Your unconditional love was my anchor


Dear Mam,

Its only been 4 months since you got your wings. And although I believe that you’re still with us in spirit, I struggle not being able to see you. And although I keep looking for rainbows, I still feel the heaviness of the storm πŸ’”

Life as we knew it, has changed forever and everything is different now that you’re no longer here with us. Nothing is the same !!!

I wish I could bring more love and light into my days, but life still feels a little dark. Everyday something pops up into my mind to be seen or into my heart to be felt. And I’m so very tired.

You know me, I don’t want to distract myself from my grief. I can’t always maintain a positive attitude. I will always think too deeply and I’ll never avoid my discomforts. Something that challenged you most about me, yet you loved me more than I’ve ever loved myself.

Your unconditional love was my anchor

I hope that I will refind the part of me that was lost during our nightmare. I have faith that one day I will feel happiness within my heart again. I trust that I’ll learn how to live with you in spirit. I believe that love is strong enough to brave any storm. Afterall, I am the wish bone.

I miss you ALWAYS …
and will love you FOREVER ❀

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