We are a force as one with Nature


I’ve always been fascinated by light orbs and rainbow rays, reflected from the Sun and Moon. But they offer us so much more than just light.

The Sun and Moon are energy 🌟

I’m in deep reflection so I thought I’d share some random thoughts, which are based on how my own experiences have and DO change how I think. We may not share the same beliefs and that’s OK because I’m sharing MY truth ❀

I believe …

We are so much more than our thoughts and feelings. We are beings of love and light and its our life force that connects us with Nature.


Becoming an observer of my thoughts was the first step to living more fully in the present moments, however uncomfortable it may be.

The next was allowing my emotions to rise and fall, which is how I began to FEEL life instead of living through the limitations of my mind.

To flow with Universe I need to …

Free myself from the confines of my mind, by  focusing my intention on releasing myself from any emotional pain and suffering I may be holding onto from my past experiences. Letting go of attaching to expected outcomes, by accepting what IS and surrendering to what will be. Something I still struggle to do because it requires an ongoing commitment to growth.


Regardless of being male or female, we each have an inner male and female aspect of self.

Life experiences can and do wound us, but our individual psychological, emotional, relational, social and spiritual wounds run far deeper than we realize. Our wounds are an accumulation of generational experiences that have impacted upon how we perceive and experience life.

The collective Mother and Father wounds are a result of patriarchal systems. These systems are beginning to crumble because we seek more balance both externally and internally.


The Sun is a divine masculine energy that connects with our inner Father and the Moon is a divine feminine energy that connects with our inner Mother. When I consciously open myself up to this energy, I feel the shift. I process my thoughts and identify any limiting beliefs that are holding me back. I express any suppressed emotions that are attached to those thoughts. I release myself from unhealthy attachments of past experiences and/or future projections.

This is an ongoing process because our life experiences continue to challenge and change us. It’s how we expand our consciousness, heal our wounds, balance our energies, become the love we seek, realize our true potential for the greater good, transcend our fears, experience the magic and achieve our wildest dreams.


The more conscious I am in the moments, the more I feel connected to the Source of energy, which changes how I experience challenges. I observe my thoughts without attaching to them and allow my emotions to rise and fall without holding onto them.


The more open I am to other possibilities, the more receptive I am to other dimensions of reality, which is when I notice more signs and synchronicity from Universe. This is when I dont feel the loss of Mam because I feel her spirit, which is our energy that never dies.

We are a force as one with Nature ❀

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