How to navigate through Depression


Since Mam’s death, I’ve been well aware of those symptoms of depression. But I believe that depression is a state of DEEP REST. A time when we are forced to look within. To explore any limited beliefs or behaviours that are holding us back. To express and release emotion. To rebalance our energy after something that has or is changing our world.

Its easy to loose ourselves in this space, which is why many of us can stay stuck in a state of suffering. Lost in our minds, with no way out.

Confronting ourselves is NEVER easy !!!

But these 10 basic principles can and do help us to navigate more purposefully …

1) First and foremost take full responsibility for where you are and how you feel. OWN IT !!! Because whether you like it or not, this is YOUR experience to learn and grow from 💔

2) Drag your sorry ass out of bed and make the effort to exercise every day. Even if its only a 30 minute stroll, dragging your feet, feeling sorry for yourself. Because it won’t take long before you’re enjoying the walk.

3) Improve your diet because food is fuel. Be honest with yourself about the shit you’re shoving into your gob. And make the changes to feel better.

4) Switch off the TV and social media and open up a book. Read something inspiring and helpful. Educate yourself and stop filling your head with bullshit that makes you feel like shit.

5) Listen to motivational speakers and learn how to make your mind work FOR you, not against you. Otherwise your mind will be in control. Don’t believe everything you think !!!

6) Stay the fuck away from toxic people and places. YES you have every right to say NO !!! It’s OK to outgrow friendships and relationships that no longer serve your greater good.

7) Meditate, BE STILL and listen to the silence. Take afew minutes (longer and more often the better) to switch off the mind and become aware of your senses. Spend more time in Nature, tune into yourself and connect with Universe. Find your flow.

8) Feed your soul with things that nourish you. Contribute to society in a positive way. Create something beautiful and SHARE it with others.

9) Self reflect. Take time to dive in so you can better understand who you are. This enables you to make better choices.

10) Create a daily routine that includes all these wonderful principles. Keep a diary and see what changes.

PS … be gentle with yourself ❤

My own experiences and the following article inspired this blog ..

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