Hold the faith


My hearts breaking and it hurts to breathe
I desperately need more support
I need to know why the fuck this is happening ?
So I take a walk through the Nature Reserve
I notice the little things
The trees help me to breathe easier
I find a quiet spot to sit and contemplate
Listen to the birds sing and the bees hum
Watch the butterflys and the bunnys at play
Feel the cool air on my cheek
Smell the sweet scent of wild flowers
Curl up onto my side and drift off to sleep
(my kinda meditation)
Roll over onto my tummy
My heart beats against the soft earth
Soothing my heart
I stand and look down
See several empty snail shells on the ground
Snails have been popping up alot lately
Note to self: google spiritual message later
Take afew more steps
See 2 small fuzzy white angel feathers
Take afew more steps
See another lone golden wish clock
I feel the magic in the air
Carry on walking
A young priest passes by with his dog
A word pops into my mind … FAITH
I still don’t have all the answers
But my heart feels calmer and it softens
Fear fades with each exhale
And LOVE begins to fill my lungs
Faith makes all things possible
It’s a belief in that what we can’t see

Mindful interaction ❤

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