Lets dance …


Dear Lover,

The house is silent and still.

I lay in bed, alone, drifting into the silence as dawn begins to break. Allowing myself to be seduced by the promise of pleasure. My hands explore my soft, warm body and I’m aroused by the stimulation of my senses. The sweet aroma of rain that fills the air, the beautiful morning song of the birds and the softness of cotton sheets that I feel beneath me.

As I caress myself, I imagine YOU, my lover, laying beside me.

My mind creates the vision of your presence and my body anticipates your tender loving touch, sending shivers of excitement that rushes towards my loins. The cool breeze blowing in from the open window, spreads goosybump tingles all over my skin and my body responds to the sensations.

A burning desire arises within me.

I yearn for YOU to be laying beside me. For your hands to reach over and pull me close, as you embrace me in your strong arms. Cupping my breasts and gliding your fingers over my sensitive nipples. Kissing the back of my neck and feeling the warmth of your breath as you nibble my ear lobe. Feeling the strength of your thighs as my backside rests upon them. Arching my back and leaning into you as your throbbing c*** slides inside of my warm, wet p****

The thought of YOU excites me.

Each stroke from my finger tips soften my yoni and she opens up, like the petals of a flower open up to the sun.

I think about how wonderful it will be, as you awaken from sleep and gaze upon my nakedness with adoration. How our bodies dance with each other. Your body awakening with a rush of blood flow and my body responding to your arousal with a rush of hormones.

The intensity of my stroke brings me closer and closer to climax. Passion burns and heat begins to radiate from my sacral chakra and I’m soon riding the wave, as energy of orgasm pulsates through my entire body.

My lover, our dance has only just begun

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