What are you willing to risk to get what you want ?


I’m always blown away whenever I feel the flow of Universal energy moving through me.

Yesterday, there was alot of energy flowing, which made me feel both anxious and excited. It’s an energy that brings any lingering fears up to the surface to be looked at, which I did. I was guided to ground my emotional self and get my body moving, which helped. My writing and the contracts haven’t flowed as easily while Mercury was in retrograde.

Mercury is the planet that influences our mind, which is why it influences our direction when it’s in motion. When a planet is in retrograde it has the same effect on us. We can feel stuck because we’re being directed inwards, to clarify our direction. It’s a good time to explore our inner most thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams.

When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s not a good time to sign contracts or make commitments. Perhaps that’s why the contracts fell through  and the words for my story weren’t flowing ?

I believe, understanding how Universe flows, is essential to better understanding our own flow.

Today, the energy has shifted !!!

Realizations and ideas have all been written down and the story and my direction is clearer.

When Mercury is in retrograde we can feel like we’re in a deep rest. Often labelled as a state of depression, but what if this is a neccesssary dream time, where we come to deeper understandings and higher perspectives ?

When Mercury goes direct it’s like waking up from a deep sleep. If we’ve explored our inner world, then we hopefully have a clearer vision.

Mercury and my mind has its mojo back

This NEW MOON in Aries is all about NEW beginnings, BIG changes, growth and expansion. Mercury going direct has the energy we need to move our plans and ideas forward.

It’s asking us …

What will you risk to get what you want ?

I’ll be honest, my first thought to this question was WTF else can I release and let go of ?

A thought that brought anger to the surface because I’m here, risking it ALL. Then I cried, as I thought about my family in Australia and Mam in spirit. But then my perspective shifted.

PRIDE and HUMILITY came to mind, as I reflected over recent experiences. Learning how to recieve support and be more humble.

The more I wrote, the more I discovered that my choices are often considered to be risky and daring. That my discomfort is a natural response to being out of my zones of comfort.

Taking those leaps of faith is what makes the difference between living an ordinary life and living an extraordinary life. So, I ask again …

What am I willing to risk to get what I want ?

I am willing to risk FAILURE !!!

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