Whatever makes YOU different is exactly what the world needs


I was the curious and confident kid. The one who didn’t give a rats arse what people thought of me. There was an openess about me that not everyone was comfortable with. I was told that I challenged people, just by being myself.

Apparently, I had no shame !!!

Hmmmmm πŸ€”

Funny how life experiences then shook my confidence and introduced me to shame. I suppose its of no great surprise that my path then led me down roads, that challenged me.

The very same challenges that reignited my curiosities and slowly rebuilt my confidence.

The journey back to myself hasn’t been easy, but it’s a journey that continues to teach me so much. The more bullshit I peel away, the less shame and guilt I feel about sharing who I am.

My family often laugh at me because when we recall memories from the past, my perception is often very different to theirs. They joke about how I’ve lived a very different reality to them.

In truth, I have and still DO 😊

My recollections of the past are based on what experiences were considered meaningful for me. And its those differences that continue to guide me towards my own life purpose.

The moral of this story is to celebrate whatever makes YOU different and share that magic with the world 🌟

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