Our fears are stories that we tell ourselves


I’m reflecting over the journey …

Many years in Aged Care has forced me to confront my fears around death. And my ongoing commitment to confront my fears and stay open to love, continues to break me open to deeper truths about myself. Experiences that at times, shatter me into pieces, bringing me face to face with some of my greatest fears and exposing some of my deepest wounds.

Death and loss have become my teachers

I’m more aware of how our fear holds us back in a state of suffering. Forcing us to play small and preventing us from living our full potential.

So, I ask …

What is it we fear most ?
What holds us back in fear ?

DEATH and LOSS stands out for me.

I’m learning that once we acknowledge the polarities of life, we soon appreciate the presence of death and loss. We learn how to accept them as part of our experience of life and love. As opposed to something we would rather avoid.

Death and loss continue to teach me !!

Death either rushes into our lives suddenly or it lingers in the shadows. For days, weeks, months or even years, before carrying a soul to the other side.

But its not death we fear, its fear itself.

For when the moment of death finally arrives, there’s often relief, silence and peace. A transformation that occurs before our very eyes, yet our fear often blinds us. Heart pain is felt because we are overwhelmed by our loss.

But what if there’s another way ?

Those with mind’s open to other possibilities, can see more than a lifeless body before them. The open hearted can feel the rush of energy when breath transforms into spirit.

Like birth, the experience can be beautiful. A moment in time, to be cherished forever. But many struggle to witness the beauty, because of an attachment to the body. A focus on the flesh, instead of feeling the warmth of energy that radiates from the soul.

I reflect over my beloved Mother’s recent death. How we witnessed the beauty of her transition to spirit. But it still didn’t stop the overwhelming sense of loss. Although we believe in spirit, we are learning how to accept the spirit of our Mother. Reframing our thoughts from the loss of her physical body, to the energy transformation into spirit.

I can’t help but wonder …

What if we didn’t fear death ?

Would it alter our experience of life ?

If we knew when death was coming for us, would we live life differently ?

What if death isn’t the end ?

Would we celebrate the transition ?

If we knew death was a new beginning, would we experience death differently ?

Hmmmmmmm, she ponders 🤔

Many a night I’ve laid down in my bed,
alone with such thoughts in the darkness. My own fears lurking in the shadows, threatening to distinguish my own inner flame, if I dared to stay in the depths of my mind for too long.

I’m learning how our fear serves to break us free from the limitations of our minds. That liberating ourselves from our fear is how we experience more love.

But I wonder, how do we let go of what or who we fear to loose ?

We must first acknowledge the fear itself. Something that has the ability to break us, opening our hearts to FEEL the fear.

This is the heart break 💔

As I reflect over my own struggle with Mam’s death, I acknowledge how I still hold onto the loss of her physical body. Afraid that I’ll never be able to see, hear or feel her again.

As I reflect over my own struggle to stay true to my heart, I acknowledge how I’ve held onto relationships. Afraid that I may never grow with another in love.

So, I asked the question …

How do we loosen our grip on what we fear to loose, when our fear causes us to hold on tighter ?

A whisper replies …

You sit in the silence and acknowledge the fear. You must FEEL it before you can release it. Then in a state of surrender, the fear holds no power. This is the shift from fear to love and you then allow the LOVE to flow freely ❤

So, if our fears are the stories we tell ourselves, then we can rewrite the story.

I continue to ask myself …

What stories are you telling yourself ?
Are you motivated by fear or love ?

Everyday I make a conscious choice to challenge my thoughts, to ensure my actions are motivated by love not fear.

Mindful interaction ❤

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