We ALL experience the suffocating symptoms of depression at some stage of our lives. Some poor souls suffer from a constant state of depression.

So … how the fuck do we flow with symptoms of depression ? ? ?

When it shows up in my life …

I take deep breaths ALOT !!!!!

Breathing into my emotions and allowing them to flow, without trying to deny how I truly FEEL

I journal ALOT !!!!!

Observing my mind chatter, without becoming consumed by the fears or dwelling in the hurts

I trust the process for what it IS …

A natural response to a challenging situation

Change isn’t always easy
Growth isnt always comfortable
Healing isn’t always pleasant

I focus on what I CAN DO instead of holding onto frustrations about what I cannot change

I can choose to nurture myself
I can choose to nourish myself
I can choose to express myself
I can choose to NOT push myself to DO
I can choose to encourage myself to BE
I can choose to LOVE myself
I can choose to seek support

Reminding myself about life’s blessings helps me to appreciate what IS good in my life. A gratitude journal is a great idea because the more grateful we are, the better we feel about ALL of life’s experiences, even our challenges.

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to better understand myself. Because I believe that symptoms of depression and the experience of grief, guides me inwards on purpose.

To shine light on my darkness

But why do our thoughts torture us ?

I believe its because there’s something to be found in the darkness of our minds. I don’t believe everything I think but I know that my irrational thoughts guide me deeper into the source of my suffering. Supporting my desire to OPEN and my need to HEAL

Mindful interaction ❤

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