the hidden truths that lie deep within our cells

Bringing us towards a deeper connection with SELF and to the heart beat of Nature, which allows us to flow more freely with the energies of Universe.

To the places outside of our comfort zones, where the magic awaits to be harnessed. Where our minds are fully OPEN to experience the possibilities and our hearts are fully OPEN to experience the love, support and guidance from the Source of Creation.

To a place where we are far more fierce than fear itself

The warrior within … she rises

The wild woman within … she rises

The healer within … she rises

The Goddess within … she rises

These are exciting times to be sure ☺

They say that our soul chooses the family that will better serve our purpose in this lifetime. That we ourselves select the people who will support us on our journey home.

” Alone we are strong, together we are stronger “

The bond and strength of our blood and soul sisterhoods are strong. A bond and strength that my sisters and I experienced during our Dads recent cancer diagnosis. Call me crazy (many do) but I believe that we have the ability to THRIVE from ALL of our experiences

YES, I believe that we grow the most from our biggest challenges

Our parents taught my sisters and I that its not the problem that matters but how we deal with it that counts. So, when cancer became a “problem” in our lives, its become an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow from.

Is it easy ?

Fuck NO !!!

After the initial crisis, there has been many a bumpy moment and STILL is, but as a family we are strong. We may not always agree, but we are all motivated by the same thing, which is our LOVE and appreciation for one another.

Together we are ONE

What does that mean ?

Oneness is a “unity of thought, feeling, belief and aim”. A strong feeling of closeness and a deep sense of connection. It means being a part of something bigger than yourself, which describes FAMILY beautifully.

Imagine, taking that concept one step further and applying it to our communities

Imagine the kind of world we could create

So, whats stopping us from creating this kind of world ?

Our differences !!!

Now, this is when I share something about my family

When our Dad was fighting for his life, only days after a cancer diagnosis, our differences made all the difference to how we dealt with the problem

How ?

Because our individual strengths made the family stronger during crisis. Each of us playing an important role, which made all the difference to how we ALL dealt with the problem. I still get goosybump feel goods whenever I reflect over that experience, which is something I am writing about and shall share.

But for now, I want to talk about how my sisters and I deal with our problems. Although we all have a funny bone, a wish bone and a back bone, it was during our crisis that our individual strengths shone the brightest.

My youngest sister, Serena Dawn is the, FUNNY bone

As a child she was the joker of the family, always the one who would lighten tense moods with inappropriate antics, that brought a smile to our dial. As a grown woman she STILL does this 😊 she has the ability to laugh at the most unfunny experiences, which can drive me absolutely bonkers when she refuses to take things seriously. But I wouldn’t change her for the world because she reminds us all to lighten the fuck up, no matter how serious life gets

My middle sister, Kerry Amanda is the WISH bone

As a child she was always the observant one, paying close attention to what was going on around her. Never saying very much but when she did people would STOP and listen. As a grown woman she STILL does this 😊 she carry’s so much compassion in her heart for others, which often frustrates me because I see how it can cause her great strain. But I wouldn’t change her for the world because she reminds us all to carry hope in our hearts, no matter how hopeless it seems.

Then there’s me, Tracey Marie, the eldest sister, the BACK bone

As a child, I was always way TOO grown up for my own good. Yup, the TOO muchness started young. I played Mother Hen to my younger sisters and was forever challenging my parents. As a grown woman I STILL challenge my parents, but my Mothering has changed somewhat (much to my sisters relief). But I’m the one who will change myself for the world, DOING whatever needs to be done, no matter how challenging it is. I like to think that I remind them all of our strengths.

Imagine the possibilities if we focus our attention on how our differences are our GREATEST strengths. Imagine if we truly BELIEVED that each and every one of us on this planet have something of value to offer the greater good. Imagine if we CELEBRATED our differences instead of competing and comparing to one another. Imagine the same sense of love and appreciation we hold for our families, extending to those people who are completely different to us.

Imagine …

Mindful interaction

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