What is our shadow ?


Our shadow is something we look at all the time, but very few will take the time to SEE it.

I thought this definition described the shadow simply, but it’s a complex thing to explore.

Most of us don’t want to acknowledge, let alone accept the parts of ourselves considered to be bad, dark or negative. And we certainly don’t want to show those parts to other people.

Unless you’re someone like me ๐Ÿ˜œ

Sometimes I have dark and disturbing thoughts. Sometimes I’m glad people can’t read my mind. Sometimes I struggle with my shadow self.

But although my thoughts DO create my reality, I am not what I think. My brain, like a computer can be full of alot of shit I’ve done, seen and heard. Like a computer, our minds need to be cleaned, reprogrammed and rebooted.

I believe our shadow is an accumulation of the stuff we haven’t acknowledged and accepted. So, when it surfaces we either choose to deny it or we SEE it for what it is, which is a thought or feeling that hasn’t been allowed to fully flow.

Is it possible to balance our polarities and heal our wounds by just thinking positive thoughts ?

I don’t believe so …

Healing isn’t just an open your heart and feel it kinda thing. We must learn how to flow more honestly with ALL of our experiences.

Our healings matter !!!

So, let your heart guide you home towards your souls true purpose and TRUST the process ๐ŸŒŸ

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