Breaking FREE !!!


My 3am writing about “shadow” turned into a spontaneous wild woman meditation, which started with a song that compelled me to re-close the curtains and light the candles.

Oh how I LOVE when spirit leads 😊

I needed to dance, so I selected the music that I was guided towards. The first piece was “Peruquois – I am She”

My body moved slowly to the beat and with the words “I am OPEN to receive … I surrender” I felt the Goddess energy stir and rise within me. Goosy bump feel goods vibrated through, from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes. Universe was flowing through me.

“Anilagh – Medicine Chant” was next.

A beat that stirred something primal within me. To anyone watching, I must have looked like a mad woman who was completely out of control.

Because the WILD woman, is fierce …

She is FREE !!!

The wild woman moved my body with a different kind of rhythm. She doesn’t hold back. Every muscle and bone was thrust into action. Movement that woke up every cell in my tired body.

Liberating me from myself

My gaze softened and my body opened up more and more and more. Music that guided my head back, so I could look upon the heavens. Movements that flung my arms open again and again and again. As my chest expanded and my back arched, I felt the stretch happening from a place deep within me.

Oh how wonderful it felt to BREAK FREE

When the music stopped, my body was still buzzing. Although every part of me was awoken, a sense of calmness relaxed me into a deep sleep. The kind of meditation that heals the soul.

Mindful interaction ❤

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