Evoke Kali energy this FULL MOON in Scorpio and clear the path towards your wildest dreams


According to the star gazers, this upcoming full moon is in Scorpio, which represents death, rebirth and unconditional love. Plus, for the first time in 20 years, Beltane is falling on a full moon. Beltane marks the beginning of Summer and is a time when the veil between worlds is thin.

So, this full moon is a good time for healing and communications with spirit will be so much clearer.


Oh, how I love the energy of full moon because it’s the best time to get rid of whatever’s holding us back. This could be anything, from a thought, a belief, an emotion, a habit, a job, a person, a place, a circumstance or a situation.

So, pay close attention to what insights, thoughts and feelings are surfacing because NOW is the time to RELEASE and LET GO of what no longer serves us.

Ask yourself the tough questions …

What am I holding onto ?

What uncomfortable thoughts and feelings are coming up for me ?

What do I need to release, so that I can feel unconditional love within myself ?

We keep being asked to dig DEEPER, to peel back the layers and reach the core of our being … towards LOVE ❤

Loving, even though we’ve been hurt
Loving, even though we have lost
Loving, even though we witness heartache and destruction

Truth be told, I can tick ALL of the above

Universe continues to challenge me to sit with and ACCEPT the uncomfortable aspects of my reality. But the loss, the fear, the grief, the hurt, the unknown and the wounds are all opportunities to rise above our fear and choose love.

This IS the sweetest SURRENDER to the flow of life, in all its beauty and tragedy.

This full moon can help us to transcend our greatest fears, heal our deepest wounds and support us to achieve our wildest dreams.

Full moon in Scorpio wants us to ACCEPT the uncomfortable parts of ourselves. To face our fears and anxieties, so that we can transcend them

Its asking …

Are YOU ready to co-create with Universe ?

This is the time I love to evoke and feel the Dark Goddess energy of Kali. She is the powerful force that clears our path.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of destruction.

But don’t be fooled by her warrior like appearance, nor fear her presence when she shows up because she flows with the fiercer forms of grace, coming to liberate us from our inner demons (ego).

I’ve experienced her energy before and it’s intense. Like Lilith, she is primal and relentless in her pursuit for truth. When I feel this energy rising within me, I’m intuitively drawn to the sound of tribal drums and a need to dance.

Whenever I flow with this energy, I’ve had some extraordinary experiences. It was how mindful masturbation first emerged, which I now understand to be a Kundalini awakening.

It’s an intense energy flow that I’m yet to fully experience within relationship with another, but I’m forever hopeful.

Kali symbolizes the death of ego as we strive towards spiritual enlightenment. She is anger, she is fierce, she is wild and she is fucking powerful. Everything we’ve been taught the feminine is not. These are considered to be the shadow aspects of woman, that we’ve been taught to fear, deny, reject and ignore.

If we’ve been buying into the old stories that a relationship with another completes us, then it’s no wonder we feel incomplete. The truth is, both men and women are realizing the need to balance their own inner masculine and feminine energies, to become whole.

Perhaps this is why more of us are yearning for something more from relationships. We want to come together in sacred union, with a divine purpose that serves our greater good on the spiritual path to enlightenment.

Kali comes to break us free from conditioned roles and those limiting stories, that hold us back from experiencing our truest potential.

I’m learning, as we peel back the layers, parts of us must die, so another aspect of self can be reborn. Suddenly, death takes on a complete new meaning and serves a completely different purpose.

I believe, that as beings of light and energy, we do not die, we transcend.

I wonder …

What if in death, we transcend into love in its purest form ?

What if we embraced this transition more than grieved over it ?

This full moon …

Why not dive deeper into your psyche and discover your own kinda magic 🌟

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