She’s breaking FREE !!!


There are several discomforts and challenges in my life at the moment

Its a struggle to stay centered, balanced and focused because my mind keeps racing with thoughts and my heart is heavy with emotions.

The flow is sometimes like a raging current

Tensions and inner conflict are making me feel uneasy

A battle between the OLD and the NEW

The way I understand, function and experience myself in the world is forever changing. So, I want to write about my experiences with a little more honesty.

  The more truths I confront, masks I drop, darkness I shine light on, shadows I embrace, polarities I balance, wounds I expose and fears I rise above, the more I appreciate how important these experiences are in our process of healing.

Ive filled yet another journal with my thoughts and feelings (note to self: buy another journal). But I often struggle to express myself fully in my blog, which Ive identified as being my resistance to talk openly about my experiences. Acknowledging that the reason I hold back is because my experiences involve other people, so I’m respecting their privacy. But how can I write openly about my experiences if I keep omitting parts of the story ?

Hmmmmmm … she ponders

Ive been reminding myself that my thoughts and feelings around others are rooted heavily in love and my intentions is to support healing and growth. My instincts are telling me that …

NOW is the time for Breaking the Habitz to BREAK FREE !!!

Daring to write my blog entries in the same format as I journal my thoughts and feelings puts me into a state of panic. But as a writer, I want my words to be dripping in more soulful substance (note to self: DON’T buy a journal, BLOG it)

Oh heck !!!

I’m already squirming in my chair … are YOU ?

But I acknowledge that the challenges I confront, make for some juicy journaling. And my writing continues to guide me well through my own life, so I would like to share that process a little more openly with you all.

What will I write about first ?

It makes sense to write about whats causing me the most discomfort NOW, which is the anxiety I’m feeling in my heart … watch this space

Mindful interaction

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